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living in every fashion

  • Military Fashion Show - And One
    "Cutiest girl behind my door Everybody's hiding in love from war The beauty broke down their chains somehow Who's kind of living on my body now A growing pain within my pop divine Will I ever regret the"
  • High Fashion - Prince
    "I know a sexy little girl She's never in the low class world This woman is all the way vogue High Fashion is where her money goes She dines at Le Dome up on the strip Cheap liquor never touches her lips Her"
  • Fashion Change - Chaos UK
    "Spending money you have saved Working all your life Give it to the people Who control boring life Living without living Fashion you must change To be in with the in-crowd Who live their life the"
  • Fashion Freak - Funeral Dress
    "They like fashion It's an obsesion Working like fools They like fashion It's an obsession To fit in with their rules Women get mad when they're too fat They wanna be like the beauties on the TV Day by"
  • Negative Fashion - Daniel Powter
    "A teenager's dream is on the sea Came to blows your mind Drop the way for goodness safety To make the recover just on time Leave your excess baggage All they can resell You hope to stay you long"
  • Fashion Junkie - Nuclear Assault
    "Growing up I start my life the normal way Learning by living, go to school, well not everyday Finding limits, learning rules by pushing hard Earning the right to choose by making the right choice Living"
  • Fashion Freak - L.Stadt
    "Now you got the message so face it and use it You know your heart is beating like an ancient drum Well if your finger's on a trigger, you're not a killer You've lost control but I tell you just how much"
  • Catholic Fashion - Ninja High School
    "Hell with no tercels is the worst hell. five minutes after brakes chasing windmills. we were all born short, that is why we wear heels. even the pope wants that bass you feel. he's got tinted windows and"
  • Fashion Victim - Green Day
    "He's a victim of his own time In his "vintage suit" and tie He's casualty dressed to the teeth In the latest genocide The new seasons come and go At the dog and pony show Gonna sit and beg and fetch the"
  • Runaway Fashion - Cjacks
    "She's not anything Like they make her seem On the TV gossip shows And in the magazines She's not anything Like they make her seem When they show her at the nightclubs Stepping out of limousines People"
  • Good Fashion - Sage Francis
    "Sage: It's not that what we're doing is wrong But let's try to keep this a secret Between me, you, and the song A menage a trois that sings to me Sinfully When god plays along Jolie Holland: What you"
  • Fashion - Heidi Montag
    "Red One! HEIDI! Ohhh Ohhh La La La We Love Designer I am, I'm too fabu-lous I'm so fierce that it's so nuts I live, to be model thin Dress me, I'm your manne-quin J'adore Vivienne I really"
  • Fashion - The Robocop Kraus
    "Don't you be hysterical I know it ain't identical When you don't belong to anything To anyone It is fantastic! Super! Don't you be hysterical I know we have to get used to it It is fashion We have to get"
  • Fashion - The Lovemakers
    "That's a nice shirt you're wearing Oooh and look at those shoes You're dressed like you don't have a worry at all (Girl:) (Why thank you) Just look at those pants How much did they cost? Girl, you've got"
  • Fashion - Lady GaGa
    "Red One!HEIDI!Ohhh OhhhLa La LaWe Love DesignerI am, I'm too fabu-lousI'm so fierce that it's so nutsI live, to be model thinDress me, I'm your manne-quinJ'adore Vivienne I really want. Pucci, Fendi, and"
  • Fashion - Ginga
    "When I was a young boy I stole my father's razor blade Cut off my shadow in the shade Still it follows me to the grave All alone, parents gone This goes out to all the boys and girl (they say) Stupid"
  • Living - James Taylor
    "I feel alive I feel so close to you I feel my body moving and you touching me I feel so good I feel so sensual And I feel at this moment that I am living Living, loving Never stop from holding you"
  • Living - Bleach
    "You've heard this same old line A hundred times before And I'll come crawling back Cause I can't take much more Can't take much more The things I'm working for Yeah they just don't mean much Cause it"
  • Living - Vanilla Ice
    "Here it is, a dope hit Jealous cause I went multi-platinum Iceman comin with a dope hit Cause a few suckers need their throats slit Lyrics might be simplistic, but I'm no gimp On the strip, cause I know"
  • Living - David Banner
    "(feat. Crooked Lettaz , Devin The Dude , Macaffey) I'm livin today I don't know if it'll be alright, it'll be ok If it'll be alright, it'll be ok If it'll be alright, it'll be ok But I'm living"

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