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living room

  • Living Room - David Gray
    "My good friends speak Like they did last year Last nights just a blur Through a head full of beer My good friends speak Like they did last year And last year's just a blur Through a head of full"
  • Living Room - Basement Jaxx
    "All your heads bobbing Do your body popping Keep yourself dreaming Come and let me hear u scream People gonna hurt u People will desert u Come into my living room Let me take all your clothes off Why"
  • Living Room - Firevision
    "What's your purpose for me With your Intentions in the air So what if i wanted to Ask you If I could meet you there Go inside I'm coming through For you I could not be more Gone We watched eachother"
  • Living Room - Tegan & Sara
    "My windows look into your living room Where I spend the afternoon on top of you I wonder what it is That I did to make you move in Across away from me I hope I never figure out Who broke your heart And"
  • Living Room - Broadcast
    "You can see in miniature Everything is so small Close to the ground, you have found There's no need to worry at all. We could go to the cinema Where everything would be so tall But you hang around The"
  • Samantha's Living Room - The Guess Who
    "The family's in the front room cheering Old dad's in the corner snoring Mother's helping baby walk And Auntie Jean is yawning In Samantha's living room Granddad's at the punchbowl drinking cordial While"
  • Portable Living Room - Alpha
    "Oh said youd rule Does he say when hes got to be something in your flame Does love go with you and your flying scene Oh dont go will you I suddenly fly Under the room where the love goes by Said youd"
  • Welcome To My Living Room - Carole King
    "Welcome to my living room It's not a womb, it's not a tomb Not a June bride or a December groom Tonight, here in Hyannis, we'll be playing at a reasonable volume Here in my living room I'm gonna play"
  • Legend In My Living Room - Eurythmics
    "When I was just seventeen I ran away from home To be with all the pretty people To be on my own Bright lights and trains and bedsit stains And pavements paved with gold And I believed in everything that"
  • Legend In My Living Room - Annie Lennox
    "When I was just seventeen I ran away from home To be with all the pretty people To be on my own, yeah Bright lights and trains and bedsit stains And pavements paved with gold And I believed in everything That"
  • Room To Room - Terry Allen
    "Ah standing in the kitchen Looking out the window Wondering when shel come home You know she out drinking And you been thinking When she gets back youl be gone But when she finally comes in Youl still"
  • The Soloist In The Living Room - Cold War Kids
    "Center stage, mixed reviews Haven't slept in forever Practicing flawless moves Talking back to the mirror Back and to the left Bounce back Memorizing lines Stutters in his speech Maybe Lose that nervous"
  • Calls To Nothing (Living Room Mix) - Tara MacLean
    "Calls to nothing There are no ears Where echos would answer I, naked and slipping. Skin is pale and worthy Wall, embracing the moon That table fits that corner I, naked alone. The veil betrays the breathing And"
  • Mountain range in my living room - The Early November
    "With this being saidEvery petals come off againAnd fell to the floorEvery word againIts not like it ever meantEverything wed hopedAll these saidEvery word againIts never been harder to fallTheres nothing"
  • No Hardcore Dancing In The Living Room - Chiodos
    "I've resolved upon this course, which has no need of you Denying this day, didn't stop it from coming Promise me, that you won't be consumed when you realize We're screaming at the same moon Shredded"
  • White Room - Rick Springfield
    "I can see her at her windows watching Locked away inside her skin I can see her but I can't get to her She won't come out, and she won't let me into The White Room (she's living in) Lying alone 'til"
  • Room 3 - Sylvia Juncosa
    "In the office waiting room One girl enters softly, quickly She seems somewhat bashful and you cannot meet her eye She's come to see her doctor, but, she has no disease It's the weigth of the world Thats"
  • Crowded Room - Adelayda
    "Two heads on a pillow sharing the night there's nothing i can do or say now nothing's gonna make this right God knows I wanna hold you until night turns into day I could lean over and touch you but your"
  • The Room - Wade Hayes
    "(Chris Waters/Tom Shapiro) When I pull in the drive where your car used to be It doesn't hurt me like it used to I can walk through the door, and not wonder anymore Where you are, like I used to I can"
  • Room Service - Bryan Adams
    "When a hotel room's the closest thing you got to home You could be in Philadelphia you could even be in Rome You gotta dial nine to get an outside line I even need a concierge just to take a drive - it's"

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