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lizza grant

  • Grant Park - Marvelous 3
    "verse1: Go and take a ride to her shop in grant park You can walk though the door and shove the knife in her heart When you tell her thet you can't stand the song anymore The one you two adopted on the"
  • I Grant You - Tanita Tikaram
    "When we were young and you pretended You were almost bothered as me Does it make you sad? Almost sorry as me? When we were young and you pretended That the world was ours - how we see Does it make you"
  • Gonna Get A Grant - Small Fred
    "Ooh I can't get out of bed Let's stay at home instead I just want to play with you all day Good loving gives me a thrill But it don't pay the bills Somehow true love will find a way. CHORUS: Gonna get"
  • Sing Along (Grant Lee Buffalo Cover) - Finger Eleven
    "Halleluhoodwink. A hounds' life is for me. Everything but the kitchen sink. He built it just for me. Hallelu, you're the girl, That leads me to the warmth. I'd build you a river, But I'm still not through"
  • Whenever You Need Somebody (Duet W/ Natalie Grant) - Plus One
    "I know that life seems hard, cruel and unkind A lonesome journey with questions in your mind I hold your weary hand as you walk down the road Remember you're never alone *Chorus* Whenever you need somebody Whenever"
  • I Try To Talk To You (feat. John Grant) - Hercules and Love Affair
    "We could've skipped this part, I could've thought you how to love yourself I waited patiently, I hoped that you will be the one to come to me I try to talk to you I thought that you would recognize the"
  • Gentle Shepherd - Amy Grant
    "Gentle Shepherd, Show us the way Keep us safe, On the journey Give us shelter, When the day is done Lead us out, Out of the darkness Open our eyes, When the morning comes Show us the sun CHORUS 1 Gentle"
  • Missing You - Amy Grant
    "(Amy Grant) Your smile lights up a room Like a candle in the dark It warms me through and through And I guess that I had dreamed We would never be apart But that dream did not come true Missing you"
  • Grape, Grape Joy - Amy Grant
    "(Amy Grant) I am a small and lonely grape Clutching to the vine Waiting for the day when I'll become my Savior's wine Oh wouldn't French cusisine just yearn it I've eternity to ferment But knowing me"
  • Father - Amy Grant
    "(Amy Grant) Father, blessed Father, it's morning again I give You Father, myself Father, continue Your plan I know together we can climb mountains in the sky No one can stop us when I'm standing by your"
  • Shadows - Amy Grant
    "(Karen Peris, Don Peris, Amy Grant) There are two of me One does the right thing One cannot see Standing back to back Who is the strong one In the last act Every path I take Roads I go down Choices I"
  • Straight Ahead - Amy Grant
    "(Amy Grant, Gary Chapman, Michael W. Smith) Day by day, dream by dream I fight to find the way to go Every day opens a different door Every dream shadows the one before But slowly I can see the way You've"
  • Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Amy Grant
    "Amy Grant Home For Christmas Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Rocking around the christmas tree at the christmas party hop Mistletoe hung where you can see every couple tries to stop Rocking around the"
  • Christmas Lullaby (I Will Lead You Home) - Amy Grant
    "(Amy Grant and Chris Eaton) Are you far away from home This dark and lonely night Tell me what best would help To ease your mind Someone to give Direction for this unfamiliar road Or one who says, "Follow"
  • Cry A River - Amy Grant
    "(Amy Grant & Wayne Kirkpatrick) Who knew love would come walking thru my door Turn a light on somewhere down inside Give me a feeling I'd never had before It was a long wait It was just the wrong time But"
  • Turn This World Around - Amy Grant
    "(Keith Thomas, Amy Grant & Beverly Darnall) We are all the same it seems Behind the eyes Broken promises and dreams In good disguise All we're really looking for is somewhere Safe and warm The shelter"
  • Every Road - Amy Grant
    "(Amy Grant & Wayne Kirkpatrick) There you go making mountains Out of such a little hill Here I go mixing mortar For another wall to build There's a struggle in this life we lead It's partly you It's partly"
  • Helping Hand - Amy Grant
    "(Tommy Sims, Amy Grant, Beverly Darnall) Everybody needs a helping hand Take a look at your fellow man And tell me what can I do today Everybody needs a helping out If that ain't what it's all about Tell"
  • Breath Of Heaven (Mary's Song) - Amy Grant
    "(Chris Eaton & Amy Grant) I have traveled many moonless nights Cold and weary with a babe inside And I wonder what I've done Holy Father you have come And chosen me now To carry your son I am waiting"
  • Brand New Start - Amy Grant
    "(Amy Grant) When I think of all the things He's doing for me It makes me stand in wonder at what He's making me to be Tryin' to walk through straight But gettin' turned around Always makin' my master Take"

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