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llama ly my riving room aron chup

  • Llama In My Living Room (ft. Little Sis Nora) - AronChupa
    "My neighbor’s knocking and I open carefully He looks a bit like Ron Jeremy He;s screaming at me Damn you little Albatraoz Whole he smells like chips and calavadoz He said what the hell is going on What’s"
  • HALAMA SE TU WALI RÓM ft. HALAMA (Llama In My Living Room/PARODY) - Chwytak & Dj Wiktor
    "poszłech se po kompot do mej piwnicy chatę żech zamknął na dwa zamki kilka pięter w dół żech dosyć szybko zlozł kopot z dołu wziął, na górę wlozł pod drzwiami stoję, słysże jak ktoś tam muze groł no ale"
  • Ride My Llama - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    "Remember the Alamo When help was on the way It's better here and now, I feel that good today. I'd like to take a walk But not around the block I really got some news I met a man from Mars. He picked up"
  • Ride My Llama - Neil Young
    "Remember the Alamo When help was on the way It's better here and now, I feel that good today. I'd like to take a walk But not around the block I really got some news I met a man from Mars. He picked up"
  • Me And My Llama - Sesame Street
    "Me And My llama Me and my llama Goin' to the dentist today Seems a little crazy Guess you're just too lazy You gotta get your teeth cleaned today Me and my llama Jumped out of our pajamas And"
  • Como Te Llama - Billy Crawford
    "Como te llama? Oh yeah Aint nothing much to do one saturday afternoon I'm sitting here on my stoop, Dreamion that rainy day away Mamma said go to the store And sure you heard that And that's how"
  • El Chupa Nibre - Danger Doom
    "(Brak) Why did you buy this album? I don't know why you did, you're stupid "{Fuck} yourself" (MF Doom) Ha ha ha ha! The super flow with more jokes than Bazooka Joe A mix between Superfly Snuka and a"
  • Chup Chup Ke - Bunty Aur Babli
    "dekh na meri sar se aasman ud gaya hain - 2 dekh na asmaan ke sire khul gaye hain zameen se - 2 chup chup ke - 2 chori se chori chup chup ke - 2 chup chup ke - 2 chori se chori chup chup ke - 2 chup chup"
  • Room - Rachael Lampa
  • Ly La Ly La - Nana Mouskouri
    "Ly la ly la harouach goveret Ly la ly la homa hatsameret Ly la ly la kochave mezamet Noumi noumi kabi et haner Kabi et haner Ly la ly la itse mi et enaich Ly la ly la baderech elaich Ly la ly la rachavou"
  • El Chupa Nibre Remix - Danger Doom
    "(MF Doom) Two two One two, two two ("Uh-uh, uh-uh") One one ("Y'all ain't gon' cut my front but") ("'Less I get one of them, sport") ("Sport radio thangs with the earbuds") The super flow more stupider"
  • Wznosi się kurz (feat. Chupa) - Deep X Bobson
    "Wznosi się kurz Przed kanarami pewność i luz Znowu leją się pomyje Puder kryje matem wstyd i stres Kłamiesz jak każe ci partyjny sms /2x Słowa są piękne i paskudne Wiec wybiera śmiało Mowa jest srebrem,"
  • Hetki Ly - Brian Kirk And The Jirks
    "Hetki ly, viime hetki ly Kukaan aikaa lahjomaan ei kyd voi milloinkaan Hetki ly, meille hetki ly En vaan piv seuraavaa m tied Milloin kohdataan Kellon seisahtuvan tahdon Hiljentyvn lyntien Kauas lhte"
  • My Room - Wolverine
    "Welcome here, I'm your guide Through this life that once was mine Walk with me now' understand What you see here is nothing and all Look around and see my paintings Be sure to take your time In my room,"
  • My Room - Before The Dawn
    "step inside in to my room, seems like ages I have waited you one more time in this room like friends moments past a thousand times, we stood frozen from the lies moments past a thousand times once I made"
  • My Room - Lifer
    "save yourself while you can watch your back because i'm coming wanna listen to me cry, i'm gonna try i'm back, one back for you to turn on just face it what you're thinking about is impossible i can't"
  • My Room - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Incognito My Room La vie vient du palier Le vent vient de la cour Ma chambre est habite Par des secrets d'amour la tte du lit Deux tables de chevet Une avec un cahier L'autre avec un carnet"
  • My Room - Cobalt London Smaug
    "(E. Pugh) The wax is dripping On this Swiss flag that I got This candle's almost burnt out Would've loved to save it - were it not Shadows cast on the Variety pack dinosaur A love from my past That never"
  • Sing For The Moment (I Spent Hours Gettin These Ly - Eminem
    "Verse 1: These ideas are nightmares, white parents whose first fear is a child with dyed hair, and who like earrings, like whatever they say has no bearing, its so scary in a house that allows no swearing, to"
  • Room 409 - Bullet For My Valentine
    "Yeah! I can't believe what I've seen, so scratch my eyes out! You, were at ease, on your knees, in his apartment! You said his name, as I came, in your direction! Now, I can choose, what to do, with both"

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