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  • Talkin' World War Lll Blues - Bob Dylan
    "Some time ago a crazy dream came to me I dreamt I was walkin' into World War Three I went to the doctor the very next day To see what kinda words he could say He said it was a bad dream I wouldn't worry"
  • World War III - Anti Nowhere League
    "We talk of stories yesterday Of how we worked and never played How that things were better then when lads were lads. and men were men your history means nothing now it never meant much any how all your"
  • Comunica - Vanusa
    "Roda, roda, roda e avisa, um minuto de comercial..." Sigo o anncio e vejo Em formas de desejo Um sabonete Em formas de sorvete Acordo e durmo na televis......o! Crene dental, sade Tudo num sorriso Um"
  • Basta Um Dia - Vanusa
    "Pra mim (Um dia) Basta um dia (Basta um dia, dia!) No mais que um dia Um meio-dia Me d, só um dia E eu fao desatar a minha fantasia Só um, santo dia Pois se jura, se esconjura, se ama se tortura, se tritura Se"
  • All For You - Fractured
    "So many things i see in your eyes, my love for you i cannot disguise. your sweet lips - pressed up against mine, lll hold you close until the end of time. I wake up to a brand new day, the stress and"
  • Bolero De Mastropiero - Les Luthiers
    "Johann Sebastian Mastropiero, luego de separarse de su amada Condesa Shardshot pasó por una repentina ausencia de inspiración, por una total imposibilidad creativa Consciente de su incapacidad, Mastropiero"
  • Flesh Tools - Necro
    "Good Turned Evil P.Flow (Ft.Necro And lLL Bill,Uncle Howie) Brutality Part Two (P.Flow) Verse 1: I Chock you with a robe and throw you the ocean as you die i just laugh 'cause got no f**king emotions i"
  • Justify - Unitopia
    "'''PART l''' Ice Caps are melting. Tides are turning. Wild, wild life is crying out in vain. Ozone depleting. Global Heating. Child, child with no future. What a shame. Can't you see the forest for the"
  • The Garden - Unitopia
    "PART 1 - THE GARDEN OF INEARTHLY DELIGHTS Welcome to the garden of dreams, A place filled with kaleidoscopic sights. Welcome to the essence of not as it seems', The place known as The Garden. Come"
  • Journey's Friend - Unitopia
    "PART l - 'JOURNYE'S FRIEND' Lying on a hillside, evening lights are in the sky. Something reaches deep within my mind and asks me why? Thoughts are racing through my head, About a message long thought"

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