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location khaliod
  • Bridge and Tunnel Location, Location, Location
    "This town is falling, but the papers say it's "up and coming." And when it gets here who is left? Just another college party in the new "cool part of town." It's time we recognize our part in this displacement. We're"
  • Catamenia Location: COLD
    "Where I am, it's so cold. I want to stay here I am feeling so sincere. This is my place to stay Search for the treasure untold. I want to face the fear Only night, only dark. There's no absence on this"
  • Remy Ma Secret Location
    "See most niggaz call they girls When they wanna give a dick My shawtys call me when they wanna get a brick 'cause even when I'm not spitting I'm still that bitch In the the kitchen with the ... Vision"
  • Piebald Location Is Everything
    "Drive around forever on an empty tank of gas You can see all of Boulder from up here I can't forget this even if I wanted to Would you rather listen to something That starts with a T or an L? The T is"
  • Super Furry Animals Bass Tuned To D.E.A.D
    "Icy waters flow between us In shelf life shock in the morning I see rivers split to deltas And trickle into the ocean With my bow and my arrow I will aim towards my atlas And where I hit I'll go And in"
  • Fugazi Cashout
    "On the morning of the first eviction They carried out the wishes of the landlord and his son Furniture's out on the sidewalk next to the family That little piggie went to market, So they're kicking out"
  • Super Furry Animals Gwreiddiau Dwfn/Mawrth Oer Ar Y Blaned Neifion
    "(Gwreiddiau Dwfn/Mawrth Oer Ar Y Blaned Neifion = Deep Roots/A Cold Mars On Neptune) Dyma ein hawr This is our time Ni ddaw unhryw arall heibo'r drws No more opportunities will pass our door A dyma ein"
  • The Horrors Count In Fives
    "Count Yeah, I count in fives. I do it everytime. And if another number confronts me I will cut you in half. Irrespective of the subject I will make it apply, No matter what the object I will count in"
  • Pitchshifter Please Sir
    "You say you've got to get away But where are you going to go Raise down, (dis) town You've got to go, got to get away There's something you should know (it's all the same) No solutions, just consolations Universal"
  • Twin-A Goodnight Satellite
    "Goodnight satellite I'm signing off for now. Goodnight satellite I'm losing you... I'm slowly breaking down. Ending the transmission What's your new location? Are you even out there- Tonight? Goodnight"
  • U2, A.R Rahman Ahimsa
    "I’ll meet you where the sky us torn I’ll meet you in the air I’ll meet you before the world was born and we had not a care this is an invitation to a high location for someone who wants to belong this"
  • Goose British Mode
    "Give me a reason to cool you down, an explanation I'm gonna lift you to up a crown, a great location I try to hit it hard Give me a reason This ain't no heart attack No moderation Give me a reason to"
  • Deeds Of Flesh Fly Shrine
    "Decomposing into human soil No one knows their location But their maker plot before burial Dosposal of human flesh gone forever In the dirt Identity vanished through time Dumped body sits rotting away flys"
  • Weird Al Yankovich Living With A Hernia
    "All I do is Grunt and Groan Hurts me to walk anywhere Went to see my physician Dr. Jones He took my trousers off Told me to cough The doctor said there ain't nothing To discuss He said anyday now I might"
  • Blake Shelton Happy Anywhere (feat. Gwen Stefani)
    "I always was a rolling stones With the reckless streak Yeah, te grass never gets too grown Underneath my feet The city lights, Southern stars No such thing’s gone too far I am running wide open I was"
  • Einsturzende Neubauten Ansonsten Dostoyevsky
    "Klarinette Alles was er sagt meint wirklich gezaehmte Dinosaurier Funktioniert, na ausgezeichnet! Ein daemlicher Moechtegern-Playboy-Gangster Aha! Klarinette Alles was er sagt meint wirklich etwas anderes Erwachen"
  • Alchemist Dancing To Life
    "LIFE. In all its fragile beauty surrounds me. LIFE. It's energy and vigor consume me. LIFE. My zest for life and living remain. LIFE. The chi flows thick and forceful through my veins. The wisdom of"
  • Bob Lind The World Is Just A 'B' Movie Meets Reno, Funtown
    "When first I came to Reno I was kicked at cussed at ego busted Shaggy dusty maladjusted Looking for an open door to get in off the street I wound up being pushed into A businessman's convention luncheon Torn"
  • Bolt Thrower The Killchain
    "Ensnared Digitally mapped Virtual scan reveals Art of war Technology adapts Location confirmed unconcealed Target code Assigned Destructively Inclined World zone kill In violent context set Hostile status"
  • Screeching Weasel Bpd
    "Massacres, violence film at 10 Media scumbags strike a gain Shove a microphone in some poor guys face So your ratings can soar to outer space Ken and Barbie on location Pretty newsman masturbation Not"

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