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lonely gleen medeiros

  • Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone - Medeiros Glenn
    "(David Foster, Jermaine Jackson, Tom Keane & K. Wakefield) Why do I seem to be caught up inside a dream All my life, it's always been my shadow and me Over my shoulder there's always a voice somewhere Saying"
  • Lonely won't leave me alone - Glenn Medeiros
    "Why do I seem to beCaught up inside a dreamAll my lifeIt's always been my shadow and meOver my shoulderThere's always a voice somewhere sayingThat I should ever try to set mine freeI wish that love would"
  • Sign (ft. Natalia Nykiel, Mr J Medeiros) - Pawbeats
    "... Give me a sign I’ve got used to listening the voices in my mind They force me to a new life Can’t see clearly Can’t see clearly ... Give me a sign I’ve got used to listening the voices in"
  • Lonely Boys - Lonely Boys
    "A lonely boy waiting for a lonely girl. A lonely girl looking for the perfect world. And you know he'll treat her nice And you know they'll never fight And you know they'll be all right spending time. A"
  • Lonely - Libido
    "Quiero rerme, por fuera no estoy mal Un poco sexy por dentro simple Voy a rendirme hoy no puedo hacer ms Me siento feeling, me siento lonely me siento lonely lonely lonely me siento lonely lonely lonely me"
  • Lonely - Tom Waits
    "Lonely, lonely, lonely Lonely eyes, lonely face Lonely, lonely in your place, lonely Lonely, lonely eyes, lonely face Lonely, lonely in your place I thought that I knew All that their was to lonely Lonely,"
  • Lonely - Taking Back Sunday
    "Your flower tongue wilts with too much sun And that's where we've been living for so long She's still sending off the western coast And watch the sun set with your shrinking voice See, I ain't the boy"
  • Lonely - Akon
    "Lonely I'm Mr Lonely, I have nobody, For my own I'm so lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely I have nobody, For my own I'm so lonely, Yo this one here goes out to all my players out there ya know got that one good girl"
  • Lonely - Ayo
    "The truth will reach you some day All that I can do is wait I hope that we can talk Talk one day May your words bring back my faith For there were too many lies And never much of the truth Some bad ingredients"
  • Lonely - Lou Bega
    "Just relax, enjoy yourself I tell you about my perfect day They're tellin' me the dos and don'ts But nobody's askin' me what I desire (I wanna be lonely) No record company callin' in today No stress,"
  • Lonely - Kim Lukas
    "If I close my eyes I can see you In my arms I can feel you Holding on to what was I'm lonely..... So lonely Why is life so hard on me Now you're not a part of me Pain hurts unforgettable truth I'm lonely....."
  • Lonely - Medina
    "I can never forget The way you held your arms around me I guess I have to admit I was afraid to end up lonely Can't imagine life without you Cause I don't wanna have another lover Yes I adore you But"
  • Lonely - Status Quo
    "I don't need you by my side I don't need you, baby I've lied 'Cos I'm lonely, lonely as I can be My one and only, changing the mood in me. I can't see you anymore I don't feel you as before And I'm lonely,"
  • Lonely - Tracy Lawrence
    "There's a red brick in a white wall Somebody's brush forgot to paint so it sits there all alone Like a hopeful sinner who finally goes to church She don't sit among the Christians cause she questions her"
  • Lonely - Schiller
    "Take a chance; love won't wait. Don't replace the words that show you grace. Stop the move; react to me soon. I'll show you sides of me I never show. I feel lonely, I feel for you. I feel lonely, what"
  • Lonely - Amira
    "I dont wanna be lonely I whant you to be my only I dont wanna be lonely Baby tonight i m loving you u I dont wanna be lonely I whant you to be my only I dont wanna be lonely I wanna spend the night with"
  • Lonely - Imagine Dragons
    "Sometimes, I can get a little I can get a little lonely Sometimes, I can get a little I can get a little lonely Some nights i get a little lonely It’s even when there’s people all around me Some nights"
  • Lonely - Regi
    "I feel lonely When I look into your eyes I feel lonely Your smile's the sweet disguise Baby just hold me My heart's on overdrive Because you told me After all these lies I'm not the only I'm not the only I"
  • Lonely - Global Deejays
    "I'm so lonely When somebody feel my heart I'm so lonely When somebody feel my heart (Refrain) I stand up I lay down but the world keeps spinnin' round and round Will I wonder WIll I am the only feelin'"
  • Lonely - Atreyu
    "So unafraid of what's to come I hit the ground and run Not sure what's coming next And never looking back Hollow nights to empty days Something had to change Before it gets too late And there's"

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