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long way home plastic


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long way home plastic

  • Long Way Home - Plastic
    "Somewhere, follow the road, Dead leaves falling down, One fine day the season of gold The longing's begun Why your eyes full of the dark as the sea in the storm Make the sunrise seem bathing in blue?"
  • Plastic - Reality Check
    "tell me what you're gonna do I know that you know that I'm on to you I see your game and I see the way with my self esteem you love to play when I'm feeling fine things go alright you're sure to be right"
  • Plastic - Deftones
    "I kick my heart above your door way hanging christ like bleeding cold the well within my soul cuz the rosy air im breathing shame ..yea I wait to say whos but ever linger poop is what your head does everlong"
  • Plastic - Frameless
    "Hounded, restless, crucified Like a faceless tramp Trying to catch an eye Crowds of people rushing by Its like I dont belong Broken human kind I should stop runnin and go slow cause all I long to be is"
  • Long Way Home - Neil Diamond
    "Had to go, had to know all There was out there. Now I'm back, I know that, girl It's all right here. Girl I took The long way home, it's true, The long way home to you, yeah And I just want to say, I'm"
  • Long Way Home - Big Country
    "Come on lay your hands on me Feel the will of God's TV I will save you every one And you can pay me when I'm done 100,000 Jesus Children All dressed up and no-one with them Lead them not into temptation With"
  • Long Way Home - Vanessa Williams
    "It's hard to say from where you stand Exactly when it all began But someplace there's a point you cross the line You see the tears than stain your face Mirrored in your make-up case And know it's time"
  • Long Way Home - Deadline
    "We ain't going home yet, we have loads more fun to have We got 10 more shows to play cos we're out on the road And it's a long journey home, it's a long long way to go home Back at home I'll miss my"
  • Long Way Home - J.J. Cale
    "(J.J. Cale) Early in the morning, about a quarter to four Me and my girlfriend walkin' out the door We're heading for the car and we got right in And that's when I noticed the shape she was in She turned"
  • Long Way Home - The Offspring
    "I'm driving down a dusty road I've got nowhere to go No place that I can call my own On and on this road is burning I'm leaving all this crap behind The past is gone, the future's blind Don't care how"
  • Long Way Home - Eugenio Finardi
    "When youre cold Ill keep you warm When in doubt Ill make you strong Give you shelter through the raging winter storm Help you right what is wrong You know I wont falter I wont stumble, I wont fall Cause"
  • Long Way Home - Doro Pesch
    "Father give me just a sign that I'll survive how can I stay alive when guns shot fire People I can feel the hate behind their eyes insanity rules my life got no tomorrow It's such a long long way from"
  • Long Way Home - Bob Seger
    "Winners, losers and small time misusers do what they must on their own Lovers, dreamers and beautiful schemers all take the long way home some have their reasons some lose their way they all want"
  • Long Way Home - Blacklisted
    "My ego has been bruised Haven't you heard the news? Used my last excuse Now I'm falling Just can't see through my lies See the ghost behind my eyes Severed all my ties Said my goodbyes I faced an army"
  • Long Way Home - Enter The Haggis
    "I feel I've wandered For most of my years Taken some wrong turns They all brought me here If the road is a body Then a home is the soul I think I can make it But it's a long way to go I've seen country"
  • Long Way Home - ATB
    "Im kicking that stone Down your street alone And the walls criticize where I have gone Im throwing that stone Through your open door And the halls seem to tell me that I am wrong Im taking the long"
  • Long Way Home - Soul Asylum
    "You've got eyes but they can't see What's inside a tv and they never look at me You won't know and you're never claim to show That special feeling inside Oh how time flies when its got nowhere to go"
  • Long Way Home - The Monkees
    "The other night I took the long way home Out past the old schoolyard It's funny how you keep it all inside Dreams they do die hard I closed my eyes and I could see your face Somewhere back in time One"
  • Long Way Home - Royal Hunt
    "When the nigh is calling I shut another door, Celebrating loneliness I never knows before. I miss a place to call my own - it's a long way home... In my open prison cell just everything I've got, Disappeared"
  • Long Way Home - Toni Braxton
    "Lately, I've been missin' The little look in your eyes That lets me know that everything will be okay Tell me what has changed I find it hard to hold on To the butterflies that used to be inside You"

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