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  • Lonly - Nana
    "Remember first time we met day one Kids in the garden' playin' games heaven' fun Excitin' and amazin' havin' a real friend of mine Feel my heart and 4 real I am blind, Face to face and eye to eye Usin'"
  • Lonly alcoholic - Mika
    "You're a lonely alcoholic with a tendency to wine well you speak it and you drink it and bore us all the time say you drink out of your sorrow for you've got no one to love but tell me who could cuddle"
  • Transmissions from a lonly room - Stone Temple Pilots
    "Miles above your circumstance There's water on your mind I've wrestled with convictions And I've settled with the tide It's more or less uncertainty But still you play the game A pedicure won't change"
  • The Only Night Was A Lonly Night - Arabesque
    "written by Jean Frankfurter (Music) and John Moering (Lyrics) I still hear you say: "I'll go far away They gave me a job And the money they pay Will help us We'll be okay" So I let you go But I should"
  • Gravity (features Jana Hunter) - Trentemoller
    "Gravity is a lonly ... See ... Seek changes Lie Love .. Nothing sto you from being alone baby, i've been soking... it was never the same stay I can..."
  • Not My Problem (feat. JID) - Dua Lipa
    "we're doing good we're doing good That's your Problem! pulling me down like an encor sayong ots my fault t\you're anger telling' me you love me watch your mouth telling' me i will be lonly watch me watch"
  • 8 Banme No Tsumi - Iceman
    "pure love true love. get tonight! faky lonly break tonight! pure love true love. get tonight! faky lonly break tonight! ? It's 8th sin's your eyes It's 8th sin's"
  • Days Of December - Rage
    "The clouds have prepared for rain and storm The chill of the wind has frozen all the pain I know in my room it's dry and warm but i cann't stand to scan the walls in vain White and Wonderful the show covers"
  • Take me alive - Chris Cornell
    "i tried and tried to walk awayto be the bigger man and leaveyou made it hard for me, for meits been a long lonly roadi didnt know which way to goyou made my blood run coldand filled me up with sorrowtheres"
  • Let The Sunshine In - Badly Drawn Boy
    "( Hair cover ) We Starve-look at one another short of breath Walking proudly in our winter coats Wearing smells from laboartories Facing a dying nation of moving paper fantasy Listening for the new told"
  • Astrobastard - End Of Green
    "There is no place i can be oh so lonly i feel when this sadness surrounding my heart there must be a way on the end final day when i disappear in the dark I will never be free my whole life buried me"
  • Be Happy (ft. blackbear & Lil Mosey) - Dixie D'Amelio
    "Sometimes i don’t wanna be ahppy Don’t hold it against me If iam down Just leave me there Let me be sad I don;t wanna get up putta bed this season All bad days, walk away leave me bleadin’ It’s fuck"
  • Baby Blue Eyes - The Poets
    "Firs day in spring, awakened my soul ( +1 ) A new beginning and another season to unfold Down in the park love stood in bloom And there we met, to shining hearts Like sun and moon Love came through Baby"
  • Keep On Rockin' - Alvin Lee
    "(E) 1 Still I like to play / the good old Rock and Roll (E) Keeps me young and keeps me (E7) bold/ Keep on (A) rockin' Chorus: Keep on (E) rockin' / (G) Never gonna stop / (A) rock untill drop - keep"
  • Love is just a war - Vanilla Ninja
    "1. 5 am Empty town No one's here who help me out now Where am I I call your name I wondering to feel the same It's so cold ref. Love is just a war without you I'm going under Never through this world could"
  • In Her Day - Rodney Carrington
    "Back in 1932 in a sleazy bordello Grandma worked her fingers to the bone While others were baking cookies Grandma was sellin' nookie to lonly men so they wouldn't be alone They say she was the best lay Thats"
  • I'm Puttin' It Together - Dave Dudley
    "I'm puttin' it together I'm gonna make it right I'm gettin' it all together but it's been a fight How come you have to treat me the way that you do I can put it all together how bout you Are you looking"
  • Queen of the damned - Slipknot
    "Walking waiting things with out a care. Helping hateing things that i cant bare. Did u think ite cool to walk right out to take my life and fuck up for get you. I saw hell in your eyes. Time cant end by"
  • The Incident - Michelle Williams
    "Intro: (Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh ) Verse 1 Lovely Summerday, Humbled you come round this way And i know what the people say and i dont mind I know its straight insane like Superman and Louis Lane No Parker and"
  • Brave New World - Kings Of Convenience
    "Out in the dark... Walking in the rain. On a lonly street... Looking for the fire. Escaping the noise... Can you ever escape? You can hear your thoughts... Calling you a liar. Out in the dark... Walking"

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