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lora fischer

  • Bobby Fischer - Deathbot
    "So I lost my mind One more time And they tell me hey 'it'll be on its way' But they stole my heart Been years apart But maybe hey Ill get to play again someday Bobby Fischer You're a cold blooded killer You're"
  • Capri-Fischer - Paola
    "Wenn bei Capri die rote Sonne im Meer versinkt und vom Himmel die gold'ne Sichel des Mondes blinkt, zieh'n die Fischer mit ihren Botten aufs Meer hinaus, und sie legen im weiten Bogen die Netze aus. Nur"
  • Der Fischer - Die Irrlichter
    "Das Wasser rauscht', das Wasser schwoll ein Fischer sa daran, sah nach dem Angel ruhevoll, khl bis ans Herz hinan; und wie er sitzt und wie er lauscht, teilt sich die Flut empor, aus dem bewegten Wasser"
  • Search For Bobby Fischer - Dilated Peoples
    "Yo.. it's like this man Every once in a while when motherfuckers pop off at the lip Somebody get brought into this shit that don't have nuttin to do with this shit right? But none the less You wanna start"
  • Der Fischer Und Der Boss - Reinhard Mey
    "Der Fischer lehnt am Ruderhaus und sieht ber den Bug Den wehenden Schaumkronen nach und folgt dem Wolkenflug Der Kutter liegt im Hafen vorn und achtern gut vertut Ein Tief berm Atlantik, da kommt starker"
  • Lory - Daniele Groff
    "Lory mi guarda io non ci son pi in ogni sguardo cancella qualcosa di me se anche al telefono parlo con lei le mie mani, le spalle, perfino le gambe e pi gi... Chiudi gli occhi e non aprirli pi che se mi"
  • Loro - Pinback
    "And the Ripped Ones say goodbye, While the others meet. Attached somewhere. At least they're shared. And the Ripped Ones never collide, While the others...While the others... While the others... da da"
  • Snowflakes Of Love (Brent Fischer Instrumental, Bonus Track) - Toni Braxton
    "Toni Braxton Snowflakes of Love On this day, snowy day Let me thank you for the joy you've given to me... I'm so happy.. I have snowflakes of love smiling down on me Winter bliss when we kiss Every"
  • Whether Or Not The World Gets Better (Duet With Lisa Fischer) - Luther Vandross
    "We don't play any games, my girl and I We get by on the high of love And there's no time to spend on doubt or wondering 'Cause no one else could I ever love You see the world outside can be cold and very"
  • Tra Loro - Nomadi
    "E dopo il treno prenderai la solita corriera che nella notte sale per valli infreddolite, sull'ultimo sedile la Luna e i suoi scagnozzi, non sanno se fermarsi l, sono stranieri. E in pochi giorni"
  • Hidden Lore - Dies Irae
    "Amongst creations of our dreams Maze of Zin exist for ages The enter for the gate is silver It is your light, defence and guide All thou looking for in life Everything is lost in Zin Great hall hidden"
  • Enhanced By The Lore - Kataklysm
    "Heal thy Wounds... ... Son of Lord. Lore at will... ... Heal One's will... Acts of malice, profoundly in his behavior. Hazes of abhorrence, blurredly onto his halo. ... May the Pool from thy Green Wards"
  • Legend And The Lore - Falconer
    "Forgotten and concealed are the tales of old. Yet the spirits of the field I do behold. A mist-like shape reveals the fiddler in his prime, it's an act through the time. Under the starlit sky shadows"
  • Giant's Lore (Heart Of Winter) - Fates Warning
    "In a time long past tomorrow sleeping in the castle of the black. In the Leland hills are the monster tracks of a giant. The darn of autumn playing in the garden of the rising sun the children they run"
  • Eri come l'oro ora sei come loro - Tiziano Ferro
    "Non ha sofferto..nel silenzio Questo amorequando morto Me ne sono accorto adesso Che ho perso Ma cosa ho perso? Stare insieme non un gioco Forse ho perso solo te E riguardo nel tramonto Di una luce giallo"
  • Espousing The Lore Of Ancient Mythos - Cephalectomy
    "(Keeper of the Gate) A hollow universe of death rotting created by god as an evil curse Where all life dies, death lives and nature breeds untellable fear Beyond lake of freezing flame, avast burning caverns"
  • Round and Round - Lora
    "I, I, I never ever felt this way, After you chose to run away, And still I find myself in chains, Trying to breath without your face. I, I, In the moment I met you I fell to fire, You give me hope to"
  • I Giardini Pensili Hanno Fatto Il Loro Tempo - Paolo Conte
    "Guardo una strada io non ne ho mai viste cos e dove vada a finire non so dir da qui il fondo lucido e scuro di un nero gi blu porta lontano, sicuro, mai stato laggi Ah, quei bei giardini l non si vedranno"
  • A little less sixteen candles, a little lore touch me - Fall Out Boy
    "I confess, I messed updropping "I'm sorry? like you're still aroundAnd I know you dressed uphey kid you'll never live this down?And you're just the girl all the boys want to dance withAnd I'm just the"
  • CHYBA, ŻE MAJ - Lora Szafran
    "Ja kocham cię Nie wiem Czy kochasz mnie? No wiem Tydzień ma marzeń siedem Chyba że przyjdzie maj… Nadzieje świat Na miesiąc jedne"

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