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  • Euphoria - BTS (방탄소년단)
    "Utwór 'Euphoria' z albumu 'Proof' BTS (방탄소년단) (premiera 10 czerwca 2022r.)"
  • Euphoria - Muse
    "Utwór 'Euphoria' z albumu 'Will Of The People' Muse (premiera 26 sierpnia 2022r.)."
  • Euphoria - Ash
    "Take me, love me, Invade the portions of me That are dark, and warm, and deep. Hero or zero, I'm glad that you're here. So take you're love and take you're leave. Now, how will I feel asleep? I'm onto"
  • Euphoria - Loreen
    "Why, why can’t this moment last forevermore? Tonight, tonight eternity’s an open door… No, don’t ever stop doing the things you do. Don’t go, in every breath I take I’m breathing you… Euphoria Forever,"
  • Euphoria - Magda Pająk
    "Why, why can?t this moment last forevermore? Tonight, tonight eternity?s an open door? No, don?t ever stop doing the things you do. Don?t go, in every breath I take I?m breathing you? Euphoria Forever,"
  • Euphoria - Alex Band
    "When you take a breath But you can't you hold it in When you try to live But don't know where to begin When there's no hope left No place you can go Look inside your heart Close your eyes and you'll know... CHORUS It's"
  • Euphoria - School Of Fish
    "Don't you know that a punching bag It don't feel any pain And I know that it's all my fault So I'll try not to complain And a heart can only break So many times So why do you feel the need To see what"
  • Euphoria - Michael Jackson
    "E-U-P-H-O-R-I-A That's the new word for today E-U-P-H-O-R-I-A It's very easy to say Say Euphoria and you'll feel fine from the start You can close your eyes And see the world with your heart Do what you"
  • Euphoria - Papermill
    "In the morning when I woke I read again the ink you poured, I had a thought, began to smile for I knew I could've been down for weeks if I just let those words play with my mind, and so I stole any"
  • Euphoria - Abraxas
    "Heavenly master creator of fire wind and earth Take me in show me a promised land And when I die has my life been glorious? Death makes no sense at all One world of euphoria is this the place I"
  • Euphoria - Spiritual Beggars
    "The sun is high and so am I The plant in the hole starts to rise Thoughts of the moon rotating in the room I'm floating down a river without you Smoke me baby, boil my soul Let your wet pieces warm"
  • Euphoria - Collide
    "i calibrate you could get lost along the way i confiscate you while i find the meaning i feel i could not escape you i feel i could not escape you euphoria close to euphoria i could get lost variations come"
  • Euphoria - Sirenia
    "I feel the magic rushing in I feel the heavenworks ascend like a sun within All my travail in on the wane a lucid sets in, and he world sails away I'm cold seed I'm your sweetest leaf I'll ease your mind I'll"
  • Euphoria - Shane Hebert
    "I feel the magic rushing in I feel the heavenworks ascend like a sun within All my travail is on the wane A lucid bliss sets in, and the world sails away I'm cold seed I'm your sweetest leaf I'll ease"
  • Euphoria - Scapegoat
    "Bathed in moon light this water on your skin makes you beautiful tonight and I'm drawn in by the reflection in your eyes But what I feel I forfeit when I pretend you're right because everything in your"
  • Euphoria - Front Line Assembly
    "(lyrics written and sung by Jaqui Hunt) And how I've loved And I have served And I have sinned But I have learnt As long as you are true to the life that you live It is the time to feel love I feel a"
  • Euphoria - Crest Of Darkness
    "Existence detached from your world Desirous wishes of love and pain Inhuman Darkness Vague dreams Sweet sorrow Unspeakable aliveness In your blood In your veins Mighty alien race Without eyes watching"
  • Euphoria - Amazing Transparent Man
    "I see you walkin' on the play ground with him, why you won't play on the swings with me make my life pretty grim. Hold his hand while you're playing kickball, makes my ego feel kind of small, cause i"
  • Euphoria - Scream Silence
    "Flying sparks We treasured In jars Flowing words Of measures Surrounded Flying sparks Glowing splendid Beyond My abandonment And I close, In surrender To yon My countenance Ready now - to pass The"
  • Euphoria - Alphaville
    "(Lyrics: Gold/music: Bloss-Gold-Lloyd-Echolette) Kind of thunder from my heart Flooding my eyes Flooding my eyes Kind of armies marching through my head Sombre soldiers From nowhere Kind of someone's"

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