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  • Losers - J.J. Cale
    "(J.J. Cale, Christine Lakeland) Losers, we're just losers Exclusive club that we're in Losers, we're just losers Why don't losers ever win Came in this morning to spread the word around Nobody wants to"
  • Losers - Joey Tempest
    "see your face hard to trace no parking space dont know what to do its Monday put the key in start the engine I can hear my mobile ringing its Tuesday when you remind me I forget now what the hell"
  • Losers - The Cardigans
    "Look at all these losers you find them everywhere they're fucked up and annoying but somehow you seem to care It's easier to laugh but something makes you stick around you can't watch from above and keep"
  • Beautiful Losers - Ocean Colour Scene
    "Your dream make-up is cracked and wearing thin Your eyes are on your chin It's getting hard for you But to make up is only make-believe And we don't need a scene like this Whatever happened to the"
  • Beautiful Losers - Marc Almond
    "Here's to the bruised and the broken hearted Here's to dear friends now departed Here's to the lonely here's to the lost Here's to those who love at a cost Here's to the bitter and the reviled Here's"
  • Dateless Losers - Reel Big Fish
    "We all are on our own, With no one by our side, You are so lucky, Beautiful and bright, All the cool kids go steady, They're making out at twelve, We sit in our rooms--alone, By ourselves, It's Friday, No"
  • Losers & Winners - Accept
    "Accept Balls To The Wall Losers & Winners You told me that you like her But she doesn't wanna know You tried so much to take her But there's no way to go I know that kind of feeling Knocking on someone's"
  • Key Losers - Guided By Voices
    "Oh darkness makes them cringe - perhaps caught Respectable - impeccable - not taught The key losers Not to trust in instinct - blame them No wait! don't tame them They will let you down every time,"
  • Winners & Losers - Iggy Pop
    "Winners and losers Which one am I, Is it the same Under the sky? Black motorcycles And the will to survive Losers and winners Low and high In this glass and wire world Surly leeches gain the right To send"
  • The Losers - Adema
    "I'd like to thank you all for having me In this village filled with tragedy This is something you won't wanna miss I swear it doesn't have to be like this Check these fools that ain't been checked Bless"
  • Losers Game - Elegy
    "Influental called themselves friends gifts they gave some kind of trend a small town girl who never asked why easy access cum' don't be shy For no apparent reason when the stakes were so high she started"
  • The Losers - Warrior Soul
    "(Clarke-Ricco-McClanahan) Have you ever wanted To besomeone youre not But you look into the world And you see what youve got Theres nothin there But brains and guts Finally open the door And then it"
  • Losers' Ballet - Deadlock
    "come on now you sinners and angels without wings the dance of the fools is about to begin why should you fear what cannot be avoided it is time to dance your lives away it's the losers ballet the"
  • Winners & Losers - The Business
    "The judge turned to me as he threw away the key murder one murder one your doing life my son You have robbed you have slaughtered your going somewhere hot murder one murder one your going straight to"
  • Sore Losers - Bigwig
    "I'm guessing that some things never change. Sore losers when they've lost the game. Trying to win the battle lost. Some just can't accept it some just want to reject it. Their hearts have been consumed"
  • Losers Weep - Stacey Earle
    "I'm goin' back where I came from Goin' lookin' for someone Someone I left behind We were both babies at the time My family moved away Wanted you to go but you had to stay And out the back window I waved"
  • Losers Anthem - Mad Crowd Disease
    "Talk to the geeks Hated by the popular I love the life The life of being a loser Look at me as though I'm different Look at me as though I'm an alien Why do you think that I hate you Why can't you see"
  • Women Is Losers - Big Brother & The Holding Company
    "Women is losers Women is losers Women is losers, oh, Say honey women is losers. Well, I know you must have heard it all, And everywhere Men always seem to end up on top. Oh, if they told you they want"
  • Women Is Losers - Janis Joplin
    "Women is losers Women is losers, oh Say honey women is losers. Well, I know you must try, Lord, And everywhere Men almost seem to end up on top. Oh, if they told you they want you Say come around by"
  • Losers In Love - Chaka Khan
    "Losers - losers - losers - losers The moment I saw your face Your eyes swept me away The moment I heard your voice I knew we'd touch someday But we're losers in love Afraid of what we feel Please don't"

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