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losing my way

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losing my way

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losing my way
  • Justin Timberlake Losing My Way
    "Hey excuse me Hi my name is Bob and I work at my job I make forty-something dollars a day I used to be the man in my hometown Until I started to lose my way It all goes back to when I dropped out at school Having"
  • Hurt Losing
    "I asked it where it had been Then we started arguing I'm just like the other ones But I don't believe you think I'm dumb And where did all the money go? Did jesus come and no one know? Sugar, spice"
  • Keith Richards Losing My Touch
    "Ain't it funny how things happen Just as we think we've got it all straight Everything seems to be moving forward But instead we just sit around and wait Seems things are in a lockdown Nervous looks all"
  • Rolling Stones Losing My Touch
    "(Jagger/Richards) Ain't it funny how things happen Just as we think we've got it all straight Everything seems to be moving forward But instead we just sit around and wait Seems things are in a lockdown Nervous"
  • Cydonia Losing My Faith
    "A scream invades your dream, another crack in the world the rain will bring the dark erasing the smile of life Have you seen the fear in their eyes? A vision of strife! No one's coming I'm going away,"
  • LCD Soundsystem Losing My Edge
    "Yeah, I'm losing my edge. I'm losing my edge. The kids are coming up from behind. I'm losing my edge. I'm losing my edge to the kids from France and from London. But I was there. I was there in 1968. I"
  • Ala Boratyn Losing my head
    "Oh closed in a big room With four walls and no doors The lift is out of order And the stairs dont have an end So i cant run away Maybe youre a fairy tale prince But i dont have a long long braid So i wont"
  • Maroon 5 Losing My Mind
    "It's so hard to find you I'm standing right behind you The streets are much colder This mean I'm getting older Why would you? How could I? These questions lead to goodbye But now I got my freedom Don't"
  • Toby Keith Losing My Touch
    "Reservations for one tonight Ill be eating by myself again At that quiet little corner spot Where we used to hang with all our friends And Ill ease down to the local pub Climb up on the tallest stool Holding"
  • Blanks 77 Losing My Brain
    "I cant seem to remember and i cant seem to forget i cant remember day to day but my lifes not over yet i aint got no time and i aint got no will i aint got much of anything but i'm ready for my next big"
  • Staynd Glass Losing My Mind
    "I never thought that you'd be gone. Your heart stopped at the break of dawn. I couldn't get myself out of dreams. This is a world that was never real. Come back; you're not done. Will you stay, or will"
  • Various Losing My Mind
    "When life gets you down,wearing a frown Don't look away,look up! 'Cause memories true come out of the blue You know the way,look up! "Come on, Arnold!" "No,Grandma.I'm really not in the mood." When skies"
  • Conway Twitty On My Way To Losing You
    "She's not with me for the same reason you were She's not here cause I won't her to be She just took what was left when you said you were through And I found her on my way to losing you She made temptation"
  • Down Losing All
    "my brain distorts the pleasure, no facts behind my eyes. this pain I've come to treasure, being down has become my life... don't know which one is real, been kicked in the groin I drown the way I feel, thoughI"
  • Plain White T's Losing Myself
    "Stuck in a moment, At ten past nine, Don't know if she's showing, I wish she would tell me what was on her mind, I can't stand not knowing. Why am I here? She used to say I was the love of her life, Lately"
  • Dream Evil Losing You
    "In the dead of the night As the candles die out I'm watching her going to sleep She has to be strong She's left all along I have to go out in the fields You're all I ever wanted And I can't go on without"
  • Kelly Willis Losing You
    "LOSING YOU KELLY WILLIS The days pass by in slow motion Starts to rain and I don't even notice Everybody wants what they can't have And everybody wants a little more I wish I had a little more 'Cause"
  • Headstones Losing Control
    "Where does it go when the last breath leaves me Stinking drinking I'm slowing down Jesus Christ almighty save me Where ever you want I'll kneel down Busted headlights broken ribs so hoarse I can't swallow Changed"
  • Ray Charles Losing Hand
    "I gambled on your love baby and got a losing hand I gambled on your love baby and got a losing hand Your ways keep changing like the shifting desert sand While I was playing fair baby, you played a cheating"
  • Sophie Zelmani Losing You
    "I can tell by your look There's something missing, something I took I can tell by the way you sound Won't be long, you won't be around (CHORUS) Oh, I'm losing you (x2) Was it my words? Or my silence? I"

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