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lost dogs

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lost dogs

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lost dogs
  • Pearl Jam Lost dogs
    "She said to me, over the phone she wanted to see other people i thought, "well then, look around, they're everywhere" said that she was confused... i thought, "darling, join the club" 24 years old, mid-life"
  • Lemuria Dogs
    "My secrets end up on oil canvases In a gallery for everyone to judge When I lost everything you offered Jesus Didn't seem like a fair trade at all I'll keep my, i'll keep my promise to you I'll keep my,"
  • En Vogue Those Dogs
    "I'm not much in to dogs and they're not in to me That's my history, I can't change it now Cuz those dogs are still on the prowl (Chorus) Dogs are puppies, they grow up wild And they don't do what you want"
  • D:a:d Soft Dogs
    "Wrong words Out of confusion Yeah, I risk losing The flesh you wear so well Lost words Eating away with no patience Noone mentions Our hearts like a small machine Giving And finding the place"
  • Kottonmouth Kings Dogs Life
    "Wise man he once told me, lost cause, ain't worth a roll But our wheels keep spinning, I guess we broke the mold, I don't know The life I lead is the life of a dog I may have fleas but I run our yard I"
  • Jay-Z Resevoir Dogs
    "F**k shit is real right here Roc a Fella LOX takin the streets over motherf**kers Don't get it twisted Yo aiyyo aiyyo aiyyo Yo shut the f**k up 'fore I blast and Banned From TV your ass with no mask"
  • Jay-Z Reservoir Dogs
    "(feat. Beanie Sigel, The LOX, Sauce Money) Fuck -- shit is real right here Roc-a-Fella, LOX, takin the streets over motherfuckers Don't get it twisted Yo, aiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyo Yo shut the fuck up 'fore"
  • Agnostic Front Lost
    "Yahweh promised a conquered land, Domination over life--man against man Mother Earth came to conflict with patriarchal powers And eyes lit up with hierarchy fed desires The spirit within--quickly became"
  • Tyr Ten Wild Dogs
    "Ran around on this ground all you have got Yesterday went away still you did not understand in the end we have to leave Can't believe, I can't believe, still I just can Not believe that I would deceive"
  • Xandria Sleeping Dogs Lie
    "Night falls down and soon we're all alone What do you have in mind, guidance of the blind, I feel lost Lost inside this maze of shame and sin A taste of sweetest wine, addictive yet so fine, I want more The"
  • Millencolin Happiness For Dogs
    "I think I've been wrong in this family affair Now It's been too long that we got used to everything unfair I'm out there trying to put on the charms But inside I'm crying when I remember how you cut your"
  • The Mission Let Sleeping Dogs Die
    "There's the crime of passion And the crime of revenge But the worst crime of all Is the crime of regret Speak of the devil And the devil may speak of you Why can we Let sleeping dogs die Deep, it cuts"
  • Dead Moon Down To The Dogs
    "My brain's been hammered and my nerves are shot I caught the fever and the shakes won't stop Even the doctors don't know what I got I'm going----- Woke up in the morning, head twisted tight Been out"
  • Gary Numan Call out the dogs
    "Here am I Like a target in flesh One more time For you to call out the dogs Passengers With a ticket to burn and burn and burn You will learn I'm still waiting for you you know I'm a slogan, an old story,"
  • Tori Amos Dogs
    "one dog buries a bone and then the other dog digs it up and finds a prize in store one dog dies and the other dogs go dig him up a tomb with his name inscribed and there on his tombstone carved so bold the"
  • Stan Ridgway Dogs
    "one dog buries a bone and then the other dog digs it up and finds a prize in store one dog dies and the other dogs go dig him up a tomb with his name inscribed and there on his tombstone carved so bold the"
  • Motorhead Dogs
    "Here we are in confusion Could be it's all an illusion Who knows the times to come The years to face, the race to run We believe in graven image We believe in the fight to the finish We desire the almighty"
  • Damien Rice Dogs
    "She lives with an orange tree The girl that does yoga She picks the dead ones from the ground When we come over And she gives I get Without giving anything to me Like a morning sun Like a morning Like"
  • Atlantic Popes Dogs
    "You know the one who looks at you As if he's gonna eat you up alive But then again he's not alone He's followed by a crowd of hungry eyes He's so afraid of what the guys could see Behaving kind of strange No"
  • Ceaser Dogs
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Dogs You have opened my eyes I don't wanna see the dogs and their hungry smiles It's very sad, I wanna get out I don't have to build a future out of dry food and bones Or very soon,"

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