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lost dogs pearl jam

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lost dogs pearl jam

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lost dogs pearl jam
  • Pearl Jam Lost dogs
    "She said to me, over the phone she wanted to see other people i thought, "well then, look around, they're everywhere" said that she was confused... i thought, "darling, join the club" 24 years old, mid-life"
  • Aaron Lewis Black (Pearl Jam Cover)
    "Hey of empty canvas Untouched sheets of clay Were laid spread out before me As her body once did All, all five horizons Revolved As the earth to the sun Now, the air I tasted And breathed has taken a"
  • Aaron Lewis Of Staind Black (Pearl Jam Cover)
    "Hey, ooh Shades of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay Were laid spread out before me, as her body once did All five horizons revolved around her soul As the earth to the sun Now the air I tasted and"
  • Rheostatics Trans Jam
    "Rheostatics & Farm Fresh (Always fresh, never stale, only forgotten.) I slide over tracks like a toboggan, Got your noggin boggin', Tearing down obstacles like some industry lot. Timber! And I'm seeing"
  • Lemuria Dogs
    "My secrets end up on oil canvases In a gallery for everyone to judge When I lost everything you offered Jesus Didn't seem like a fair trade at all I'll keep my, i'll keep my promise to you I'll keep my,"
  • Michael Jackson Jam
    "Nation To Nation All The World Must Come Together Face The Problems That We See Then Maybe Somehow We Can Work It Out I Asked My Neighbor For A Favor She Said Later What Has Come Of All The People Have"
  • Fleming And John The Pearl
    "Oh look I've found it, Oh I've really found it, How could such a thing be happening to me? Oh please don't drop it, I'd die if you lost it, You see it means the world to me. Now everything we ever"
  • Carola The Pearl
    "If eyes can tell a story If looks could write a tale Then yours would keep on telling me about a love that will never fail. The days I walked in worry The nights I spent in tears Now they all seem so far"
  • Emmylou Harris The Pearl
    "(Emmylou Harris) O the dragons are gonna fly tonight They're circling low and inside tonight It's another round in the losing fight Out along the great divide tonight We are aging soldiers in an ancient"
  • Rehab Jamie
    "Can't believe that you want to walk away from me can't talk to me, put a restraining order, huh?, on my dog and me? why the third degree? I know I threw the TV but you tried to leave I was just hangin'"
  • En Vogue Those Dogs
    "I'm not much in to dogs and they're not in to me That's my history, I can't change it now Cuz those dogs are still on the prowl (Chorus) Dogs are puppies, they grow up wild And they don't do what you want"
  • D:a:d Soft Dogs
    "Wrong words Out of confusion Yeah, I risk losing The flesh you wear so well Lost words Eating away with no patience Noone mentions Our hearts like a small machine Giving And finding the place"
  • Kottonmouth Kings Dogs Life
    "Wise man he once told me, lost cause, ain't worth a roll But our wheels keep spinning, I guess we broke the mold, I don't know The life I lead is the life of a dog I may have fleas but I run our yard I"
  • Jay-Z Resevoir Dogs
    "F**k shit is real right here Roc a Fella LOX takin the streets over motherf**kers Don't get it twisted Yo aiyyo aiyyo aiyyo Yo shut the f**k up 'fore I blast and Banned From TV your ass with no mask"
  • Jay-Z Reservoir Dogs
    "(feat. Beanie Sigel, The LOX, Sauce Money) Fuck -- shit is real right here Roc-a-Fella, LOX, takin the streets over motherfuckers Don't get it twisted Yo, aiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyo Yo shut the fuck up 'fore"
  • Mott The Hoople Pearl N Roy
    "No puppet, no liar, won't bend my lips to wire - No Don't pressurize me so Don't gamble, with my life, or you won't live to do it twice Oh take some good advice from me And let the wires rock All dressed"
  • The Hold Steady Positive Jam
    "Woke up in the 20s and there were flappers and fruits in white suits. It was right before the crash. We got thrashed throughout the 30s. Queuing up for soup with scabby sores. Then they sent us off to"
  • Shaquille ONeal Pool Jam
    "(Shaquille O'Neal) Yo Kenny I want you to look in the phone book Look up every model agency in the City of Los Angeles And tell em about my new hundred-foot yacht that I just purchased And tell em we"
  • Widespread Panic Impossible/Jam
    "I got to get back to the house There's a warm chair where the cat has been I feel a little better when I'm back at the house Hope I haven't lost my keys I been thinking about the police Jelly filled for"
  • Twiztid Hound dogs
    "Hound Dogez muthaphucker Get off my nizos get off my nutz get off my bitch! Verse 1-Shaggy 2 Dope Shit Muthaphuckin hound doggz, WHAT? Swinging from my balls so hard, it's like i got a third nut And look,"

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