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lost in my freeway

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lost in my freeway

  • Freeway - Soul Asylum
    "Wanna see you in my rearview mirror Out on the freeway freeway Nobody said it would be easy Freeway freeway Take me back to _______________ I can't change the time and I can't change your mind But I gotta"
  • Freeway - Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand
    "the best looking girls I see are driving on the freeway because I can't see how much they weigh the best looking girls I see are driving in a fast car because I can't tell how really ornery they are when"
  • Freeway - Smash
    "Hey, wanna speed away Let's pack our bags Let's leave today Where every sounds says that I wanna go Let's ride to road ahead And who knows where It's gonna end It there's a time for work It's time"
  • Freeway - Erik Segerstedt
    "Rubbing my eyes so I won't fall asleep From driving all night Wind in my hair, and no shoes on my feet No one else in sight I still think about your love sometimes The feeling I left behind And I"
  • Freeway - Linda Perry
    "Can you see me In the garden Watering flowers all night long Taking care of what you neglected And I do it with a happy song Can you feel your guardian angel Guiding you so patiently And you wonder"
  • Under The Freeway - Sylvia Juncosa
    "My roof they call on overpass A fitting name, I'll say All the world stampedes above And never knows I'm here And all their noise Just fades into nothing Look down The lights shine in the city You'd"
  • Freeway Mad - Saxon
    "I'm screaming down the freeway Gonna try and burn you out I'm keeping in the fast lane Top me and I'll take you out And I know, yes I know I want it so bad I'm freeway mad I'm burning down the freeway Doing"
  • Freeway blues - Tim Buckley
    "I never swallowed that cheap booze I keep my distance from straight dudes, I joined the army just to get more fame, I love my bluesy cause she walks so strange, Ah, well you know I think we ought to have"
  • LA Freeway - Jerry Jeff Walker
    "Pack up all your dishes Make note of all good wishes Say goodbye to the landlord for me Sons o' bitches always bore me Throw out those L.A. papers Moldy box of vanilla wafers Adios to all this concrete Gonna"
  • Freeway - Aimee Mann
    "You've got a lot of money but you can't afford the freeway The road to Orange Country leaves an awful lot of leeway Where everyone's a doctor or a specialist in retail They'll sell you all the speed you"
  • Freeway - Chris Rea
    "She throws her hair into the February breeze She hears it singing through the branches of the trees A song of something you know so well And she's still looking for a freeway She hears the sound of distant"
  • Freeway - PORNO FOR PYROS
    "Ain't been twelve a couple of hours I'm on the freeway Rain's so hard the sky's one color The wettest coldest grey Then she takes a look at me I tell her it's O.K. Driving around with her She's taking"
  • Freeway - TV On The Radio
    "Out on the freewayI saw you wastedNobody wants you to fallExcept for me(Dental plan, marriages, lots of babies, dentogen)Except for me(Press hot sex, fuck more and love less)Call me up dailyJust to remind"
  • Freeway of love - Aretha Franklin
    "Knew youd be a vision in whiteHowd you get your pants so tightDont know what youre doinBut you must be livin right, yeahOh, we got some places to seeI brought all my maps with meSo jump in, it aint no"
  • Lost - Meat Puppets
    "Lost on the freeway again Looking for means to an end Nobody knows which way its gonna bend Lost on the freeway again Walking the freeze ways again Thinking of something my friend I get tired of living"
  • Hit The Freeway - Toni Braxton
    "And we don't stop, no ma What's the problem Always complain when there's chick are starvin' What type of game is this I used to support ya I thought you'd appreciate some of these things that I bought"
  • On the freeway - Bizzy Bone
    "She's ridin' on the highway, highway, highway(She's ridin' on the highway)She's ridin' on the highway, highway, highway(She's ridin' on the highway)She's ridin' on the highway, highway, highway(She's ridin'"
  • Flyin' Down The Freeway - Kinky Friedman
    "(Kinky Friedman) Well, it's retro rocket time inside my attic I'm all wrapped up in the flag to keep me warm Got my brain locked in the cruise-o-matic Rollin' Ronnie Reagan in suppository form Flyin'"
  • Freeway Of Love (Paulini) - Australian Idol
    "Knew you'd be a vision in white How'd you get your pants so tight? Don't know what you're doin' But you must be livin' right Yeah... Oh...We got some places to see I brought all the maps with me So jump"
  • Freeway Of The Plains - Spin Doctors
    "You said the price was final, But you're willing to haggle I fold my arms and wait for you, But you treat me like the rabble. 'Cause I thought it was love, baby, When I kissed you in the kitchen, It wasn't"

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