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lost in the ocean wait

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lost in the ocean wait

  • Wait - OneRepublic
    "Now I take my time sit and wait there's no comfort I will find today I'm close so still (?) I pray for peace comfort in this head these crazy seas will drown me dead But I've learned to swim Now I'm jumping"
  • The Ocean - Sunny Day Real Estate
    "All around I see you're under my skin Cruel to say I've known the best of my life Never again to hear The rivers' song so clear Everyday's another scene The world around and everything for you"
  • Ocean - Ten Shekel Shirt
    "Lately, I've been thinkin' about You And lately, I've been dreaming of You And lately, I can't get You out of my head Get You out of my head chorus Something about the ocean Makes me rise up and praise Something"
  • Ocean - Gorky Park
    "Take me back to see the ocean Bearing sound'o'waves devotion Wash away the words corosion That we left behind Clean me up with wnid and water I'm your sun and you're my daughter I won't let this moment"
  • Ocean - Pietasters
    "Oh lady, I'd fill a mountain, I'd swim 'cross the ocean, for your love I said lady, watch closely behind you, I'd search and I'd find you, for your love Where you gonna go now, I will follow, where you"
  • Ocean - Skrape
    "I, Im driving the backroads In my mind, the oceans cold I, I cant wait on you My time is now, and now that its true If I cant find, find my way to the sand Ill dream that I, I see sun on the waters edge I,"
  • Ocean - John Hiatt
    "I am the west wind. I am the sea gull. I dance on the waves, As they break on the shore line. The moon is my sorrow. The moon is my lantern. I search for you so long, These dark lonely beaches. "
  • Ocean - Nine Days
    "Fading like a wilted flower even in our finest hour all the dreams you realize are sleeping here with me tonight hhmmmmm words are falling off the pages letters kept locked like birds in cages feeling"
  • Wait - The Kills
    "Tell me what you've done to yourself I would like to know Write it on the rocks and then Tell me where to go Why you say wait Wait Tell me you're the lucky one How fast you can throw Tell me all the things"
  • Wait - Kills
    "Tell me what you've done to yourself I would like to know Write it on the rocks and then Tell me where to go Why you say wait Wait Tell me you're the lucky one How fast you can throw Tell me all the"
  • Wait - Fair Warning
    "The night is cold and you're out in the city Down in the dark where the streets got no name You lost your love in the heat of the moment She's out of sight and you're searching in vain The eyes of a thousand"
  • Wait - Dog Fashion Disco
    "She came from the wrong side of town She crossed the tracks and then she turned around Alone and restless Left without a choice She sought the comfort in a friendly voice To survive she sold herself"
  • Wait - Maggie Reilly
    "Lying in my bed alone and whispering your name, Wonder where you are tonight and do you feel the same, letting my thoughts fly to where you might be, Sharing the secret that took you from me.. Heart is"
  • Wait - Punchline
    "Wait...I said, underneath my breath as she turned away from me. Never did I see the look in her eye because her back was turned to me. Maybe if I had seen a tear drop in her eyes I would have stopped I"
  • The Ocean - The Bravery
    "I climbed up a mountain, and looked off the edge At all of the lives that I never have led. There's one where I stayed with you, across the sea. I wonder, do you still think of me? I carry your image always"
  • Liers In Wait - Liers In Wait
    "(Music & lyrics: Kristian Whlin) Dwelling, forgotten Lords from the Birth of Time Sleeping Keepers of all Truth Lying dormant, within their Slumber Born of Eternity Children of Eternity Seven in Heaven Seven"
  • The ocean - Dar Williams
    "When I went to your town on the wide open shore, Oh I must confess, I was drawn, I was drawn to the ocean, I thought it spoke to me, it said, "Look at us, We're not churches, not schools, not skating ponds,"
  • The Ocean - Alela Diane
    "She was always walking, singing to her footsteps Dirt ditch paths and pine cones digging up glass bottles Rusty springs from feather beds, old hubcaps on the picket fence She planted beds of flowers, stayed"
  • The Ocean - Mae
    "am i alone in this? never a night where i can sleep myself till day. we must try to figure it out, figure it out. it won't be that easy. we lost it somehow. you come over unannounced. silence broken by"
  • The Ocean - Led Zeppelin
    "- "We've done four already but now we're steady and then they went: One, two, three, four" Singing in the sunshine, laughing in the rain Hitting on the moonshine, rocking in the grain Ain't no time"

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