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lost in your love - red light

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lost in your love - red light

  • Red Light - f(x)
    "Aye aye aye aye wait a minute Under the rule of the jungle The weak gets devoured Just push ahead, Yeah push ahead Oops, I got stepped on Aye aye it’s a red light light I don’t even know what’s wrong"
  • Red Light - Usher
    "It's crazy I can't believe that you Would be the one to do Do me like you do Get back here baby Girl you let me Have my way and i was thinkin i could get it again Baby we could be friends if you're"
  • Red Light - U2
    "I talk to you You walk away You're still on the down beat You say you don't want my help But you can't escape If your running from yourself I give you my love I give you my love Give you my love Still"
  • Red Light Green Light - Nikki Webster
    "I've seen you, Looking over your shoulder, When we pass in the hall. And I heard you, You said that you told her, 'You like me most of all' But I believe, In showing not telling, It's love a"
  • Red Light Paradise - Savatage
    "You long for the touch of the metal man But on nights like this any man would do You're a lady of the night, a guardian of the light It's burning hot in you Feel it burn inside you, yeah Red light paradise Red"
  • Lady Red Light - Great White
    "(Kendall, Russell, Niven, Lardie) Deep in the night, alone in the dark I get a need for you In a hotel room I remember the way how we do what we do Too long without your touch Too long without your love My"
  • Lost In Your Love - At Vance
    "the summer breeze in your hair seems to be so warm and tender is your love really true that it can't stand anything where we gotta go thru then I'll send my love to you thru the dark and the night thru"
  • Red Light Fever - Venom
    "I need a woman oh so bad, You ever get the feeling you've been had, You pay your money you pay the price, You take a chance and it feels so nice, Later maybe you wonder why, This little lady's gonna suck"
  • Red Light District - Wyclef Jean
    "Intro Yeh, ohh! Check me out, look It goes love, hate, pleasure and pain Fo' albums in the can and I'm STILL in the game (what up?) And last album, they don't like me to tell this Debuted at #1 and"
  • Red Light - Jonny Lang
    "You sing a song, While sitting at a red light You think of home, while sitting at a red light Too slow to roll Put your life on hold An open path With nowhere to go You start to wonder, while sitting"
  • Red Light - Cans
    "When shadows fall in the twilight zone The spirits will arise The lord of darkness descends my soul With slander, tainted lies Walking on water, visions fading to black As the flames start to clobber"
  • Red Light - Hellacopters
    ""We're gonna lay in this sincerity" "Talking of Venus and Moleen, of night have end it made" "Sew some pretty faces won't come by" "The dirt will tell the truth ain't comming lie" "And didn't had to tell"
  • Red Light - Platinum Blonde
    "Tears on your window Don't tell me you're satisfied You've got tears on your pillow Come and meet me on the other side Tonight could last forever Tonight we could take control Waiting for society To take"
  • Red Light - Deep Blue Something
    "She said I think it's time for winter and the trains they're all here I think I smell a change in seasons I think the time for change is near You say that we have no feelings We feel like we're here for"
  • Red light - The Strokes
    "Two can be complete without the rest of the worldTwo can be complete without the rest of the worldDo it for the people that have died for your sakeAn entire generation that has nothing to sayHow'd you"
  • Red - Chris Rea
    "Put your hand in the paintbox and choose Which one says the most about you I would have to pick the deepest shade The saddest shade of blue But red is colour I'd choose Red is colour I'd choose I set"
  • Red - Okkervil River
    "Red is my favorite color, red like your mothers eyes after awhile of crying about how you dont love her. She says I know I dont deserve supervised sight of her, but each day becomes a blur without my daughter."
  • Red - Focused
    "I will tell you soon, about the words used when the day has no room for us, and for the hope that lies within. and the love Ive longed for. for with my hands in yours, Ive held it so tight, in my last"
  • Lost In Love - Backseat Goodbye
    "you've got two left feet and a way with words you're in love with the "spottless mind" but the ending's no good you've got an eye for luck along with black and white photographs not too fond of windy nights but"
  • Lost - The Church
    "Sometimes I'm wondering under prehistoric skies. I feel it's all beginning right before my eyes. I must go back, reexamine my love. Here she comes with the penetrated stare. I don't know when, but I wish"

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