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lost inside your eyes and when my heart gets paralyzed i feeel

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lost inside your eyes and when my heart gets paralyzed i feeel

  • Paralyzed - Sixpence None the Richer
    "I look out to the fields Where blood is shed upon the ground I breathe in, breathe out Change the channel, mute the sound I take a match, a cigarette, and a walk to clear my head My stomach's reeling at"
  • Paralyzed - Jeff Anderson
    "You have paralyzed all that is inside, All that is the heart of this desperate man. I will celebrate the coming of your love. I can hardly wait for that glorious day. Though I cant see you. Though I cant"
  • Paralyzed - NF
    "When did I become so numb? When did I lose myself? All the words that leave my tongue Feel like they came from someone else I'm paralyzed Where are my feelings? I no longer feel things I know I should I'm"
  • Paralyzed - Kiss
    "Who cares, I'm in a trance, I got no hope, I don't stand a chance But it's all right, yes it's all right Who knows, well I don't care, 'cause I don't fit in anywhere But it's all right, yes it is all right Well,"
  • Paralyzed - Bob Mould
    "An obvous display of feelings that have dissipated And I don't have a clue where to start You wouldn't let me near you, so I settled for the fear that You'd be happy with me six feet in the ground I will"
  • Paralyzed - Big Time Rush
    "(Logan) You, you walked into the room On a Friday afternoon That's when I saw you for the first time And I was paralyzed I had a million things to say But none of them came out that day 'cause I was never"
  • Paralyzed - Ted Nugent
    "I'm on a mission of mercy. I gotta testify. You lost your emotions. You're paralyzed. Amputate your logic, you're hypnotized. You show no emotion. You're paralyzed. Don't you know you crucify yourself,"
  • Paralyzed - Joel Plaskett
    "When the sun went down on me I looked like million bucks And I rode out of town in the back of a beat up pick up truck But when I stopped moving Got stuck in a rut The wheels they kept spinning Everything"
  • Paralyzed - Atozzio
    "I've been moping 'round here for the past few days I've turned my phone off and haven't even bathed I'm looking like a mess - that's all my girl would say I need to make a move but I can't Cause... keep"
  • Paralyzed - Hanna Pakarinen
    "I put my heart, my emotions on the line That's my crime I didn't know it could hurt this way so The mistake is mine Try to fly but I'm left with broken wings Fighting bitter winds Someone tell me I'm dreaming Tell"
  • Paralyzed - Elvis Presley
    "(Otis Blackwell - Elvis Presley) When you looked into my eyes I stood there like I was hyp-notised You sent a feeling to my spine A feeling warm and smooth and fine But all I could do were stand there"
  • Paralyzed - Sasha
    "I used to laugh, I used to cry I used to do everything I wanted to I don't know when, I don't know why But somewhere I must have lost that guy I knew With a drink or two Any bad excuse would do I would"
  • Paralyzed - Mad Sin
    "i'm gonna defeat the night high on subterranian wine muted by the false tongue speakin' people let's kick them straight back in line i see the babylon kids lookin' for cheap thrills through their bloodshed"
  • Paralyzed - Dark Leaves
    "Paralyzed Now I can’t move And I feel the sweat And I’m drowning here Paralyzed Now you can’t move Can you feel the sweat Flowing down your neck I wanna do I wanna do it again and again Been"
  • Paralyzed - Heavens To Betsy
    "I've seen the way you looked at the sky You looked right up at it with unclouded eyes That ain't the way I see anything I don't know if I can stand another day of rain You left the nest so long ago You"
  • Paralyzed - Hardline
    "Ice cold touching the dead life living in nowhere Nobody knows how gone My mind's buried in six feet weight of the world's Been dragging me down too long Can't explain the pain that eats away the way I"
  • Paralyzed - Strange Celebrity
    "I've opened all the doors And I've looked at what's inside To many choices when will all these voices die Whatever brought me here So tattered and so torn My life's a rainy day my hopes all slip away I"
  • Paralyzed - Rooney
    "I can't feel my shins or my toes I can't feel my knees Or my soles I don't know why Maybe you do I don't know why Chorus: Whoa-oa-oa-oa You Got Me Para-ly-ized (x2) I can't feel my shins my eyes or"
  • Paralyzed - Graham Parker
    "I'll wait for someone to tell me what I already know And I'll wait for my grip to fail me then I'll just let it go She's so hard to please so I just freeze Nailed down by whispers, looks and sighs And"
  • Paralyzed - Flying Blind
    "It feels I'm drowning in a sea of hope Check one more day up on the wall Look how we never seemed to be before And now it's time to take the fall Smash, my controls are smashing into you My inner workings"

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