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lost on you po polsu

  • Po Po - Fabolous
    "(feat. Nate Dogg, Paul Cain) Alright there ah buddy license and registration Uh officer is there a problem man whats going on? Yeah, I had a report of a UFO whats that? An unidentified Ferrari"
  • Tancbuda ft. Michał Sobierajski (LP "Lost On You" Cover Po Śląsku) - Frele
    "Mo mała ślypia Nic niy spała Bo cało noc Ślimtała za Alojzym swym Dziyń coły robi u masorza Kuko za jednym Niy prziłazi po preswuszt A ćmi się już Wytrzyh se te ślypia Bo już fajrant mosz Ciś na chałpa Wysztiguluj"
  • Lost On You - LP
    "When you get older, plainer, saner Will you remember all the danger we came from? Burning like embers, falling, tender Only before the days of no surrender years ago And well you know Smoke them if"
  • Lost On You - Echo & The Bunnymen
    "It's just a dangerous bend On a slippery slope Another rainbow's end On the highway of hope It's always next time Always next time Always last time Just get me out of this jam It's stuck to me like glue And"
  • Lost On You - Echo And The Bunnymen
    "It's just a dangerous bend On a slippery slope Another rainbow's end On the highway of hope It's always next time Always next time Always last time Just get me out of this jam It's stuck to me like glue And"
  • Lost - Jackie Lomax
    "(Written by John Simon) (Lost) Like leaves in the tide (Lost) That blow far and wide (Lost) And land on some far seaside (Lost) Like songs when they end (Lost) A voice on the wind (Lost) Like wayfaring"
  • Lost - Frank Ocean
    "Double D Big full breast on my baby Triple weight Couldn't weigh the love I've got for the girl And I just wanna know Why you ain't been goin' to work Boss ain't workin' ya like this He can't take care"
  • Lost - The Badloves
    "i died at the hands of an angel gently betrayed with a kiss and all my dreams com tumbling down what i've found well i was lost without you i was lost without a trace lost never to be found i cried and"
  • Lost - Louise
    "Give me back my smile Cos it's taring me inside Your still so far away What happened can't we change To make it all worthwhile You have every piece of me I'll promise you anything you need We have so much"
  • Lost - Donkeyboy
    "If we were lovers would it be too much? I wonder what heaven could come at that cost With so many hours from the dead untouched Wishing I could be you Ohh I could be you I'm free but I'm stuck in hard"
  • Lost - Skin
    "What was i waiting for? Waiting for the bubble to burst, Over your stagnet poses, I'm cool with what you're devil don't see, Well i'll be fighting for the death of me, We shot through all of our causes. Days"
  • Lost - Avril Lavigne
    "Mistaken for an prep Mistaken almost everyday And I'm lost without you,, Like an,everyday story, I'm just lost but not found I'm lying there on the ground, Almost feeling sorry for myself, Who do I go"
  • Lost - Katy Perry
    "I'm out on my own again Face down in the porcelain Feeling so high but looking so low Party favors on the floor Group of girls banging on the door So many new fairweather friends Have you ever been so"
  • Lost - Jake Bugg
    "It all starts with me And all of my needs I’ll be waht you want Do you want me to be heaven Your high and i am low And this is much she’s broke I hold out for more While i am here On the road to heaven,"
  • Lost - Michael Bublé (Michael Buble)
    "I can't believe it's over I watched the whole thing fall And I never saw the right man was on the wall If I don't land Days were slipping past That the good things never last That you were crying Summer"
  • Lost - Aaron Tippin
    "A couple of bucks worth of change in the ashtray A half a tank of Texaco You're sitting with your feet on the dash fiddling with the radio Take a seft at the edge of town, out where the roads ain't paved And"
  • Lost - Century
    "falling down into the secrets the secrets in my mind leaving all my life behind me absolution hard to find memorys dawn in pale forgiveness i know i was unkind can you please forgive me never enough,"
  • Lost - NoMeansNo
    "Faced with several choices All of them wrong Snap out of it, I tell myself Stop singing that same old song The All Clear sounds but the streets are deserted We sit in shelters with out eyes averted"
  • Lost - Sylvan
    "Patient silence filled the air that day So ominous but known And as usual all those lovers just made their farewells But then they never came back home Lost salvation - never again Tearing you apart Lost"
  • Lost - Circle II Circle
    "You followed me through changes Thinking things could work out fine I was in need of rescue On that cold forsaken night I was the only one in the way Sinking into a deep divide Seeing through to the outside Was"

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