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  • Dandy Warhols Lou weed
    "Well baby just look at LouYeah you do what you want to doAnd nothing less for youWell whatever will get you throughNow satan you seem like a typical dudeWhen you notice I'm stayin' and starin' at youAnd"
  • Greg Laswell Worthwhile
    "Mary, do what you can Do get me out of this And I'll make it worth your while Hey Tori, all of your stories Make more sense these days And I never wanted them To be worth my while I'll stand still Go"
  • T.I. Why I'm Serious (Interlude)
    "Interlude God Damn It We Take This One From Where I'm From West Side ATL West Side Bankhead To Be Exact We Gone Ride It Own To The Swats Cantler RD Okay On Throught Simpson Road South Side College Park Hit"
  • Elvis Presley New Orleans
    "(Tepper - Bennett) You'll never know What heaven means Until you've been down to New Orleans You ain't been livin' till you cuddle and coo With some black-eyed baby by de old bayou You've never seen You've"
  • Karel Gott Nechtel bych (Jambalaya)
    "A nechtl bych nikdy bt v ki strce, po kterm jednou pr vechno zddm. Nechtl bych nikdy mt o chlup vce, ne-li kos, nebo dva za den snd. A nechtl bych, nechtl bych boty v laku, Nechtl bych zsobu blch lmc. Nechtl"
  • Jiri Korn Hotel Ritz (Puttin' on the Ritz)
    "Jak jsem et, ve svt velkm,velk svt se vejde celkemjako nicdo hotelu Ritz.Tam jde lord na sklenku ren,Mister Ford a velkoknny,chrt i pic?Do hotelu Ritz.Magnti i hvzdy z hollywoodumockrt si tu ekli: How"
  • Hank Williams III Louisiana Stripes
    "I got the Louisiana Stripes, and their always chainin' me down I'm in debt for 99 years for shootin' my wife to the ground Well she had to love my friend, and that's not right with me So I grabbed"
  • Hank Williams Sr. Louisiana Stripes
    "I got the Louisiana Stripes, and their always chainin' me down I'm in debt for 99 years for shootin' my wife to the ground Well she had to love my friend, and that's not right with me So I grabbed my"
  • Claude King When It's Springtime In Alaska
    "I mushed from Point Barron through a blizzard of snow Been out prospecting for two years or so Pulled into Fairbanks the city was a boon So I took a little stroll to the Red Dog Saloon As I walked through"
  • Chingy We Do
    "I do ride bently's and coupes. But i dont give away all my looks trip over a silly tramp i dont ride less than twenty inches i wont. But i do know this may be a single when i walk my chains on so it my"
  • Chingy I do
    "{intro}Chingy, track stars dirty, well i got a caprice on 24's, i got aRange rover with spinners. i got an imparler with beat lets go.{chrous (x2)}I do ride bentleys and coupes,But i don't give away all"
  • Nyce Nuttin I Can B Selfish
    "chorus im calling i can b selfish out 2 no mor money i cant help it all da yea i can b selfish all da ladies no money i can b selfish ur dummie yes no mor frum nyce g.killah and cobra no more money frum us"
  • Yung Prince Big Hammers
    ""Chorus" I got big hammers I ain't talkin bout da fixin tool! but den again diz might fix ya whole mine dude! I roll deep wit at least about 30 goons! we'll leave yo ass in a muta fuckin swimming pool!"
  • TomB Palimy scenę (feat. Blejk, Koldi, prod. Lanek)
    "Palimy scenę brat, patrz jak się wiezie trap, Każdy jeden laps będzie to na CD miał, Pora ustawić tą grę, schodzi z drogi nam, Każdy marny pion (swag) /3x Twoje słowa mam dość, moje słowa #gun top Jestem"
  • Young Jeezy Streets On Lock 
    "Ay.Ay.Ay.Chea.Ay .Ay. Lets get it These niggas just hating they aint talking bout shit Im a grown ass man I flip my own brick I dont need yo help I can own my own dick Aint no motherfucker help me"
  • Ebony Eyez In Ya Face (Remix)
    "Ebony Eyez - It's Time for the remix, Ebony Eyez, My Girl Trina, Now this is what a trackboys beat sounds like baby... Ebony Eyez - Now this the part where we break it down Trina - gon and break it down Ebony"
  • Do Or Die Fantasy
    "(chorus) I wish I could fly away from here unto a place for You and me relax ya mind relax ya mind and I will fulfill your fantasy. (Belo) Well I want to be ya fantasy but I got to keep it real"
  • Rich Boy Throw Some D's On It (Remix)
    "(chorus1) kanye got stacks yall already kno that louis that gucci this just got a model chick (throw some d's on that bitch) just got a stripper chick (throw some d's on that bitch) somethin feel different (kanye) cute"
  • Candy Hill Juicy
    "I kno you gon dig this (Hook) Hit em off wit a little bit (oh) Came back wit a little bit (wee) Got the hot boy all afta me (y) That J-U-I-C-Y That J-U-I-C-Y (Casha D) Late night or the morning time it's"
  • Candy Hill The Car Song
    "(Intro:) Yo Turn My Music Up, Up Some More, Up Some More, Up A Little Bit More (Verse 1: Casha D) Hop Up In My Ride And Lets Go Deepa. Tell Me Do U Like It Fast Or Slow And Do U Want Ya Seat Up. Beside"

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