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love affair

  • Magical Love Affair - Magic Affair
    "Mystical, magical Mystical, magical Mystical, magical, mystical, magical Mystical, magical, mystical, magical Oh yeah Life with me could be so fine Especially when my love for you is on my mind"
  • Love Affair - Pepper
    "If you got a problem with your love affair, If you got a problem with your love affair, Cry to someone who cares but don't cry to me! Hours are spent, then it history, And my girl loves her insecurities. I"
  • Love Affair - Toni Braxton
    "I feel before we go any further I think that I should let you know I've got a boyfriend And I would hate to do Anything to hurt him So my loyalty I'll show Don't wanna cheat on him Never been the kind"
  • Love Affair - Olive
    "When you find someone to make your dream They respond with loving care His reluctance to contrive his life Her apparent debonair In the wake of what she called her right Here was something they could"
  • Love Affair - Sarah Sadler
    "You are the stars, You are the air... Everything I am All the things I'm not Lie out of my reach Inside Your hands You love me well You let me know In words You say In words You don't Chorus: Do You"
  • Love Affair - Regina Spektor
    "There was a love affair in this building The kind of love affair Which every respectable building must Keep as a legend Slowly festering through an innocent ''"By the way"'' or ''"Have you heard"'' He"
  • Love Affair - Erasure
    "It's not just a love affair, it's all or nothing do i bet it all on love?, or change and freak out? when the chances come my way will they up and dissappear? will it ever go my way? or am i out of here? there'll"
  • Love affair - Kylie Minogue
    "Here in the moment I belongIn a waking dreamhe night is youngBut isn't longIf you know what I meanOh it's beautifulThe thought of what might beClose your eyes so you can seeI am only here for a little"
  • This Love Affair - Gloria Gaynor
    "This Love Affair Gloria Gaynor (Gloria Gaynor / Connie Johnson, Jr. / Al Stewart) (Check it out, check it out, this love affair) (Check"
  • Strong Love Affair - Charles Ray
    "(William "Billy" Osborne) As I sit around, watchin' the rain come down It puts me in the mood It reminds me of, the first time I met you, girl And I hear the rain on the windowpane And it brings back memories Of"
  • Reckless Love Affair - Wanda Jackson
    "Now we're the victims of a reckless love affair We met by chance we were both feeling blue I belong to him she belongs to you We knew it was wrong but we didn't care Now we're the victims of a reckless"
  • Our Love Affair - Frank Sinatra
    "Our love affair will be such fun, We'll be the envy of everyone, The famous lovers, we'll make them forget, >From Adam and Eve, to Scarlett and Rhett. When you have had its merry fling, We'll spend our"
  • Interstate Love Affair - Night Ranger
    "Let's go Head out on the highway Where there's room to move I'm a fast boy in a bad car I got it all I've got nothing to lose Interstate love affair (x4) Run with our passions We'll race with our eyes Can't"
  • Passing Love Affair - Jean Shepard
    "Be sure before you say I love you that no other love you share I love too deep to have your thanks dear am I just a passing love affair Don't feel my hopes and watch them tumble tell me how much you really"
  • English Love Affair - 5 Seconds Of Summer
    "It started on a weekend in May I was looking for attention needed intervention Felt somebody looking at me With a powder white complexion feeling the connection The way she looked was so ridiculous Every"
  • Skinhead Love Affair - Bad Manners
    "i met her at a ballroom gig she said my braces were to big i said "i like your 2tone clothes" she said "i like you're broken nose" i bought her alot of drinks that night she bought me nothing but a fight she"
  • Caffeine Love Affair - Slaves On Dope
    "I have always compromised...buried me with all my lies... You belong to something else...that isn't tainted or pre-mediTATED!!! (chorus:) QUIET!!!DON'T TELL ANYONE!!! It's just a'll never"
  • Cheap Love Affair - Bill Monroe
    "Cheap Love Affair - Bill Monroe Don't go so far away love, try to settle down For losing you would be more than I could bear Tho' I'm tied to another, I hope someday she'll set me free For I don't want"
  • Our Love Affair - Judy Garland
    "Here we are, two very bewildered people Here we are, two babes that are lost in the wood We're not quite certain what has happened to us This lovely thing that's so marveluos But right from here, the future"
  • Foreign Love Affair - Hank Locklin
    "I wonder how many poor boys like me are still in love with a foreign memory And how many poor girls are waiting over there With their hearts tied to a foreign love affair Foreign love affairs distant lands"

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