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love hours nazaret

  • Hours - TV On The Radio
    "You walked around Thought yourself beautiful Just too bad they stare, just too bad they stare Broke up your crown Called you unusable See how well you fare Stole underground To kick your heart around Banished"
  • 24 Hours - Andrea Corr
    "I see your eyes remember You know this song And I try to see your picture But that's your song with somebody else You know I love inside your head Cos I can't be there You're a mystery Intrigueing me great And"
  • 24 Hours - Real McCoy
    "24, 24, 24 hours The city doesn't sleep, 7 days a week 24, 24, 24 hours We're leaving on a fast plane 24 hours, 24 hours 7 days a week 24 hours, 24 hours I'm leaving on a fast plane Dowtown, entertainment,"
  • Sweet Hours - Beth Rowley
    "Hours please be kind to me today Pass by quickly let my mind drift away But when in a lover's arms I fall I ask that you will tick no more 'Cause these are the hours I've been waiting for So, please, my"
  • 24 Hours - Betty Boo
    "I always knew No matter what you say or do Right by your side I keep you satisfied Other girls can stare And try to catch you if they dare Mondays, Tuesdays You're always working overtime But Fridays,"
  • 48 Hours - Blue System
    "This world is a burning fire - everybody pays his price You can't stop my desire - I'm the pirate of your paradise I know heaven is forever - I can't stop, babe loving you Here I dance on heavy weather"
  • 24 Hours - Terry Poison
    "There's somewhere plotting with Kimberly She's been abducted, baby, by the aliens, baby Oh, honey, we go way back It's only you and me here, now initially here Now I want you on the run again Twenty-four"
  • 10000 Hours - Justin Bieber, Dan + Shay
    "do you love the ring does it makes you dance when you’re drunk whit your friends at a party what’s your favorite song does it make you smile? do you think of me? when you close your eyes tell me what"
  • 1000 Hours - Green Day
    "Starlit night The moon is shining bright You are the one I need Up at your window I see a shadow Silhouette of your grace Here's this flower I picked for all the hours That you've spent with me The one"
  • 10 Hours - Warren Barfield
    "There's ten hours between us tonight And I feel like my heart will break Cause it's been way too long Since I've last seen your face What I'd give if you were here with me now And I was lost in your touch If"
  • 24 Hours - Shawn Mendes
    "All it’d take is 24 hours Sign the check and the place is ours It’s a little soon but I wanna come home to you I don’t know how this will go I promise that i’ll love you so I’;ll bet it all on me and"
  • 20 Hours - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    "Left a flower in the spring You know that Im coming back All the moments you were mine I dont know what has become of you But I know whats left All the love you held inside Beyond the stars theres no"
  • 24 Hours - The Sounds
    "Fragile, handle with careYou fall in love then you lose your headFor the last 24 hours,Well I've been crying my heart outThis time hoping for the betterBeen down seems like foreverFor the next 24 hoursWell"
  • 37 Hours - Kristin Hersh
    "By now, I should know where you're going By now I should but I don't You're better off wherever you are off to Agile or stoned By now, I should wake you when I'm hungry Right now I should but I'm not We"
  • 24 Hours - Hush
    "Verse 1 I take a deep breath and unload every thought Everything I've ever known anything I was taught When I think I'm on a roll I have to slow down 'cause my words get ahead of myself I know how"
  • Sadist Hours - Fear My Thoughts
    "I let you feel my might You shall do as I told I bring you under control My will shall be yours And in the end - you're going to see I do it for you - and not for me I love to see Love to see you crawl I"
  • 53 Hours - Exit
    "your words seem so vague from hot lips, from your cold lips mostly forgetting more than just the topic melting eyes losing sight and breaking away fighting a memory of the touch my eyes catching hold and"
  • After Hours - Swing Out Sister
    "Speak to me with your sweet voice And take me through another night Speak to me with your sweet voice And I will surely be alright If I can close my eyes without a fear Speak to me with your sweet voice Near Hold"
  • After Hours - Caribou
    "And you and I will follow down the street And when the rivers end into the sea While I remember what you mean to me And you and I, a spiral spinning round And standing in a circle on the ground I'll follow"
  • 24 Hours - Joy Division
    "So this is permanence - love's shattered pride What once was innocence, turned on its side Grey cloud hangs over me - marks every move Deep in the memory, what once was love Oh how I realised how"

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