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love is changing all the time

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love is changing all the time

  • Changing All The Time - Smokie
    "So you caught a glimpse of someone you once knew And you seem to find it hard to face the truth Oh Oh, but that don't make it right To be wantin' me tonight When your thoughts on love keep changing all"
  • Changing All The Time - Peter Frampton
    "Frampton/Savigar 1993 Almo Music Corp Comboplate Music Kevin Savigar Music (ASCAP) You're doing what you think is right Yeah, like it's black and white Then you're not so sure 'Cause everything's changing"
  • Changing Me - Everman
    "Stumbling like a beast of burden Bowed beneath a heavy load Time is short and the journey urgent My future is bought and sold Kind eyes are looking closely Examining my broken will But I'm not so sure"
  • Changing Heart - The Byrds
    "(Gene Clark) You can tell a changin' heart Two faces smile and yet there is no joy They look for wealth no matter what the cost To someone else that they might just destroy So many people gather round A"
  • The world is changing hands - The Kinks
    "There is a war going on, A Spiritual change, There is a world going wrong, Don't ya wanna run away and hide, And it seems so hard. We're on a psychic battlefield, Fighting for our souls, To make us free,"
  • Changing Face - Comeback Kid
    "What have you become? Now you fight a losing war. I look at this and it's all a mess. Seems like anything that's real, I just can't see. I can't see the truth in you. I can't see the real in you. Show"
  • My Voice Is Changing - Arrogant Worms, The
    "Arrogant Worms, The C'est Cheese My Voice Is Changing Last night when i went to bed With tangled hair upon my head In every way i really was a kid It happened without warning When i woke up in the morning I"
  • My Voice Is Changing - The Arrogant Worms
    "Last night when I went to bed With tangled hair upon my head In every way I really was a kid It happened without warning When I woke up in the morning I can't tell you just what happened but it did"
  • The changing of times - Underoath
    "Never expected it to arrive so soonBut as the night drifted onIt came time to say goodbyeTurning your back and walking awayThis cold winter morning is all that remainsWhy couldn't you tell me to my faceInstead"
  • Jah is changing all - Sohne Mannheims
    "Don't let your head hang down child walk your walk and stand up tall for the weather might not stay this mild cause jah is changing all fall into the arms of your creator when the gates open for you onehundretandfortyfourthousand"
  • My Ever Changing Moods - The Style Council
    "Daylight turns to moonlight - and I'm at my best Praising the way it all works - gazing upon the rest The cool before the warm The calm after the storm I wish to stay forever - letting this be my food But"
  • I Got Somebody Else (Featuring Changing Faces) - Changing Faces
    "I got somebody, I got some I got somebody, I got some I got somebody, I got some I got somebody, I Was a fool to let you in After all the things you did to me, I wasn't happy, oh You held me open like"
  • Changing Ending Troubling Times - Prong
    "Changing ending troubling times a bomb left on your door Causing great discomfort as your house has just exploded The rivers overflowing and the dimming of the sun The hazardous carcinogens, the poisons"
  • Nothing Is Changing - Sleeper
    "pistol shot and lights at dawn and one fine day you'll find her gone all the ghosts they come for me make her cry a little and cover them up broken clocks and bathroom tides but one fine day old mountains"
  • Ever Changing Times - Aretha Franklin feat. Michael McDonald
    "These are ever changing times I see that clock upon the wall, but it don't bother me at all These are ever changing times And me, ever changing time Everything is going so much faster, it seems like I'm Watching"
  • Ever Changing Times - Aretha Franklin
    "It's an ever changing time I see, that clock upon the wall Well it don't bother me at all It's an ever changing time And me, ever changing time Everything is going so much faster It seems like I'm Watching"
  • Lights Are Changing - Baby Woodrose
    "Too many people don't know how to set free They're spending all their lives buying all kinds of shit they don't need If you know what I mean But the lights are changing Now is the time There is not a doubt"
  • Things are changing - Sprung Monkey
    "Another year is passing, Another year is changing Was it just numbered time? And as the winter thaw sets in And we prepare for spring time As we hold our children so tight And now the sun is out The ice"
  • This Changing Light - Deacon Blue
    "Lead voc: Choir: So maybe you`re standing In some foreign town You`ve walked for miles Till the heat slows you down And your jeans and your curls Are bleached And split And"
  • Never Changing Love - Shanice
    "Ooh Hoooohoohooh Come a little closer Rest your head on my shoulder Let me reassure you That I'm here to stay Always 'cause we are livin' in a world Where hearts change just like the weather But I'll"

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