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love is love war is war


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love is love war is war

  • War Is Love - The Blue Nile
    "On through the light I'm crying for her Come on get it right, yeah And answer my prayers War is love, when love, when love breaks down War is love, when love, when love weighs down All the years alone Did"
  • Love Is War - Bon Jovi
    "Load your guns, take sides Raise your flag, 'cause baby, love is war Hey baby, what ever happened to the girl next door If I remember, she looked a lot like you Whatever happened to the boy who said,"
  • Love Is War - Scorpions
    "I'm a man Trying to understand The reason I'm lost in this world Tonight I was blind I just couldn't see the signs Caught in your web of lies It's too dark to sleep Too late to pray Too hard to reach Too"
  • War War War - Yellowman
    "Yo! This is king Yellowman. Originale dancehall dadda from Jamaica. Fire! War war war (say) no more war tell me why the hell onoo fighting for? No bother with no fuss no bother with no fight tell"
  • War - Joan Osborne
    "Chorus: War What is it good for? Absolutely nothing War, it ain't nothing but a heartbreaker Friend only to the undertaker War means tears To thousands of mothers' eyes When their sons go out to fight And"
  • War - Bruce Springsteen
    "War hu yeah what is it good for absolutely nothin. war hu yeah what is it good for absolutely nothin say it again y'all. war hu good god what is it good for absolutely nothin listen to me war I despise"
  • War - Edwin Starr
    "War, huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing Uh-huh War, huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing Say it again, y'all War, huh, good God What is it good for Absolutely nothing Listen"
  • War - Goo Goo Dolls
    "Love Look at the two of us Drifting apart it seems Caught in a lonely dream Now Twisted and torn again Out on the edge we've been Can you just pull me in? And fear begins to cloud your face And common"
  • War - Tori Amos
    "And he knows a light won't stay lit The lion's flown the nest For his love is gone that he gave her There's always one droplet But you forget I'm not your daughter Nor will I wear your mother's dress So"
  • War - Magic
    "(*talking*) This organization was built on me What I put together, that no man come in between I am the foundation, and I will weather the storm You don't wanna go to, you don't wanna go to You don't"
  • War - Memphis Bleek
    "Yeah! yeah! Right back niccas huh?! Yeah that bounce we need, ya know Marcy where we at huh? Right here Let me hear some new shit, yeah niggaz Just Blaze you a muhfucker wit these beats boy Let me hold"
  • War - K CAMP
    "Yeah Mama, are you proud? Mama, are you proud of me? Daddy, are you proud of me? Fans, are you proud of me? Tell me, is you proud of me? Mama, are you proud of me? Daddy, are you proud of me? (Is you"
  • War - Terror Squad
    "[ VERSE 1: Triple Seis ] Yo, I'ma lay the law with A.K.'s or metaphors Make way for the ghetto roar, these days I set it off Y'all hardcore, that's why I batter you all Shatter they jaw, batter the core"
  • War - JT Money
    "Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh (that right) Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh (Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh) JT Money, God dammit Bout time, spin this bitch (Niggaz waitin on yo muh'fuckin ass, let's ride) (Hook) x4 Heychayaya, heychayaya,"
  • Love & war - Dilated Peoples
    "Young buck in the gamestarted off hardheaded stuck in my waybut things change, and days turn to nightsand the nights are cold if your people ain't rightI'll squad it straight, split up the cake in three"
  • Love Is - Dub War
    "so what you got 2 give this is what you made it i'm stepping from this trip no more do i need it sharks and there's fishes in the sea i don't want no other fish there's only one for me yeh love is here"
  • Love Is Better Than War - Television Personalities
    "There's one thing that makes you feel so good But I know that love can be misunderstood But love is so magical and there's one thing for sure I know that love is better than war Love can take you to the"
  • Love is just a war - Vanilla Ninja
    "1. 5 am Empty town No one's here who help me out now Where am I I call your name I wondering to feel the same It's so cold ref. Love is just a war without you I'm going under Never through this world could"
  • War Is Over - The Kinks
    "Old soldiers talk about the battles fought To build a better world for me and you. They sacrificed their lives to make a dream come true. Now they're forgotten men remembered by so few. But the war"
  • Love And War - Drowning Pool
    "Promise that you always will Candle lit on a window sill You know that I'll be coming home You know I never wanted to go away But what am I suppose to say When I hear the sound of the trumpets call Who"

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