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love is my life queen

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love is my life queen

  • Love Of My Life - Queen
    "Love of my life - you hurt me, You broken my heart and now you leave me. Love of my life can't you see, Bring it back, bring it back, Don't take it away from me, because you don't know, what it means to"
  • Queen - Jessie J
    "stop playing with your body, lady stop feeling like you’re not enough stop feeding into the haters stop and give yourself some love stop starting at the mirror getting faded saying you won’t fall in love stop"
  • Life is real - Queen
    "Guilt stains on my pillow Blood on my terraces Torsos in my closet Shadows from my past life is real Life is real, life is real, so real Sleeping is my leisure Waking up in a minefield Dream is just a"
  • March Of The Black Queen - Queen
    "Do you mean it, do you mean it, do you mean it? Why don't you mean it? Why do I follow you, and where do you go? Ah ah ah... You've never seen nothing like it No never in your life Like going up to"
  • Queen In Love - Yngwie Malmsteen
    "It was you, it was me, And we would last forever. Any fool could see, that we were Meant to be Without you, there is no meaning to My life. You're gone and it cuts me like A knife. How could you leave"
  • The Queen Is Dead - The Smiths
    "( Oh! Take me back to dear old Blighty, Put me on the train for London Town, Take me anywhere, Drop me anywhere, Liverpool, Leeds or Birmingham 'Cause I don't care, I should like to see my... I don't bless"
  • Queen Bee - Glenn Kaiser
    "Up this mornin' goin' to New York City Comin through my second cup Got nothin' but respect for my sweet home darlin' Always puts the cream in my stuff She blesses me so that I just can't stand it I know"
  • Queen Wasp - Misfits
    "go, go, go, go vampire girl's gonna strike to kill gonna kiss your vertebrae with the kiss of poisoned love well, i'm a king and you're a queen queen wasp go dive in warrior wasps queen wasp go go, go,"
  • The Queen - Mo Thugs
    "Krayzie Bone: It's the Queen (that's the Queen, it's the Queen), yeah, the Queen has arrived. She's collecting all the royalties. It's the Queen (that's the Queen, it's the Queen), she's devoted to thugs,"
  • Bandit queen - Looptroop
    "Ey yo bust it: When the police come yo she ready for whatever Never talk to the cops cus she got her mind together A down to earth mother earth living at the speed of life she don't need a ring to be my"
  • Indian Queen - ELO
    "Whooo-oo-Whoooo This is my life I don't feel whole every night I hear love, crying down on love so bright Tell me to hear (I feel so good) How can you tell (I do believe) It's just so real (I really"
  • Indian Queen - Electric Light Orchestra
    "Whooo-oo-WhooooThis is my life I don't feel whole every nightI hear love, crying down on love so brightTell me to hear (I feel so good)How can you tell(I do believe)It's just so real(I really know)I want"
  • Backstage Queen - Scorpions
    "(Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine) Hey little Donna, sweet little Donna I know You wanted my love and I gave it to you. Hey little Donna, sweet little Donna you know Goodbye is hello, 'cos I'm on the road. Take"
  • Slumber Queen - Veda Hille
    "there was a woman no head of her own her body was soft her bed was stone twist up the rags for her alone we are all awkward in this world unkown she had fell to sleep obscene as if her life had never been twist"
  • River Queen - Volbeat
    "Saw an angel been nailed to the cross Down the dim river side A woman cry be with me into the end of the light Born a river queen to grace for land and hope Laying on silver stones To give to the poor But"
  • Prom Queen - Lil Wayne
    "I love the fancy underwear I sit behind her every year Waitin' for the chance to get To tell her Im the one she should be with ouw! Shes popular with all the guys So innocent in my eye I could see her"
  • Evil Queen - Camie Gordon Lowrey, Sara Thomas, Rachel Quaintanes & Jody Fleischer
    "(Marjoly) I am mightier than the god The devil is my slave More beautiful than the goddess I put her face to shame Oh look at me, what do you see? There's no one greater than me I'm the queen, the best"
  • The March Of The Black Queen - Queen
    "(Mercury) Do you mean it Do you mean it Do you mean it Why don't you mean it Why do i follow you and where do you go You've never seen nothing like it no never in your life Like going up to heaven and"
  • Drama Queen - Vanessa Petruo
    "She is so drama She is so drama, they say, when they pass my way Even my own mama, She smiles at me, when I go insane, People like it formal, Breathing in a row, how do they dont know For me lifes normal,"
  • King & Queen - Ciara
    "(Intro - T.I.) Ay, ay, ay! Now listen to me for a minute. Ay, ay, ay! Can ya hear me? (Ciara) Yeah, yeah, ye-ah! La-la-la-la-la-la-la! Ha ha ha, yeah, ye-ah! La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la! Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh,"

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