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love live john mamann

  • Love Life (ft. Kika) - John Mamann
    "Si tu tombes beaucoup trop bas, Si tu perds confiance tourne-toi vers moi, Feel the wind blow softly through my hair, I'm invincible whenever you are there, Et comme un défi, tu te lèves pour aimer la"
  • John Lennon - Arkells
    "Head on the wall And my piss hardly makes the stall And this time it's not an act This time I swear it's fact Now I ramble on About that girl who's gone And I tried teaching her guitar Now she's standing"
  • John Sinclair (Live) - John Lennon
    "It ain't fair, John Sinclair In the stir of breathing air Won't you care for John Sinclair? In the stair of breathing air. Let him be, set him free Let him be like you and me. They give him ten for two What"
  • John - Talk Show
    "I sit at home 'cause i'm able I sing out loud but complain in the same old way I shake the tree of a table She sells me lies but she sings on anyway I live alone at the stable Betting twice 'cause"
  • John - Zagi
    "Why do we say goodbyes? if our hearts are ten steps behind us? Why do we feel so empty? 'cause we're finally free, but sadly so lonely I am not gonna be something you'd like to see things that scare"
  • John Henry (Live) - Pete Seeger
    "John Henry was about three days old, sittin' on his papa's knee. He picked up a hammer and a little piece of steel; said, 'Hammer's gonna be the death of me, Lord, Lord. Hammer's gonna be the death of"
  • I May Again Know John - John Frusciante
    "If nothing else, Imaginations meet Oooooo Imaginations (?) Yeaaaahhh Love me Yeeeeaaahhhh (?) I thought of life Ohhhhhh (?) Ohhhhhh I Ooooooo I waited (?) ahhh And I make Yeahh hey Oooh yea And I make I"
  • Forgive Me, John - Jean Shepard
    "[ duet with Ferlin Husky ] Forgive me John but I don't love your brother I realize now that you're the only one Write and tell me dear that you'll still have me if I am blue the awful wrong I've done I've"
  • John Deux Trois - Of Mice & Men
    "I've said it once or twice, I'm coming down to show you the way to live with my hand. Inner me, I know you are killing me from inside. You can laugh, you can laugh but don't waste my time. You pessimistic,"
  • John Wayne Walking Away - Lari White
    "(austin cunningham/jerry boonstra/doak snead) What do you want me to say What coice do I have anyway I'll have to live with the fact That when you leave you won't look back While I die inside with every"
  • Livin Like John Travolta - Cledus T. Judd
    "Parody of "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin (Robbie Rosa/Desmond Child), Warner/Timberlane/A Phantom Vox Publishing (BMI)/Universal Music Publishing Group (BMI) New lyrics & music by Cledus T. Judd/Chris"
  • More About John Henry - Tom T. Hall
    "(The Storytellers and I were doin' a show down in Meridian, Mississippii And these friends of mine came up And brought me this real old book about John Henry And they told me if they let me read this old"
  • John Allyn Smith Sails - Okkervil River
    "By the second verse, dear friends My head will burst, my life will end So I'd like to start this one off by saying ''"Live and love"'' I was young and at home in bed, I was hanging on the words some poem"
  • The Death Of John Smith - NOFX
    "I've got respect from the community I've got my bridge game to look forward to I've got this chance, a golden opportunity As long as I keep doing what I'm supposed to You see my wife and kids, they"
  • Long Live Love - Olivia Newton-John
    "Long, long live love Love is to care Caring and sharing Long, long live love All the kids like ten tin soldiers in a row Followed hand in hand Sister Anna carrying the banner for the Sally Annie band Singing"
  • Long live love - Olivia Newton John
    "Long, long live love, love is to careCaring and sharing, long, long live loveAll the kids like ten tin soldiers in a row, followed hand in handSister Anna carrying the banner for the Sally Annie BandSinging"
  • John Doe - Testament
    "He died on thorazine Lost life and any hopes Laid him down on a bed of steel Laid downtown at the city morgue John Doe... a man haunted by his past John Doe... his lost soul will never rest He was raised"
  • Saint John - Sailor
    "The Bousbir of Casablanca... The Casbah of Algiers... Even the Barrio Chino of Barcelona Could only boast of second place Next to you... The harbour of the world The secrets of a girl The labours of a"
  • John Law - Dropkick Murphys
    "Now let me tell you about a man named John Law He's a neighborhood cop the toughest man I ever saw A man who knows his duty, a man with a gun To the people in the neighborhood John Law is number one Freeze,"
  • John Daniel - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) John Daniel came to town one summer afternoon Wearin' dirty work clothes so everyone presumed He was just another logger from the loggin' camp nearby And he was, but there was somethin'"

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