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love never felt sa good

  • Never Felt Love - Little Big Town
    "I've seen it come and I've watched it go The ins and outs and the highs and lows Well, I gave my heart and I paid the cost For the loves I made, there were friends I lost At the point I'd almost had enough Like"
  • Fallin' Never Felt So Good - Chesnutt Mark
    "Chesnutt Mark Miscellaneous Fallin' Never Felt So Good There's a photo in my baby book Of the first step that I ever took I ended up on my butt with a puzzled look Ever since I've been kinda confused When"
  • Felt So Good - Kiley Dean
    "Ooh, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I've been in love but never before Knew love like this still exists Passion holds me, pleasure fills me Whenever you come around My feet don't touch the ground Suspended"
  • Never Felt This Way - Alicia Keys
    "Ohh, Ohh There will never come a day, You will never hear me say, That I want, Or need to be without you, I wanna give my all...(piano) Baby just hold me, Simply control me Because your arms, They"
  • Love Never Felt So Good (ft. Justin Timberlake) - Michael Jackson
    "Dancin' Let me see you move, come on Dancin' Let me see you move Baby, love never felt so good And I doubt if it ever could Not like you hold me, hold me Oh baby, love never felt so fine And I doubt if"
  • Never Felt Better - Barnabas
    "Barnabas Miscellaneous Never Felt Better Some people call us wolves in sheep's clothing They don't like the kind of music we play "Dropped out of school, a pack of lazy young fools They haven't even combed"
  • Way I Felt - Trina
    "Sumtimes you never know how hard it is to say some shit until you the one saying it. I wish I had da strength to say this to you face to face, but I don't, but I know you'll be listening. Now wats da"
  • Never Felt Love Like This - Ive Mendes
    "Never felt love like this Never felt like this before Never felt love like this Never felt love like this You changed my life in seconds The day I met you The day I found you, only you Made seasons change In"
  • Rock'n roll never felt so good - GWAR
    "I met her at a donkey show. She was minutes past thirteen. Sucking on a cherry yoo-hoo. Reading "Nugget" magazine.Cum splattered tube-top. Scrawny pre-pube tits. That's when I saw she was quadraplechick."
  • Hope It Felt Good - NIKKA COSTA
    "Y'all know my steelo What if I was the one to leave your sorry ass behind What if all these tears that're falling were yours instead of mine What if I was proof? all the wiser by the minute What if I"
  • Never Felt This Way - Brian McKnight
    "There will never come a day, you'll ever hear me say that I want, and need to be without you. I wanna give my all. Baby just hold me, simply control me. Cause your arms, they keep away the lonelies. When"
  • Never Felt So Alive - Kim Wilde
    "Why do I seem to confuse you Do I lose you Do I really look so strange A woman alone is a danger Is a stranger She is better off in chains Oh, how can it be you're happier now Don't you feel half of you"
  • Never Felt Like This - Jo O'Meara
    "Oh I Can Do Never Felt Like This With Anyone Before I Just Want To Jump Right In I Can't Stop - No, No Someones Touched My Heart And I Don't Feel Like I'm Drifting Anymore You Like Just What You"
  • Felt - Disciple
    "My soul finds rest in God aloneHe is my rock, my salvation, my fortress,I'll never be shaken my hope comes from HimYou are my God my soul thirsts for You in a land where there's no waterYour love's better"
  • Never Felt This Way (Interlude) - Alicia Keys
    "Huh, huh There will never come a day You will ever hear me say That I want or need to be without you I want to give my all Baby just hold me Simply control me Because your arms they keep away the lonelies When"
  • It Felt Like Love - Jo O'Meara
    "Oh Felt Like love Hey I Know its Wrong I'm Wide Awake But Your Talking To Straight To My Heart I Know In Life It Can Be Unfair And Its Tearing My World Apart But Baby You Can Call Anytime You Want"
  • Good Love - Anita Baker
    "Ah, many days it goes unspoken But this desire never seems to go away It's gonna take much more than hope to bring You close I think I'll pray I hear you say you've got got a lot to give up And there"
  • Good Love - Lucy Pearl
    "Good love will make you cry Good love will last until you die When I woke up this morning Autumn leaves just pass me by Saw this couple just crying And in my mind I wonder why I could tell it was"
  • I Felt The Luxury - Iggy Pop
    "She sat on the pavement As I pulled in the drive Wearing leopard skin velvet And shiny black eyes "She looks like a sleeper" Said my wife at the time She had curls like Delilah And a smile like the sun She"
  • The Way I Felt - Trina
    "verse' wun :: now whudsz' to talk' whid' de' presz' bout' ju && meh' faithfully datsz' whud' ju proclaimed' tew be' ju took' meh' out' fly triipsz' kept' chiicksz' jealousz' datsz' when ii REAllY diid'"

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