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love the coopers soundtrack

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love the coopers soundtrack

  • Coopers - Rancid
    "London you gonna find them New york, LA back to Kingston All i see is you fightin All i see is you fightin London you gonna find them New york, LA back to Kingston All i see is you fightin All i see is"
  • Soundtrack - Evita
    "I step off the train I'm walking down your street again And pass your door But you don't live there anymore It's years since you've been there Now you've disappeared somewhere Like outer space You've"
  • Sensation (Soundtrack Version) - The Who
    "While Tommy flies, the world is turning Life goes on for you and me Our chief concern is money earning Why can't someone set us free? Can't you feel him? Can't you feel him? Can't you feel him? Can't you"
  • Christmas (Soundtrack Version) - The Who
    "Did you ever see the faces of the children They get so excited Waking up on Christmas morning Hours before the winter sun's ignited They believe in dreams and all they mean Including heaven's generosity Peeping"
  • Soundtrack To Falling In Love - Charlie Winston
    "He : All of me You found your way to all of me And, helplessly, I've fallen like a child Hopelessly, I'm hoping you're the one for me You comfort me Withy every certain smile But we have only just begun Still"
  • Sweet November Soundtrack - Wave
    "Time has come, what's done is done It's time to move on To another place, another space, maybe circling some other sun Don't ask why, don't ask how I still can't explain To say goodbye, goodbye for now"
  • Soundtrack For Salvation - Nodes Of Ranvier
    "way to you. Salvation, Salvation. Ignore all my destiny. Signals are not clear. Go on the way I am burning pit of sin. I held no power on my knees as Your vision of change hung over me. Your light broke"
  • Chicago Soundtrack - Roxie - Chicago
    "The name on everybody's lips Is gonna be Roxie The lady rakin' in the chips Is gonna be Roxie I'm gonna be a celebrity That means somebody eveyone knows They're gonna recognize my eyes My hair, my teeth,"
  • Hope floats soundtrack - Sheryl Crow
    "Every night I dream you're next to meTenderlyYou say my nameYou stay close enough to keep me hereThen disappearWhen we're face to faceChorus:And if you carry me tonightI would be strong enough to fightAnd"
  • Together (Soundtrack Live) - Elisa
    "Together, here we are, we're boy and girl, we walk alone Together moving like clouds Together billions the soldiers of love in the dark Together till one will see the light All the way alone, alone, alone,"
  • The Waves (Soundtrack Live) - Elisa
    "I'll get away, get in the car I'll reach the shore before sunrise And I'll watch the moon and the stars I'll tell them everything about us I left last night and I reached the shore Trying to find everything"
  • Soundtrack To A Generation - The Human League
    "The smell of trees Can only be that way On a sunny day Floating through the open window To the cool inside Where we lay side by side How can anything we feel Ever mean so much As a summer love How can"
  • Sally Simpson (Soundtrack Version) - The Who
    "Outside the house Mr. Simpson announced That Sally couldn't go to the meeting He went on cleaning his black Rolls Royce And she ran inside weeping She got to her room and tears splashed the picture Of"
  • Speechless (From Life Soundtrack) - The Isley Brothers
    "Look into my eyes and see Everything you mean to me Oh, lady do you believe How can I express the way I dream about you night and day But I didn't prepare a speech La da da da da da La da da da da da Speechless See,"
  • The Soundtrack - Cage
    "This is the soundtrack to kill your stepfather Leave the faggot unconscious and douse him in Goldschlager Light the match, now kick him till he holler Kick him harder, he only had forty dollars Jump in"
  • Soundtrack to a generation - Human League
    "Floating through the open window. To the cool inside. Where we lay side by side. How can anything we feel. Ever mean so much. As a summer love? How can anything we need. Ever get in touch. With the meaning"
  • Tommy's Holiday Camp (Soundtrack Version) - The Who
    "Good morning, converts! I'm your brother Ernie and I welcome you to Tommy's Holiday Camp The camp with the difference Never mind the weather When you come to Tommy's, the holiday's forever Welcome! Get"
  • Soundtrack Of My Life - Deemi
    "No all star cast, no scripts, no budgets In the soundtrack of my life Just drugs and violence, sex and cryin' In the soundtrack of my life I'm like Halle in Monster's Ball, Jada in Set it Off In the soundtrack"
  • Soundtrack For Our Movie - Mae
    "I started to ache when I started to think of you. Wondering how long it would take before I step into something new. There's so much I can fake. There's only so much that I can prove. Well, do it in"
  • Hercules (Soundtrack English Version) - Ricky Martin
    "Once I dreamt that in some place I could be somebody if I able to love and I also dreamt that if I must triumph my grasped pride I'll have to overcome. One day I'll arrive it doesn't"

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