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love you goodbye

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love you goodbye

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love you goodbye
  • Negative Goodbye
    "We've been down We've been down all our lives We have seen so many ways So many ways So many ways that hurt inside I've got nothing left to say to you Goodbye Goodbye, my friend Goodbye Goodbye, my love Goodbye Goodbye,"
  • Audio Adrenaline Goodbye
    "You'll be fine tomorrow The sun will rise again It's never easy to say goodbye You know I'll always love you You know I always will Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye My old friend (My old friend) Goodbye, goodbye,"
  • Alabama Goodbye
    "Before I fly and wave goodbye I say to you, "Days with you Are the best years of my life" But if I don't see you anymore Keep my words safely stored And I'll be back I promise once more Goodbye, goodbye Till"
  • The Coral Goodbye
    "I, I look into her eyes Saw through her disguise But never realised That we were longing to be free Runaway to sea Well that could never be Goodbye don't say goodbye I'd rather die Than say goodbye Once"
  • Avril Lavigne Goodbye
    "Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye my love I can't hide, can't hide, can't hide what has come I have to go I have to go I have to go And leave you alone But always know Always know Always know that I love you"
  • Nicole Kidman Goodbye
    "Before i fly and wave goodbye,ill saver you.Days with you are the best years of my life.But if i dont see you anymore, keep my words safely stored and ill be back i promise,once more. Goodbye,goodbye,Till"
  • Helmet Goodbye
    "It can't be hard to find a way to make your mark Just light yourself on fire, I'll sound a smoke alarm Still life will pass you by You're gone without a trace Might slow down just enough To spit right"
  • Inna Goodbye
    "No one Cares Nobody's wrong, No one see I'm not so strong Everytime I hope I'm dreaming... I'm missing you... I'm touching you But you can't feel, I'm scream at you But you can't hear.. I just need to"
  • Vanessa Williams Goodbye
    "Look at your heart ache as you try tell me The love we made was not enough for you You're walking away from all that we dreamed of The things you say are leading to... Goodbye, goodbye You made you mind"
  • Tegan & Sara Goodbye
    "Okay you found me out Beyond without a doubt Your lie is safe with me A friend I'm sure you are And on this day so far A fallen hundred see Hello. It's where I've been So goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye Hello"
  • Michelle Shocked Goodbye
    "God be with you God be with you Adios Go with God All is well Safely rest Goodbye My dearly departed heart Lies in an unmarked grave You never called to say goodbye No stone no epitaph Here love once"
  • Grave Digger Goodbye
    "Forever you'll smyle Forever you'll breath Forever you'll live in my heart If I could rise... If I could fly... I would catch the stars from the sky... Goodbye my love, Goodbye my life, Goodbye my sweet"
  • Kate Ryan Goodbye
    "Visions about you bring tears to my eyes All that surrounds you were secrets and lies You were my strength you were my dream We were a perfect team Our love was stronger than the winds of time Could hold"
  • Mark Eitzel Goodbye
    "Seeing eye dog on the end of its leash Says, "How can you live without trust" It said, "Love fades like all things do Into dust into dust" It's all been said and done The whos and the whats and the whys And"
  • Fear Factory Goodbye
    "Written & composed by Phil Wilde & Kate Ryan Visions about you bring tears to my eyes All that surrounds you were secrets and lies You were my strength you were my dream We were a perfect team Our love"
  • Who Is Fancy Goodbye
    "I was a hot mess in my Sunday best Black tears in my eyes You were my first love, you were my only one I can't believe your lies Once we were like bottle rockets Now I know I have to stop it, Please believe"
  • Alien Ant Farm Goodbye
    "All that you so is steps above Anthing else we could dream of my tabloid girl, you miracle god's gift to earth but cynical wannabe's gather around you walking on eggshells behind you spit on your face"
  • Velasquez Regine Goodbye
    "Love, look what you've done You stole my heart While I was waiting But now that you're gone I guess I'll keep holding on to memories Longing to tell you All of my dreams With you beside me Wanting to hold"
  • Catherine Wheel Goodbye
    "someone said it's easy and as I sit here with my cup staring at it as if I'm some crazy poet when I'm not, I'm just a rock n' roll Joe with tales of woe and tears and fears it's only love that stops you"
  • Vanilla Sky Goodbye
    "If would be like followin a trend Calling you would make no sense If you don't care about december I tell you summer erases your name Usual session to drink alone Keep on smiling trying to be nice I will"

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