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loves me better

  • Who Loves You Better - Lyle Lovett
    "(Lyle Lovett) Late nights in musty motel rooms Stale lives left by someone else White lies I wish I could tell you And questions I ask of myself Why do I do the things that make me sorry Why do I do"
  • Better - Zayn Malik
    "Hope i only leave good vibes On your living room floor It hurt so bad that i didn’t when you asked for more Your dad probably loves me more then b ever did now Caus ei finnally got out Yaeh, we finnally"
  • She Loves Me - Nelson
    "I can't remember when I felt this good I'm crossin' my fingers I'm knockin' on wood Feeling richer than a poor boy should It's more than I deserve, and all because of her (cause) She loves me more than"
  • She loves me - Ricky Nelson
    "I can't remember when I felt this good I'm crossin' my fingers I'm knockin' on wood Feeling richer than a poor boy should It's more than I deserve, and all because of her (Cause) She loves me more than"
  • Nobody Loves Me - Limp Bizkit
    "Shut up I'm so sick of them deadlines I cannot stand why them maniacs are in them headlines And even though I don't' know ya Through my lyrics I'll show ya The sanity's over Cuz people say I'm bugged out It's"
  • She Loves Me - George Strait
    "Well now I can see your dancin every dance with her And it seems to me that your dancin much too close to her When you sat down at our table You sat next to her But I know that it's true She loves me,"
  • Jesus Loves Me - Rehab
    "Two, Three Don't try to be the best man, be the best that you can 'cause number one ain't nothing but the opinion of man and a man loves death and hate crime and pain and kids are into theft and long"
  • Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) ft. Jasmine Thompson - Felix Jaehn
    "Captured effortlessly That's the way it was It happened so naturally I did not know it was love The next thing I felt was you Holdin' me close What was I gonna do? I let myself go And now we're flyin'"
  • She Loves Me 4 Me - Prince
    "With this one I can b what I wanna b I don't have 2 live up 2 no one's fantasy I could write another 300 melodies 2 her it's just 3, cuz this one. She Loves Me 4 Me With this one I don't even have 2 comb"
  • Loves - Abba
    "Abba Miscellaneous Loves Sit down and listen 'cause I've got good news for you It was in the papers today Some physician had made a discovery This' what she had to say: (Oooh you know that) She said"
  • Everybody Loves Me, Baby - Don McLean
    "SPOKEN One, two, three, four! Fortune has me well in hand, armies 'wait my command My gold lies in a foreign land buried deep beneath the sand The angels guide my ev'ry tread, my enemies are sick or dead But"
  • She Loves Me Not - ForDireLifeSake
    "if your eyes could cry their color, i would save a tear to paint my most precious dreams. like fading stars falling in front of me, your selfish pride kills me inside. if your asking me to forget, i wont"
  • Loves Me Like A Brother - The Guess Who
    "She loves me like a brother When I'm standing by her side She loves me like a brother There's nothing that she won't confide. I been standing by, watching the young thing growing And quite frankly, I"
  • The Way She Loves Me - Richard Marx
    "Let me tell you 'bout The way she loved me Ooh, I want the world to know I'm crazy 'bout The way she loved me Ooh, I'm proud to let it show Yeah, yeah, yeah I'll have this feeling 'Till the day that I"
  • Love Me Better - James Blunt
    "People say the meaning things I’ve benn called a dick I’ve been called so many things I know I’ve done some shit that I admit deserves it But that, that don’t mean it doesn’t sting Saw you standing outside"
  • A Better Me - Poor Old Lu
    "This song is definitely one of the 'filler' tracks on the album. Never played in concert (that I can remember) and hardly ever mentioned by anyone. What is it's strong point (if any)? The bridge. This"
  • Somebody Loves You - Betty Who
    "Who's around when the days feel long Who's around when you can't be strong Who's around when you're losing your mind Who cares that you get home safe Who knows you can't be replaced Who thinks that you're"
  • Biz Loves Sluts - Riverboat Gamblers
    "Can you feel it kid? Can you feel the buzz and hype? You're like a fresh peace....so ripe. Come close your eyes and take me by the hand. It might feel kind of weird at first, but I promise not to get"
  • Misery Loves Company - Westworld
    "Looking for a light Just a little sunshine for my soul I'm sick of everything And I don't want to die here In this hole Oh no It's always give and take Mend and break put out the fires That's the way"
  • Loves Me Loves Me Not - Lucy Street
    "Ah aha ah aha ah aha If he told me in a letter I could read between the lines And if he whispered softly on the phone I could hear it in his voice But he won't tell me nothing That I already know And"

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