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  • Disko (Słowenia - Eurowizja 2022) - LPS
    "Bila sva v disku Ko je LPS igral Fičo spet je nekaj piskal Žvižej solo je zasral Takrat se mi je že zazdelo Da preveč ti gledaš stran Ta pogled, poln nezvestobe Že bil predobro mi je znan Ker gledam"
  • Elveszve - Junkies
    "Eladod magad, hogy meglegyen az adag gy sznesebb a vilg Kprzik a szemed s eldobod az agyad Bbor j szll le rd Kezedben ltod az utolsó lmod A fstje a fejedbe szllt Csak jrod az utad, a kurvkat nzed a limuzin"
  • Luminol - Steven Wilson
    "Here we all are Born into a struggle To come so far But end up returning to dust __ and tips his hat Lies is __ He has no truck with idle chat Not to be tie The songs he learned from scratched LPs Scop"
  • No More Gigs - Subhumans
    "In a smoke-filled room "How's it going then?" (Hahaha) It's not going at all We got no more gigs You always knew it could be better But you never thought it would end It only happens cos of other people All"
  • Apaixonada - Vanusa
    "At papai j sabe Que eu estou apaixonada O dia inteirinho Ando sonhando acordada Voc o motivo da minha transformao por sua causa Que eu no sei mais a lio Confesso eu estou Apaixonada, Apaixonada. Se"
  • Radio werewolfs - Babylon Whores
    "Tune on / Tune in / And drop out / Drenched in ye olde Teufelkunst / Licked from perditions mouth / With steel beacons high / Against the blood red sky / The pitchforks sing the lullaby And Ill say / I"
  • Radio Werewolf - Babylon Whores
    "Tune on Tune in And drop out Drenched in ye olde Teufelkunst Licked from perditions mouth With steel beacons high Against the blood red sky The pitchforks sing the lullaby And Ill say I wanna be alone"
  • Hey Joe - Vanusa
    "Hey Joe, Seja ao menos camarada Hey Joe, Eu tenho medo dessa estrada Eu tenho minha gente em casa esperando por mim Eu tenho minha gente em casa esperando por mim Hey Joe, Isso no brincadeira Hey Joe, Nós"
  • Espacial - Vanusa
    "Olha para o cu: tira teu chapu Pra quem fez a estrela nova - que nasceu Traz o teu sorriso novo espacial Pra quem fez a estrela artificial. Eu sei que agora a vida deixa de ser v Pois h mais luz na avenida E"
  • A Month Today - Ben Lee
    "Just 18 I've seen the world Done more than some their whole lives unfold Still at school just saving face But a month today I'll be leaving this place I've lived a million lives so far But I'm still"
  • You should have listened to al - Al Stewart
    "She said "Don't you think we're going downhill? And I would hate it to be run-of-the mill "Oh love me or leave me but please don't deceive me For if you do, I'll know, believe me I want you to know I don't"
  • Only Tools and Corpses - Gorerotted
    "Only tools and corpses in an easy game I find live people and I play with them I love a scaloel or a stitch or too And the way they cry as the needles pulled through I love operations and the beautiful"
  • Words of expectation - Fall
    "These are the words of expectationThese are the words of success, expectationFrom a pleasing mugFrom a pleasing panEvery now and then I would like to try something like thisIt is the modicum of my career"
  • Giorgio Successi - PUR
    "Frage: Lieber groer Giorgio Successi, du bist ja so berhmt kannst mir nich mal sagen wie man das macht ? Antwort: jeder will von mir das Erfolgsrezept wie man einen Hit neben den anderen setzt die Leute"
  • Tajkep csata utan - Jaromir Nohavica
    "Clozunk egymsra clozunk n s te. A csendet krttnk ugats bontja meg. A rten holt pillangók fekszenek. es esik a fejnkre, ketten maradtunk csak letben kik tlltk e szgyent. Clozunk egymsra clozunk n s te. a"
  • Maria Dama Da Noite - Vanusa
    "Maria dama da noite Teve um pesadelo Numa noite chuvosa Em que um anjo lhe dizia: "Tenha coragem, Pois a dor lhe espreita Numa dessas esquinas... No teu ventre, J se encontra teu filho amado Que reinar"
  • So Long, Mom (A Song For World War III) - Tom Lehrer
    "This year we've been celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the Civil War and the fiftieth anniversary of the beginning of World War I and the twentieth anniversary of the end of World War II so all"
  • Bitter Lemon - Alisha's Attic
    "You've listened to too many T-Rex LPs For me to think I could tame you You crave power, like women The next most beautiful one on the block Where the grass is greener, The grass is greener Then you"
  • In The Middle - Mat Kearney
    "I meant it all and every part And every word right from the start I'll never let this love fall in the middle 'Cause you know you broke the hardest part You know you broke the hardest heart I'll never"
  • Time Is The Cure - Ima Robot
    "You said I was the dirtiest man you'd ever met And then I told you I don't like your pets You moved in the next day and we made love Then you sneezed on my bed sheets and we laughed And you said, "I was"

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