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luba bratcy luba

  • Luba, the baroness - Joan Baez
    "Luba, it was only the finest wineMeans or no meansOnly the finest place to dineParis in the sixtiesYou had three sonsHandsome husband by your sideI flirted with everyoneYour husband, aging but vainWith"
  • Gdy luba zdradzi mnie - Biesiadne
    "Gdy luba zdradzi mnieW głębokie rzucam się fale,Bo bardzo lubię kąpać sięI pływam doskonale.Gdy luba zdradzi mnie,Z krócicy dwulufowejPalnę na wiwat, niech każdy wie,Żem chłopak romansowy!Gdy luba zdradzi"
  • Lube - The Anywheres
    "Waves of promise are spilling over out of the cauldron that you once spoke from now your words have become a jukebox the songs recycled you beg for quarters but I can't hear you you're too loud for"
  • 'between The Earth And The Sky' - Luba
    "Heaven hard to reach you with the ground beneath giving into somewhere under deep blue over land and sea we never knew a room with a view Oh, you and I between the earth and the sky Oh, you and I between"
  • 'even In The Darkest Moments' - Luba
    "we make our committments then forget what we have said we pledge our persistance and then we turn our heads this covenant is sacred when the vows come from the heart but can we promise to be faithful even"
  • 'how Many' - Luba
    "It has been raining for so long I have been praying for a break in the storm but in the thunder I hear your name and it takes me under underneath all this pain and I've got to get on with my life but I"
  • 'innocent (With An Explanation) - Luba
    "I with my hand in the air you with your suspicions swear guilt by association there is no justification no reason at all when you point the finger I take the fall I have walked the road with no deviation (always"
  • 'lay Down Your Love' - Luba
    "we have been stuck inside the same space yet all that we share is this cold war and there has got to be a better way to see to see eye to eye when we're not face to face trade our hostility in for humanity and"
  • 'strength In Numbers' - Luba
    "No man is an island yet we swim this sea alone trying to make it to shore on our own but we can be better we can better whatever we'll weather together you and I there's strength in numbers let's get together you"
  • 'take It Like A Woman' - Luba
    "words on my lips I try to fight them bitter and burning one spark can ignite them throws back his head and lights up a cigarette playing fire with fire I blaze into someone else as I say I don't mind been"
  • Too Much Of A Good Thing - Luba
    "no self control no moderation you see we're living in a world of instant gratification and when that door is open wide you can't help but step inside then you say you can't resist just a little piece of"
  • Wild Heart - Luba
    "I need some space I need some open air to breathe got to have it got to fill my soul and I never knew that it was in my blood I know it might sound silly but I would never deceive you but it stings like"
  • No More Words - Luba
    "You gave me your word But now that your word Doesn't mean that much to me And in the silence I can hear The truth ring loud and clear I never meant that much to you and it seems, a whisper to a scream was"
  • Sacrificial Heart - Luba
    "little pieces of yourself you give no way to live sackcloth and ashes the perfect match is you and the guilt the heart that bleeds too quick to concede to all of his whims the part that feeds your ascetic"
  • 'what You Believe' - Luba
    "do we see what is real or just what we believe (to be real) in your eyes there's a burning and blind faith (faith in me) I am not your messiah madonna, or maker of dreams and all that I am is not all that"
  • Act Of Mercy - Luba
    "no questions asked no reason to give an explanation it's trust against your will my accomplice in a crime of compassion would you let me go let me go (Bridge) It's the hardest thing the hardest thing I'm"
  • As Good As It Gets - Luba
    "I'd dream of glory days and wonder if dreams were as good as gold I would imagine Eden underneath the heaven's glow wake up turn on the lights this is tomorrow been such a long night I've seen the future it"
  • Bringing It All Back Home - Luba
    "keepsakes and souvenirs they paint a picture in my head a faded photograph I piece together with the shreds of memories of you and me through the years then you walk right back into my world yesterday returns and"
  • Giving Away A Miracle - Luba
    "a ring and a six string her world in a bag she sits at my door angel of mercy tired and frail she's been strumming the same old chord she says let me grant you let me grant you one wish look inside my"
  • Secrets And Sins - Luba
    "he condones clandestine liaisons even though he knows the throes of lust are wrong for a man of the cloth it seems there are no in-betweens committing adultery in the depths of his soul he's giving in he's"

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