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lucky I'm with my best

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lucky I'm with my best

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lucky I'm with my best
  • Hanoi Rocks Lucky
    "I'M LUCKY, LUCKY, LUCKY WHEN IT COMES TO FRIENDS AND LOVE I'M LUCKY, OH SO LUCKY WHEN IT COMES TO PUSH AND SHOVE I can walk under ladders brave No black cat ever crossed my trail No kind of curse"
  • Jason Mraz Lucky
    "Do you hear me? I'm talking to you Across the water across the deep blue ocean Under the open sky oh my, baby I'm trying Boy I hear you in my dreams I feel your whisper across the sea I keep you with me"
  • Joan Armatrading I'm Lucky
    "I'm lucky I'm lucky I can walk under ladders Yes I'm so lucky That I'm as lucky As me Struck it rich Dirty rich No work And get richer And the world Loves a winner Yes I'm so happy That you're happy With"
  • Jim's Big Ego Lucky
    "I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky you left me I think I'm better off this way I'm lucky you left me although I wanted you to stay I'm lucky you left"
  • Eiffel 65 Lucky
    "Music:lobina/randone, lyrics: lobina/gabutti Mixed by:angelica villella I've been lucky in my life I've been lucky I've been lucky in my life I know I've been lucky in my life I've been lucky and I thank"
  • Warren Brothers Lucky
    "Sure looks good in the picture books Makes me stop and take second looks Yeah, lots of white sand on big white beach Everything right within my reach I wanna go where the grass is green But I guess I'll"
  • Britney Spears Lucky
    "This is a story about a girl named Lucky Early morning, she wakes up Knock, knock, knock on the door It's time for makeup, perfect smile It's you they're all waiting for They go "Isn't she lovely, this"
  • Slick Shoes Lucky
    "Don't know why you were sent from heaven just for meThat may not be But that's how it feelsWhy have you come into my lifeYou've taken my heart after you made me cryYou say you don't believe in loveAnd"
  • Seven Mary Three Lucky
    "Mean Mr. Mustard says he's bored of life in The District. Can't afford the French Quarter high. Says it gets old real quick. And he pales up next to me scrawled on the pavement. It says: Son, time"
  • Osker Lucky
    "waking up every day in the same bed for nine long years and it all goes by. i'm glad with what i got so you won't hear one word of regret coming out of my mouth. i've wasted so much goddamn precious time"
  • Digger Lucky
    "When I saw you standing there, it was crystal clear to me that it just wouldn't be fair for you to be stuck with a guy like me. When I saw you yesterday, in my shirt that doesn't fit, it was crystal clear"
  • Radio Head Lucky
    "I'm on a roll I'm on a roll this time I feel my luck could change Kill me Sarah Kill me again with love It's gonna be a glorious day Pull me out of the air crash Pull me out of the lake 'Cause I'm your"
  • Lucky Twice Lucky
    "You can fool yourself I promise it will help Now every single day I just wanna hear you saying Laughing through the day Thinking you are never boring(?) Speeding through the night Maybe you not count"
  • Red Sovine I'm Just Lucky I Guess
    "She's my girl she's my world she's my life to me She's my girl she's my world she's my wife to be She makes me actin' dress my best keeps me filled with the happiness I don't know I'm just lucky I guess What"
  • Gloria Estefan Lucky Girl
    "There are some girls who'd never Take a chance And yet they say that they Need more romance Diamonds and pearls Are all some girls can see Your kiss is the jewel for me I'm such a lucky girl There are"
  • Lene Lovich Lucky Number
    "I never used to cry 'cause I was all alone For me, myself and I is all I've ever known I never felt the need to have a hand to hold In everything I do I take complete control That's where I'm coming from My"
  • Spice 1 Lucky I'm Rappin
    "(Intro: Jayo Felony & Spice 1) Yeah, Spice 1, Jayo It's on there (Blaow!) (yeah what's really pimpin'? I mean, I mean, I mean what you mean Sure got a nigga fucked up (fucked up) Just takin' it gangsta"
  • Elbow Lucky With Disease
    "Fell like a crippled crow, spinning through and breaking branches I'm in a bad way. Call my friends, they'll know what to do I'm a better friend than I've ever been a lover And that's not saying much,"
  • Ms. Jade Best Meets Best
    "(feat. Lady Luck) B-Brokers, Best meets best (The best) It's about time, don't you think? (Hey) Some real chicks Doin' real shit (Concern yaself) It just don't get much better (Whoo-ooo) You can't"
  • Evangelista Lucky Lucky Luck
    "When I was a baby I was sweet as can be, I had a good heart but I had to kill it. 11 years old my blood ran 13 I had to spill it. I'm gonna take 5 minutes thinkin bout it baby. 13 years old"

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