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lucky of understanding

  • Understanding - Aidan Hawken
    "Little darling, why'd you get into this mess you're just an accident waiting to happen i guess you always put our love to the test look baby, you always escape with such ease that said you come and go"
  • Understanding - B2K
    "Ya know, this is a little, little something for the brothers huh, a little anthem. To let the ladies know, What a brother needs We need a little understanding Ya know what I'm saying Like this Check"
  • Understanding - TLC
    "what i need from you is understanding how can we communicate. If you don't hear me what i say so simple as 1,2,3 understanding is what i mean. You don't even know me you just wanna do what u wanna do."
  • Understanding - Judie Tzuke
    "Understanding all the reasons that you have, for keeping just a step away You'd better start believin' that deceit, it's never gonna pay Understanding that the light of every day holds a different feeling"
  • Understanding - Ray Charles
    "Understanding is the best thing in the world, Between a boy and a girl Boy and girl and even a woman or a man, It's always better when you really understand You know understanding is a mighty powerful"
  • Understanding - Yung Ro
    "(*talking*) I hear y'all talking, I know you trying too I know he don't wanna meet ya half way, and I know what happened after that But I think there's a way we can work it out, all we need is understanding You"
  • Understanding - 24-7 Spyz
    "Understanding Why do we fight - both black and white cause we dont understand If you give, you get but if you want respect then please understand Hatred begins and no one wins tell me who pays the price From"
  • Understanding - Count The Stars
    "Do you take advantage of your time, because you only live once, do you ever analyze your life, and find empty spaces, and every now and then it seems, like I'm always sinking, and every now and then you"
  • Understanding - Christina Aguilera
    "Title is 'Understand', not 'Understanding'. I may do things you don't understand... I used to think that happiness could only be something that happened to somebody else Everybody believed, everybody"
  • Understanding - Evanescence
    "You hold the answer deep within your own mind Consciously you've forgotten it That's the way the human mind works Whenever something is too unpleasant, too shameful for us to entertain We reject it We"
  • Without Understanding - Ringo Starr
  • Good Understanding - Dolly Parton
    "GOOD UNDERSTANDING Duet by Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner Writer Dolly Parton Copyright 1970 When we married we agreed that we'd both do as we please Just as long as we done each other right Through"
  • Good Understanding - Porter Wagoner
    "GOOD UNDERSTANDING WITH DOLLY PARTON (Dolly Parton) '70 Owepar Publishing When we married we agreed that we'd both do as we please Just as long as we done each other right Through the years our love"
  • Understanding Women - Elton John
    "Rolling over trying to sleep And understanding women Thinking of you out there somewhere Looking for a new beginning Just let me be the final word In the book we haven't written I won't be another page In"
  • Love & Understanding - Cher
    "Love & Understanding Here, here in this world Where do we go, where do we turn When we need some love it seems that love Just can't be found Where, where do we stand When love's supply don't meet love's"
  • Mr Understanding - Pete & The Pirates
    "Could it be i'm alive after all this? Picking pennies off the floor with my cold cold hands Look at me, no hands aint it cool yeah Look at her falling out of a taxi cab If you really want some understanding You"
  • Lucky - Hanoi Rocks
    "I'M LUCKY, LUCKY, LUCKY WHEN IT COMES TO FRIENDS AND LOVE I'M LUCKY, OH SO LUCKY WHEN IT COMES TO PUSH AND SHOVE I can walk under ladders brave No black cat ever crossed my trail No kind of curse"
  • Lucky - Jim's Big Ego
    "I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky you left me I think I'm better off this way I'm lucky you left me although I wanted you to stay I'm lucky you left"
  • Lucky - Bon Jovi
    "She counts the days away and waits for valentines She says every girl in the past is just a waste of time You know, whoa She don't believe in miracles and make-believe If you were blind you still could"
  • Understanding nothing - Bruce Cockburn
    "High above valley above deep shade coloured with the calls of cuckoos, the ring of coppersmith's hammer... high in the hiss of the wind, wind filled with spirits and bright with the jangle of horse bells..."

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