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  • Alone - Lullacry
    "Let The Grimmer Night Come Sway In A Swing Of Gods Tossed Between Heaven And Earth Deepest Sin Of The Night Mark In Every Eye Sinner Had It's Day A Long Ago Let Grimmer Night Come Sway In A Swing"
  • All For Nothing - Lullacry
    "When You Come Crawling Into My Dreams That's All I've Left Or So It Seems I Can't Erase You From My Memory I Think I'm Ready For Eternity cause Of You I've Cut My Wings Peace For Me it Hopefully"
  • Sweet Desire - Lullacry
    "So Long Have You Drunk Bitter Tears Turning Hopes Into Fears Every Wound In Your Soul Has A Story To Tell Getting Bigger Like The Ripples In A Well Always Hidden Behind Blind Eyes Sheltering Your"
  • My Dear Skinwalker - Lullacry
    "I've Longed For You So Long Together We Bond, Emotionally Strong Inhabit, Transformation From My Individuality, Into Our Duality Just We, Ourselves And Us Together We Go My Dear Skinwalker Walker,"
  • Whisper In The Chaos - Lullacry
    "You Brought Me Here Come With Me And Sing A Song Of Misery I'm The Writing On The Wall See What It Means To Call Me, Call Me By That Name Be My Witness See How I Became A Reflection Of Their Hatred"
  • I Will Make My Paradise - Lullacry
    "Euphoric Dreams Released Upon My Thoughts I Revel When I Burn The Roots No Longer Mourn For Me This Is The Time And It Shall Never Be Cut From My Memory Am I Forgiven Even If I Stay From This"
  • The Chant - Lullacry
    "One Hymn Is Above All Natures Bitter Song Eternally Sunk Into The Deepness Of His Heart Already Came The Time For The Farewell Trail Of The Renegade In The Indefinite World But His Cheerful Heart"
  • Feardance - Lullacry
    "I Wanted To Believe But Now It's Crushing Me In Your Eyes I Can See The Blazing Flame Once It's Gone There Is No One Left To Blame I Wanted To Believe But Now It's Crushing Me In Your Eyes I Can"
  • Embrace Me - Lullacry
    "Give me teardrops And say that you're mine See how wicked are the restless ones in grace It's our twisted love That turnes me on I never wanted to go where the memories lie In the endless night I shall"
  • Be My God - Lullacry
    "Pretend to control me To pull my strings To be my god, be my god Pretend to love and hate To take care of me To be my faith, be mine I always wanted you to be my god I trusted you, but now you're gone Pretend"
  • Without The Dreamer - Lullacry
    "Burning me up like a fever Just like a dream without a dreamer I feel it coming coming for me Shed my skin an evil grin No one knows where I've been Without the dreamer Burning me up like a fever Just"
  • Trust - Lullacry
    "Trust It's sold out forever Lies Ringing in my ears Beyond The point of no return Gone Pressure cracks the soul All those little white lies, The fuel for you As the truth dies, All the things you do Hate how"
  • Pain, Walk With Me - Lullacry
    "Today is a good day to end it all How it all came to this I don't know Fool I was to believe I still can remember all the things that made me feel so alive Did I deserve it This pain walks with me walks"
  • I Don't Mind - Lullacry
    "Trapped inside this void of hopes and dreams I gave everything to you And you know that it's true How can we keep this feeling when our love is gone I don't think that I have any faith left But I don't"
  • Damn You - Lullacry
    "If the truth won't set you free Then a lie will save you Can you see the face of the god in me I am the bringer of your destiny Well, goddamn it's not worth the pain Sell your soul to someone else You"
  • Bonfires Of Time - Lullacry
    "From here to a lie it sends you away Can you get it back tomorrow or today You stole the dream that wasn't yours Locked inside, behind closed doors You stole the dream that kept me awake and crushed my"
  • Thorn Of The Rose - Lullacry
    "Ten times I have fallen 'cos I'm too proud to sin So easily It can be heavenly So come on, let it go Like a Thorn of the Rose It's for all of those Who have nothing more to give to me Nine times I have"
  • Firequeen - Lullacry
    "Here I am standing above all Waiting for the moment I fall I lost it somehow And I can't get this feeling any more I don't know where I'm going now I never thought I could be out of bounds I'm The Queen"
  • Alright Tonight - Lullacry
    "When I am in your heart tonight everything's gonna be alright tonight They can never separate us never tear us apart oh no no And I'll promise you I'll never break, never break your heart oh no no So"
  • Crucify My Heart - Lullacry
    "My hopes were running high Left me like a morning tide Everything I do is up to you How can I still pretend All the good things must end Emotions are so easy to crush Like a junkie I traded everything"

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