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luxor- no cry

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luxor- no cry

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luxor- no cry
  • Johnny Cash Cry, Cry, Cry
    "Everybody knows where you go when the sun goes down. I think you only live to see the lights of town. I wasted my time when I would try, try, try. When the lights have lost their glow, you're gonna cry,"
  • Loretta Lynn Cry Cry Cry
    "(Johnny Cash) Everybody knows where you go when the sun goes down I think you only live to see the lights uptown I wasted my time when I would try try try Cause when the lights have lost their glow you'll"
  • Elvis Costello Cry, Cry, Cry
    "Everybody knows where you go when the sun goes down They say you only live to see the lights of town I wasted my time when I would try, try, try 'Cause when the lights have lost their glow, you'll cry,"
  • Third Eye Blind Cry Cry Cry
    "Third Eye Blind Feat. Merle Haggard Johnny Cash (x4) Johnny Cash trying to calm the criminal, soothed and imprisoned by a Memphis summer hymnal, with a saftey razor and a good man's nightmare, and that"
  • Hard Rain Cry Cry Cry
    "I tell you straight, you know I should Don't want to be misunderstood I found another woman this time, got you on my mind Open your door, fire in the hole Well, I'm about to lose it, bless my soul All"
  • Jimmy Somerville Cry
    "(Butcher / Somerville) You been hurtin' Like you never hurt before You been hurtin' 'Cos love don't want you no more All you ever wanted In this world was that boy Now all you have is a World that keeps"
  • Donell Jones Cry
    "She was 14 and he was 24 Shorty claimed she never had sex before He's driving Benz and got a lot of dough He takes her to the movies and buys her Nike's yo And makes sure she think that she got it all Ain't"
  • Nick Cave Cry
    "When ya walk out of here when ya walk out I gotta fill up that space or fill up that no-space I'll fill it up with tears [4 lines of this line repeated] Cry Cry Cry Cry Where no-fish can swim [4 lines"
  • Siouxsie and The Banshees Cry
    "Cry for the bird with broken wing Cry for the world that will not spin Cry for the loss of innocence Cry for a love, turned loveless Sometimes I think of you, when I'm alone Oh no Cry... Nothing will"
  • Alex Parks Cry
    "never thought you knew me, never thought of you with me. always fighting in the dark before. never got to tell you, i don't know what i mean to you. no need to explain any more. but i'd cry, i would die"
  • Tank Cry
    "First Let Me Say That I Ve Never Loved No One The Way That I Love You Girl But I Hate To Say That Im Tried And Im Almost Done With All This Me And You Girl So Why Cant I Leave When I Kno You And Me Prolly"
  • Walk To Remember Cry
    "I'll always remember It was late afternoon It lasted forever And ended so soon (yea) You were all by yourself Staring up at a dark gray sky I was changed In places no one will find All your feelings so"
  • Magnum Cry
    "Life's a poor man, always waiting No direction, almost lost There's a hurricane blowing around this old world On these cruel seas, we get tossed Here we go Constitution, words of passion Revolution from"
  • Sheena Easton Cry
    "(Cry, baby) I heard a cry at night, I heard him slam the door There was a screech of tyres, but he'll be back for sure Now through my apartment wall, I can hear her sweet tears startin' to fall Chorus:"
  • Tesla Cry
    "(Keith, Hannon, Wheat) Any day at all, any time, any way it take me to make you mine I would give it all, give it all and more Give you more than you could ever want from me If anything they say is true,"
  • Roxette Cry
    "Living here without you is not an easy way of life. I spend my time without you, I try to make it all worthwhile. Standing in a rainfall coming down from the sky. Why should I cry over you? Why should"
  • Jay Sean Cry
    "Had me convinced that I just wasn't enuff, me and you fussing and fighting cussin all of thatstuff now I know, tht I mightve dun you wrong, didn't know I'd pay so long, til u did the sameI know I'd dun"
  • Rick Ross Cry
    "Lord forgive me for my sins,But may I strike down an get vengeance,Murder my homeboy, Why you doin like that,Niggas getting churched up, Time for the get back,Found him last night, four shots in his back,no"
  • Lynn Anderson Cry
    "If your sweetheart sends a letter of goodbye it's no secret you feel better if you cry When waking from a bad dream don't you sometimes think it's real But it's only false emotions that you feel If your"
  • Silence 4 Cry
    "And then she said, - "What's that on your eyes?" She touched me. Yes, I was crying. - "For many years I've tried, but now I'm too tired to hide. No reason why. Just need to cry." And then she said, - "I'm"

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