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mYbe one day i be united

  • United - Marky Mark
    "Maybe one day we'll be united And our love won't be devided Prince Ital Joe: If love was a thing That me say money could buy The rich man would live And me say the poor man would die If freedom was thing That"
  • United - Seven
    "Can you be free from your heavy load? You will find that your dreams come true Can you see through the endless lies? You will find that your goals are near There's no time to wait for the sunlight It's"
  • United - Robbie Williams
    "You sit and scream at all the scandal That put the monkey on your back Don't put your idols on a mantel You'll only want your money back Don't slap my face and call me brother Lend a hand and knock"
  • United - Guided By Voices
    "I wanna keep you happy I wanna teach you right from wrong I wanna keep you near me Here in a place where you belong I won't hit you I won't hurt you I won't keep you from The people that you trust With"
  • Press One - B.G. F/ Baby
    "B.G. F/ Baby Miscellaneous Press One "Today: six fifty-six PM Central Time." "You have a COLLECT call from a Louisiana inmate. Press 'one' to accept." Greetings, hot girl - what's happenin' on"
  • Press One - B.G.
    "B.G. Miscellaneous Press One operater: "its 6:56 pm central time, you have a collect call from a louisiana inmate. to Accept, press one." B.g: "greetings hotgirl, whats happening on your end? As for me"
  • United Cigar - Good Riddance
    "Reason is gone this brain is out of practice thinking is alien it's alien to me The day is trought the lights are off and i'm alone again Electrons comfort me the television is my only friend There was"
  • United - Zbeer
    "If you wanna be a punk, if you wanna be a skank- you're right, you fuckin' right If you wanna stay with me, if you wanna be with me- you're right, you fuckin' right Oooooooo-United punks & skins Oooooooo-Forever"
  • United - Throbbing Gristle
    "You and IYou and ILiving togetherLoving foreverAt our distanceAnother for instanceUnited UnitedYou become meAnd I becomy youShe is sheAnd she is you tooUnited UnitedA corresponding game to playA special"
  • United - Prince Ital Joe
    "I close both locks below the window. I close both blinds and turn away. Sometimes solutions arent so simple. Sometimes goodbyes the only way. And the sun will set for you, The sun will set for you."
  • UNITED FOR LOVE - Renata Wolkiewicz (Wółkiewicz)
    "I have been in deepest water Walk the sky on the unknown Trying hard to solve my problems I fear to be alone I believe I was a … I could do it all my on All the world toy make me promised Take me to the"
  • United Together - Aretha Franklin
    "We've had a hard time You and I Life sent us through some changes Oh, but somehow we got by A winding road, a heavy load Is nothing new, you see We know that through the bad times I'll have you"
  • United Front - Arrested Development
    "The great depression everyone is in depression No one knows exactly what's their role totally confused, depressed cuz of the news Watch TV, more bad is what U see Everyone's lost & were looking for a savior Everyone's"
  • United Abominations - Megadeth
    "United Abominations Music and Lyrics Dave Mustaine Within striking distance from Ground Zero sits a smoldering international cauldron, the United Abominations as it were. Born to prevent wars, as if war"
  • United Minds - Arrested Development
    "United minds of America make your vocal chords reach the clouds and touch the crowd of folks that overstand there's no jokes we must network together as one & tell the oppressor we'll take no less than total"
  • Press Play - Fiend
    "(*talking*) Warning, the men you are about to hear You shouldn't have access to, the subject matters Individuals on this c.d., is unleased Into the public, may cause a nationwide in power (Fiend) What"
  • One Touch (Press) - Nicole C. Mullen
    "bee ostracized for 12 years I'm used to being alone spent everything i had and now it's gone i'm used to being put down my issues tell it all my only hope is anchored in this fall If I could just touch"
  • United Kings - United Kingdom
    "(Intro: Hell Razah) Yo, son, I've got something to tell you. You know what I'm saying? Because when you're going to be a great speaker. You know what I'm saying? A wise man told me to be a hero of your"
  • Press - Cardi B
    "bitches be press bitches be press bitches be press they know how I’m coming with bitch in the flesh who the fuck she gon check she be talking that shit talking out of her neck put blood on her dress bitches"
  • Press - Paul McCartney
    "Darling, I Love You Very, Very, Very Much, And I Really Am Relying On Your Touch. But With All These People Listening In, I Don't Know Where I Ought To Begin. Maybe We Could Hit Upon A Word, Something"

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