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  • About Your Dress - Maccabees
    "It's just what all young lovers do (00:08.08)It's just what all young lovers do I noticed you You stood out like a sore thumb The most beautiful sore thumb I'd ever seen I took you out And I showed you"
  • All In Your Rows - Maccabees
    "Il nemico, marcia, sempre, alla tua testa. Ma la testa del nemico dove , che marcia alla tua testa. Ma la testa del nemico dove , che marcia alla tua testa. Ma che nebbia, ma che confusione, che aria di"
  • First Love - Maccabees
    "Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Yeah Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Yeah You forgot when we were strange Yeah somewhere we got caught Now every little bird is tame Their wings are clipped and gulled Fear puts your"
  • Happy Faces - Maccabees
    "(Defari:) It's just so many things in this life that I can't understand I'll never be able to understand cause there's no answer for 'em The vultures be out though, know that And they always gon' be"
  • Latchmere - Maccabees
    "Il muto abitava una casa isolata, abbastanza lontano dal paese, in cui non arrivavano i rumori, i suoi muri di gomma tenevano fuori, le campane assordanti delle chiese. Il paese nasceva nei pressi di"
  • Mary - Maccabees
    "I was in the other room when handsome was getting leather and laces couldn't save a family cause heroes wear masks and lycra Mary get out cause your freezing brother get in get your head kicked in down"
  • Lego - Maccabees
    "(Chorus x3) Smoked out, loced out Loced out lo-loced out loced out (Triple ss triple six mafia mafia) Niggga but you know but you can't Rob the power hey, Nigga with posse Motherf**ker don't them"
  • O.A.V.I.P. - Maccabees
    "(Juicy J) At the Dub we gettin buck Comin like a lightning struck Cockin back the chrome at the ?? Bitches say I'm fakin it Players playa hatin it We can trade words or get in some gangsta shit Aint"
  • Precious Time - Maccabees
    "(Q-Tip) Ummah, Ummah, Ummah (1:) S-A double-D-I-Q Yo, he wanna get involved with you Mr. S-A double-D-I-Q Yo, he wanna get involved with you Mr. S-A double-D-I-Q Yo, he wanna get involved with you"
  • Tissue Shoulders - Maccabees
    "I love your eyes, my dear Their splendid sparkling fire When suddenly you raise them so To cast a swift embracing glance Like lightning flashing in the sky But there's a charm that is greater still"
  • Toothpaste Kisses - Maccabees
    "Cradle me I'll cradle you I'll win your heart with a wit woo pulling shapes just for your eyes so with toothpaste kisses and lines I'll be yours and you'll be Lay with me, I'll lay with you we'll"
  • X-Ray - Maccabees
    "She's the fluter in my heart, The spring thats in my step. My empty head, Sees the lump build in my throat The view in my minds eye My empty he-art heart heart heart (oh oh oh) my he-art heart heart heart"
  • Smoker - The Maccabees
    "Happy Happy to be here Happy that you could all be here too I'm a believer in my people Every idea is to see that my blood runs green when I start to bleed It's a love, not a need I'll smoke until I"
  • Just Like The Rain - The Maccabees
    "i walked in silence through the snow drifted softly to your door i'm coming home i'm coming home i'm coming home i feel so strange i feel so weak i walked a world of empty streets in search alone i've"
  • Good Old Bill - The Maccabees
    "Spearmint Rhino was taking our money when Gran was robbed of her own life honey. The driver-less hornet last post on the trumpet. His blind, crippled crumpet don't like it but lump it. The engine won't"
  • All In Your Rows - The Maccabees
    "So it's stars and crosses Reasoning for losses You learn right from wrong And then you write the book yourself Right the wrongs you know, But then you're all in your rows All in your rows All in your"
  • Latchmere - The Maccabees
    "Swim, swim, swim, swim, swimming Stay in your lanes Swim, swim, swim, swim, swimming Just stay in your lanes No bombing and no heavy petting So just stay in your lanes Verruca socks and not forgetting"
  • Precious Time - The Maccabees
    "Pound for pound and cheek to cheek Cheek paler than a lamp light Take me down to light the box And play super Scalextric And turn this Darkness Into light And I'll turn too bright Forget all the hype I'll"
  • Tissue Shoulders - The Maccabees
    "Never cry on your own, never cry But when you cry Just try and find some perfect stranger with the tissue shoulders on 'Cos I know the score and it's hard when it's her your crying for Never go on your"
  • Happy Faces - The Maccabees
    "Run boy run Run boy run Run boy run Run boy run Here she comes Here she comes She's coming for you So run boy run Run boy run Here she comes Here she comes She's coming for you These are tears of joy"

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