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maciej musia��owski melancholy

  • Melancholy - X-Ray Spex
    "My mother the cow who still feeds me now is being tortured Her son the bull who the fields should plough is being slaughtered The human child in the womb who is never born for being unwanted Melancholy"
  • Melancholy - Anne Heaton
    "Now that I'm not goal-oriented anymore/ What will this song mean when many days have passed? Now that I remember your love and what it can do/ What will your love mean when many days have passed? I feel"
  • Melancholy - Otlewsky
    "get some Melancholy get me rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ to my … Sunday i don’t know she control me where she’s fallin’ fallin’ where’s coming I don’t know, yah I don’t know it I don’t know it get some Melancholy"
  • Melancholy - Iced Earth
    "Make the sadness go away Come back another day For years I've tried to teach But their eyes are empty Empty, too, I have become For them I must die A sad and troubled race An ungrateful troubled place I"
  • Melancholy - Knockout Theory
    "Clock ticks away, life starts to fade, and youre just left with nothing Here comes the light, therefore unite, at least youre doing something Salt shaker on the right side (woah) Cant find where nothing"
  • Melancholy - Machinemade God
    "The world is spinning even faster tonight A moment clearly as the tears in my eyes The ocean cries into the river of life The agony that forces you to leave behind We walk under the sky We watch the stars"
  • Melancholy - Cemetery Of Scream
    "The lovers of night in the fadded mouths brought the message of the hopeless solitude silent nature in the possessed dance bowed trees seem to pay the homage humiliation'n'death the gods of heaven irony"
  • Melancholy - Farewell Flight
    "Loosen your tie, unbutton your shirt Priorities straight First things first Relaxing as your eyes close, your hands upon the wheel The whole of the day is stuck in your brain Stare straight ahead"
  • Melancholy - 12012
    "To aru nichijou no dekigoto deshita Memai to sakuran wo kurikaesu kuzureta omocha to mikan na kimi e sakeru atama no naka boku wa boku ni wagamama na kotoba to uso nandomo kurikaesu mabayui kagerou ashita"
  • "Melancholy" - Awoi
    "Sora ni ha taiyou ga mabushiku kagayai te Under the sun kuragari shounen ga Sora ni ha taiyou ga mabushiku kagayai te Under the sun kuragari shounen no you ni Sora no ao sa mo kasumu hodo Kimi ha waratte"
  • Melancholy (z serialu "Druga Szansa") - Maciej Musiałowski
    "When I've heard that I could be your… anything, Now I'm, I'm, I’ma on the ship. I’ma, I on the sea of melancholy Laura, Laura S.O.S. Melancholy is depressing me Melancholy, melancholy Please, somebody"
  • Miss Melancholy - Book Of Love
    "Miss Melancholy High up in her frosty tower She sits alone for hours and hours And never smells the lotus flowers Miss Melancholy Miss Melancholy Can't even hear the honey bees Or eat a bowl of blueberries Or"
  • Melancholy Mood - Ziggy Marley
    "a little collie weed to ease I grief too much agony living in the limits of big city a little collie weed to meditate too much insanity in this society melancholy mood I eat for my food melancholy mood rise"
  • Melancholy Child - Pam Tillis
    "A baby with a baby Just barely seventeen My mother mourned her innocence As she bounced on her knee A daddy on the road Added to the tears and trials Like silver rain they fell upon this melancholy child The"
    "Johnny mercer / richard whiting Sentimental and melancholy Whenever I think about you It's only a mood, A brief interlude That's better described as just feeling blue I suppose that it's just my folly To"
  • Melancholy Wine - The Wilkinsons
    "Photos, circled, round and round in my head I'm dizzy from thinking we could get back what we had Pardon me for living in the past In a dream I thought would last Cause each day I find that I hit"
  • Melancholy Room - Over The Rhine
    "someone's moving 'round inside of me someone's setting up shop where I can't see but I'm fine but I'm fine in this melancholy room someone opened up my mouth to speak someone pulled the words back into"
  • Bloody Melancholy - Life Is Pain
    "I can't face to solar world, I'm too weak, melancholy buried the will. Razors balance my swings, blood takes away the weight of existence. Depressive emotions, anxiety, negativism, a time to mourning"
  • Melancholy Mechanics - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Persistant mystic faults my vision It's like always this point of collision It's raining in my cranium My head feels like a stadium 3 pounds of grain About to burst Inside my 3 pound universe It's raining"
  • Melancholy Margaret - The Toy Dolls
    "Nobby was a soldier, a life in the Army Margarets back home alone waiting suspiciously She can't hide the misery, the upset & despair When she found out Nobby had been having it off elsewhere There's Eric"

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