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  • Mad Hatter - The Stranglers
    "He's mad he's mad He's mad he's mad You may have read the book You might have seen the film But I've seen it with my eyes Was it tweedle-dum? Was it tweedle-dee? But Isaw through his disguise There was"
  • Mad Hatter - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    "Oooohhh... Mmmmmm Yeah... We just landed, we just touched down It just hit home yeah, that a good man is gone Hey Cat in the Hat, we're all gonna miss you And all your practical jokes yeah, and taking"
  • Mad Hatter - Melanie Martinez
    "My friends don’t walk, they run skinny dip in rabbit holes for fun popping, popping balloons with guns getting high off helium we paint white roses red each shade from a different person’s head this dream,"
  • The Mad Hatter - Cast
    "I get along with mine, along with mine I get along with mine, along with mine Chorus: Looking for peace of mind, looking for peace of mind But I'm soul tied, yes I'm soul tied We're all soul tied, yes"
  • Red Queen (Remixed By The Mad Hatter) - Funker Vogt
    "You always wanna' be the best It's a struggle without an end Running as fast as you can But you will never reach your goal It's the struggle of our daily life Of politics and war Everyone here runs"
  • Maddest hatter - Dokken
    "Talking to my rabbit friend he seems so bright indeed A conversation over tea Then he told me I'm standing all alone There's a crowd of people eating at my throne Is it just me is it just you Or is it"
  • Mad - Loft
    "I must be mad To think that you will make my way Cause when I know you will, I know you need I must be mad To tell you that I see this things Cause when I read your mind, I know you believe I must be mad"
  • Mad - Lou Reed
    "Mad, you just make me mad I hate your silent breathing in the night Sad, you make me sad when I juxtapose your features I get sad I know I shouldn't had someone else in our bed but I was so tired, I was"
  • Mad - Prince
    "Uh! (Mad) Mad I'm about 2 go mad Uh! Mad! (He's always on some medication) I'm gonna 2 go mad If U ever let me knock it Mad! (He's always on some medication) Oh, I'm gonna 2 go mad If U ever let me rock"
  • Mad - Seu Jorge
    "Tanto tempo se passou E eu sem saber Aonde te encontrar No sei o que fazer Nem onde voc mora Queria com voc viver uma história De amor Todo mundo tem um jeito de ser E voc tem o seu Um charme, um brilho,"
  • Mad - Brettell
    "Its mad its mad To be liking some one else When you are liking me and She wants to be with me and Her best friend in luv with me But you know as well as I do I don't want to be with anyone else but you But"
  • Mad - Sesame Street
    "Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls, presenting Little Jerry and the Monotones!!!!! (Followed by screams from adoring fans) (background singers): We're mad. Very angry, very, very angry. Real"
  • Mad - Ida Corr
    "Hey you Mr. Blue Eyes Don't even think about playing me You've been cheating, you've been lying Got me so sad I've been crying Well I'm tired of being treated like a fool So if you ain't gonna be my man A"
  • Mad - Too Many Cooks
    "( Georgesco D'Anjou ) I always got no money I don't think it's so funny Nobody calls me honey Makes me feel so sad Yeah, I'm feeling sad You got a hole in your shoe You're the one they wanna screw You"
  • Mad - Dave Dudley
    "I got about half high so I spent the whole weekend out I got home Monday morning tore up like a can of Kraut My only suit was layin' on the steps I just picked up and run and I ain't been back there since Well"
  • Mad - Vivian Green
    "Called me screamin' Tellin' me your leaving You can't take it no more But that's so crazy Cause it's me Whose fed up You been messin' up I been sittin' And waitin' But now I'm goin' on You pushed me over And"
  • Mad - Ne-Yo
    "(VERSE 1) She's starin' at me I'm sittin', wonderin' what she's thinkin' Mmmmmm Nobody's talkin' 'cause talkin' just turns into screamin' Ohhh And now is i'm yellin' over her, she's yellin' over"
  • Mad - Sigue Sigue Sputnik
    "US bombs cruisin' overhead There goes my love rocket red Shoot it up.... Shoot it up.... Blaster bomb bomb bomb ahead Multi millions still unfed Amondo teeno givin' head Shoot it up.... Shoot it up.... Hold"
  • Mad - Collapsed System
    "I'm in motion try to keep me inI'm in motion try to keep me inI spell out the words which I can't definethe end has just begunI'm in motion try to keep me inMy premonition tears me downthe nearly endless"
  • Mad World - Mad World
    "All around me are familiar faces, Worn out places, Worn out faces, Bright and early for the daily races, Going nowhere, Going nowhere, Their tears are filling up their glasses, No expression, No expression, Hide"

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