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madeline juno-waldbrand

  • Madeline - Yo La Tengo
    "Madeline, hair in your eyes With the voice as soft as satin Madeline, you'll surely find Smiles from inside a worried glance You always kept me waiting Somehow I never seem to mind When the wind has caught"
  • Madeline - Tickle Me Pink
    "There's a girl back home I used to know, who cried herself to sleep every night. we all knew. we all knew. The only girl who would ever compromise, strike a deal with the devil to save a night. we all"
  • Madeline - Peter Cincotti
    "She's got her head on the pillow She's got her hands in my hair She's got her eyes halfway open I've got my lips everywhere And I can feel the love she's feeling As she whispers in my ear But it's an"
  • Madeline - Hanson
    "Out my window a memory I'm dying inside I know the way it should be Even though it was right in front of me It's something I just couldn't see Your lonely face Your lonely eyes But this is something you"
  • Madeline - Bob Schneider
    "I've been out On my own for so long I can feel the cold wind Wearing me down I'm blowin away And lightning strikes me There's a whole lot of craziness In this town Shadowrealm Inside this head of mine It's"
  • Madeline - Embrace
    "Dont let it go, I feel like everyones Calling my name and im still alone You Oughta know that I would change Everything just to sing to you while your alone And later I'll wade in again, over my head"
  • Madeline And Nine - Mike Doughty
    "All my life I've been slow and senseless Not struck dumb, I'm just dumb that's all But I can give you the constellations Lay down here and we'll count them all Madeline, Madeline and nine Call me back"
  • Juno - Curved Air
    "Juno Was a star Everyone loved how he sang They would Follow him Like the pied piper of Hamlin With a song he'd make them cry Then he'd take them, make them laugh When he sang, it felt like magic He was"
  • Juno - Xiu Xiu
    "I can't play When he wakes up She said, "He can't play" When he thinks I'm growing up That song Juno they did in the street So many places to go and not one for me Said the She If they were pretty it'd"
  • Juno - Funeral For A Friend
    "Tied to the testing of wills And my heart breaks and spills Left to the sight of the sky, in your arms I'm defined Thrown to the wolves in the minds of your enemies In the minds of your enemies And I'm"
  • Juno - Tokyo Police Club
    "I've got a place in the arctic circle I've got a place that I painted white I've got a home in the salty ocean So right, so right All of the lions in your bedroom All of the tigers we ignore Pulling the"
  • Lady madeline in her coffin - I Am Ghost
    "There was a time when stillness meant nothing to me.Once, silence meant lack of sound;Fall came once a year.I danced, redcheeked, each year's first snow,tongue out to taste each flake's welcome sting.I"
  • Miss Madeline (3 Ways To Love Her) - Jackie Greene
    "Madelines naked, alone on her bed Shes rotting herself to the core Nobody knows what goes on in her head Nobody cares anymore She used to be young; a child of the sun, Now shes searching the floor And"
  • To Hell And Back - Madeline
    "you hold your head high while i just put mine in the sand i could talk for hours and you would never understand and i ramble about nothing oh i wish that you'd hold my hand oh lord, i'm overcome and"
  • Inca Steppa - Juno Reactor
    "Mexican Horizon the colors of gold Silk and satin, our stories untold From here to this moment Mysteries of time pulling us further On this journey of mine. This journey divine Hill and gully rider the"
  • Pretty Girl - Juno Reactor
    "You had it all, until the fall, now winters setting in How warm the days, now far away, never to return I spend my days in city graves and the dead just keep on talking They can't disguise their soulless"
  • Sixteen Down - The Jayhawks
    "Sunshine stealing stage time From the moon and stars above She said leave me alone I said take me home Sixteen down living in the hallowed ground Chorus: Now the blue has turned to red (ahh Madeline,"
  • Madeline's Song - Rich Mullins
    ""Madeline fusses and Madeline laughs The angel who watches says "Hey look at that" There's your faith mountains will shake Cuz God gladly bends just to hear Madeline when she prays Madeline stretches"
  • A Song About A Rabbit - Sicko
    "Good shot Peter I hope you go far cause there's a rabbit wearing coveralls playing in my front yard you do the two step Peter and you make it look good cause there's a bear watching you from the edge"
  • The Fall Of Usher - Forbidden Site
    "Verteidige dein Knigreich Bis Zum Ende Die Nacht ist auf deiner Seite In dir in der Abwessenheit Fr immer auf deiner Seite Lost in languid reveries Roderick Usher walks Among the dismal racks of heradries And"

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