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madness shut up

  • Shut up - Madness
    "I tell you I didn't do it 'Cause I wasn't there Don't blame me, it just isn't fair You listen to their side Now listen to mine Can't think of a story Sure you'll find me sometime Now pass the blame and"
  • The Madness - Insane Clown Posse
    "Where can I go they don't want me no mo' Where can I go they don't want me no mo' What if I plugged a screwdriver up into they guts Would they mouths be laughin' at me or would they keep 'em shut I'm running"
  • Madness - Elton John
    "The fuse is set and checked once more Then left beside a back street door And in the cold grey light Someone sees a shadow run through the night and out of sight They hide inside a smoke filled room To"
  • Madness - The Rasmus
    "Too much, too fast maybe I don't know where my destiny's taking me So I'll go wherever it leads me Too high, too low baby I wanna know where my destiny's taking me So I'll go to make you believe me, yeah Cry,"
  • Madness - Alanis Morissette
    "I've been most unwilling to see this turmoil of mine The thought of sitting with this has me paralyzed With this prolonged exposure to mirror and averted eyes Ive feigned that I've been waiting: such"
  • Madness - Will Young
    "I know that you're thinking 'bout the future Now the message is clear, Mmmmmm, Mmmm Everything I'm looking for But I ain't gonna find it in here, in here All this time I've waited for a saviour For"
  • Madness - The Transplants
    ""Madness" Album : Hounted Cities Madness! Madness! This is pure madness that we're talking about Pure madness all the time now This is pure madness that we're talking about And I can't believe they wanna"
  • Madness - Kelly Clarkson
    "Honey, I can tell by the wonderin' look in your eye, you're just a little boy With about a thousand lines And the girl you say is always on your mind Ya just sit and watch her walk outta your life (Well"
  • Madness - Killah Priest
    "* background vocals Up and down Didn't I say niggas gotta come ready for more? Father forgive us for we know not what we do Ain't nuttin here, ain't nuttin you gotta say to that Now what you gonna do"
  • Madness - Twiztid
    "Mixed up and I'm so confusedI'm getting aggravated with a really short fuseAnd I'm having a conversating to show my cooperationThey drag me to the stationAnd they ask me about the time and place andI think"
  • Shut Up - The Jesus Lizard
    "Driving down the road at night, I didn't want to listen anyway The conversation ended right, I know what you're about to say Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up why don't ya Shut up, shut up, shut up,"
  • Shut Up - Aztek Trip
    "Surely you've been misled again Sarcastically listened to every word I haven't said Maybe you can read my mind without me knowing Finish all my sentences and fill it with words I wouldn't say Shut up"
  • Shut Up - Skold
    "Hell bent Outta hand You still think you're heaven sent Right back right on track No way you'll get off my back I've got your naggin' ringin' in my head You're gonna keep on bitchin' 'till I'm dead Shut"
  • Shut Up - Cootees
    "Ah shut up, ah shut up, ah shut up Ah shut up, ah shut up, ah shut up, or I'll get pissed off You think you know everything But you're not right all the time You're a human being Ah shut up, ah shut up,"
  • Shut Up - Joe Walsh
    "Some friends of mine I never met called me the other day They was gonna have a party and they called me to say Hey Joe, how ya doin', how's your album, how's your tour How's Don Henley, how's Glenn"
  • Shut Up - Jule Neigel
    "Wo bist du wieder mal gewesen was hast du wieder mal getan du warst doch wieder mal am Tresen und lgst mich hochprozentig an Versuche nicht mit mir zu reden mit deinem Mund aus Zuckergu groe Tne knnen"
  • Shut Up - Sprung Monkey
    "People always spilling what they're thinking Bullshit always rolling off the tongue One too many drunk conversations Another poor pathetic fuckin' drunk Now sympathy I won't cry in your beer Said"
  • Shut Up - LaFee
    "This song is for you, baby, for makin' a fool of me Why don't you kiss my behind I really had faith in you but you betrayed me Too bad"
  • Shut Up - Mia Rodriguez
    "Ask me if I give a I really used to But I’m feeling kinda fed up Raining, its pouring You put holes in my umbrella and ill stitch it up every time Tell everybody I’m fine, fine, fine Yeah I don’t"
  • Shut up - Simple Plan
    "There you go You're always so right It's all a big show It's all about you You think you know What everyone needs You always take time to criticize me It seems like everyday I make mistakes I just can't"

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