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madonna give me

  • Madonna - Cocorosie
    "Miss madonna won't you give me a kiss One of your soft sweet lagrimas Miss madonna won't you give me a kiss One of your soft sweet lagrimas Oh miss madonna won't you please give me a kiss Give me"
  • Madonna - Sparks
    "While the symphony played I was starting to fade 'Til I woke to a cymbal crash I turned to my right You were gone, that's all right These platonic things are such a burn I walked out on the street While"
  • Madonna - Era
    "Samie samietto ino catepo Samie todesanto Parole Impera imperamine dovi me canta polge Dorime dorimetto samie todesanto Te dii amore, To pera omen, to di amosen, samiyo peca omen, to di amosen Samie samie"
  • Soltera (ft. Madonna) - Maluma
    "quiere estar soltera nadie la enamora poque esta tan Buena que prefiere estar sola que mal acompanada ella es asi nadie la va cambiar es rservada no da el celural a ningun hobre le piensa copier ella"
  • Oh, Madonna, Madonna - Robbie Williams
    "I don't miss you Just who You used to be And you don't ring true So please Stop calling me Your "I love you"'s Are ten a penny You're dropping clues Like you've got any You got to choose There's been so"
  • Give Me All Your Luvin' - Madonna
    "(Feat. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj) L-U-V Madonna Y-O-U You wanna I see you coming and I don’t wanna know your name L-U-V Madonna I see you coming and you’re gonna have to change the game Y-O-U You wanna Would"
  • Madonna mia - Adriano Celentano
    "Tu che sai tu che puoi hei... tu lassu pieta per me. Fai che lei sia mia e che stia qui con me madonna mia. Io quanggiu non so piu perche tra lei e me non va. Lei non sta con me va via e"
  • She's Madonna - Robbie Williams
    "Oh, Madonna, Madonna I don't miss you Just who You used to be And you don't ring true So please Stop calling me Your "I love you"'s Are ten a penny You're dropping clues Like you've got any "
  • Leper Madonna - Beatallica
    "Leper Madonna-spineless from the start Like a Virgin comez to town, you're sucked into the part Living by your story, spreading your diseaze Suffah for your glory, falling to your kneez Friday nite-a"
  • Madonna Whore - Cyndi Lauper
    "What are you thinking when you're looking at me What can you tell me of reality? I'm only woman... not just a Fantasy and the flesh and blood is warmer than some color transparency Every woman's a Madonna;"
  • Madonna Road - John Hiatt
    "Ohs, yeahs, and ai ya yas Verse 1: Oh girl, yeah, yeah, yeah He says you almost need a bodyguard Just to go walking down the boulevard Little girl with their club feet You try to be so neat but"
  • Madonna Blue - Blue System
    "Oh, come on, love me, you can feel the fire I'm drawning in my lonely tears How many hearts are lost in my desire ? See all my love and fears That's the way babe - you want my sweet devotion I'll be there"
  • Black Madonna - Noe Venable
    "Black Madonna will come down for you With open arms and a veil to hide her face And Black Madonna will come down for you And there is no sickness and there is no suffering And there is no anguish and no"
  • Lady madonna - Snap
    "Feat. Mike VoilaThis brand new skinis wearing thinand youll never know until its goneWhat does it take to get this through to yousubject yourself to things that you deservejust stop me if youve heard enuff"
  • My Madonna - Two Gallants
    "Your visions been blessed if I'm still fully dressed, but before you leave me, here's one last request, Well no I don't care, no I don't mind, if you don't hear a word from this broke heart of mine. But"
  • Madonna, Sean & Me - Sonic Youth
    "We're gonna kill The california girls We're gonna fire the exploding load in the milkmaid maiden head We're gonna find the meaning Of feeling good And we're gonna stay there as long as we think we should Mystery"
  • Give It 2 Me - Madonna
    "What are you waiting for, nobody's gonna show you how Why wait for someone else to do what you can do right now Got no boundaries and no limits If there's excitement, put me in it If it's against the"
  • Madonna tego miasta - The Analogs
    "Wczoraj miasto tonęło, a ja razem z nim. Wczoraj jakaś dziewczyna w oczach miała miłości łzy. Wczoraj miasto się śmiało, patrząc na swoją zagładę. Wczoraj wszystko tańczyło, światła, alkohol i dragi. Madonna"
  • American Life Remix (Madonna F/ Missy Elliott) - Missy Elliott
    "Do I have to change my name? (Uh) Will it get me far? Should I lose some weight? (Uh) Am I gonna be a star? Missy and Madonna boy, ain't nothin' better Hotter than fat bitches dancin' in a sweater Madonna"
  • Madonna Delle Rose - Claudio Villa
    "Com' freddo questo maggio malinconico senza sole, senza amore, senza lettere. Dico al cuore: "Prega e spera, chi t'amava torner" ed il cuore mio stasera prega chi m'ascolter. Madonna delle Rose riportami"

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