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magdalena pal and 3>4

  • Magdalena - Pixies
    "I needed something to eat I took a walk down the street I came to 318 Saw my sweet Magdalene Magdalena, you're the meanest, oh Magdalena, you're the meanest, oh Magdalena, sweet Magdalene I went down"
  • Magdalena - Leo Sayer
    "Writers: Danny O'Keefe Magdalena sits in her chair speaking on the mass she talks in splice and splinters she laughs not breaking glass she said that she would have me spirit her away stealing all"
  • Magdalena - David Gray
    "Morning, sit in the morning sun Evening, watching the shadow come Through the bright streets of London I feel the rain Upon my eyes as I wonder At this spell that I'm under, Magdalen Since you came along Meet"
  • Magdalena - Frank Zappa
    "Mark Volman (lead vocals) Howard Kaylan (lead vocals) Ian Underwood (woodwinds, keyboards, vocals) Aynsley Dunbar (drums) Don Preston (keyboards, mini-moog) Jim Pons (bass, vocals) There was a man A little"
  • Magdalena - dEUS
    "You drive too fast can you please shut up I'll call the police if you don't stop. You're just trying to scare me you want me to know that you're not this precious little thing you hold. You're afraid"
  • Magdalene - Me And That Man (Adam Nergal Darski, John Porter)
    "If I come to you Will you be the one for me? If I come to you Will you be the one who bleeds? If I call your name If I call your name Will you always fallow me? If I walk the other ways Would you take"
  • Magdalene - Boston
    "(Scholz-Foulke-Sikes) I, I know I'm a dreamer It's easy to see I want to be a believer And fly right through the air Now I'm wide awake I want you to take me there The things that you told me I don't"
  • Magdalene - Sethian
    "I'm sleeping with this sin again On lucid borders of the night Watching as everything will fall apart I know this is for real The only thing that's left for me The broken hopes calling from yesterday I"
  • Magdalene - Lenny Kravitz
    "She was only seventeen In her prime of life she was lean And her only dream was to be on the silver screen She hailed from north of Baltimore Her mama says she'd end up a whore And she spent up all her"
  • Magdalene - Jaromir Nohavica
    "Dont you cry Magdalene please wait for me I wanted to offer a shoulder to lean A road waits ahead through a thicket of thorns If I left you behind Id rather never be born Just a shirt on by back and"
  • Magdalene - Moonspell
    "Have you ever loved a woman who should be that little intruder in the one that you should be Share the snake with us, swallow the snake for us... Have you ever loved a woman who instead of give or take would"
  • Maria Magdalena - Sandra
    "You take my love, you want my soul I would be crazy to share your life Why can't you see what I am? Sharpen the senses and turn the knife Hurt me and you'll understand I'll never be Maria Magdalena (You're"
  • Maria Magdalena - Beata
    "You take my love, you want my soul I would be crazy to share your life Why can't you see what I am? Sharpen the senses and turn the knife Hurt me and you'll understand I'll never be Maria Magdalena (You're"
  • Pale - Deathbot
    "Hail your heart Hail these hands I'll run my love, luck Where I stand Now my city calls To just roll nowhere Aint no wanderlust left Behind these stares Just pale pale pictures On these wide wide windows"
  • Pale - Kristin Hersh
    "Before I go to you I never wash my neck... 'Cause when the music starts it goes straight to my head... And I break out in pale... You better bring your fork and knife... Till we see eye to eye... 'Cause"
  • Pale - Aesthetic Perfection
    "Let's dispense the formalities, If it's all the same to you, If you can tell a lie without thinking, Save your breath for dirt. Why don't you stand by my side? "Why don't you get a life" Why don't you"
  • Pale - Never Heard Of It
    "I never see you when you're smiling Look down on what you've down Feeling guilt from what they've taken From you and when you were young Holding back your tears from crying They been frozen now for years Let"
  • Asilos Magdalena - The Mars Volta
    "Enfermo llegu y para componerme ando de vago No me des tu obediencia por que te enseo mi cuerpo de lobo de donde la piel estuvo debil con una hambre que no me deje cantar En mi vida, el oscuro me mantiene"
  • Your Pal - Robert Cray
    "Your pal is always there Whenever you need him Hold your hand While another man breaks your heart Not one to judge Or hold a grudge, your pal Did you ever think he was the one for you? Maybe you should"
  • Pal-Treaux - Rx Bandits
    "What you want is what you find out Once you believe that you don't really need it Here we are at the rest of our lives and I'm afraid That we no longer need it - - I'll wait for the next one It looks like"

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