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magic no way no

  • No Way No - MAGIC!
    "Hey baby, baby Your heart's too big to be treated small So please don't blame me, blame me For trying to be the one who could have it all You know that it's stupid, stupid Telling you it's dark when you"
  • Magic - The Moody Blues
    "When I look in your eyes I can't see why There's no reflection of me When I look in your heart Let it be the start Work your magic on me When I look in your eye I can't see why It's all a mystery to me When"
  • Magic - Moody Blues
    "When I look in your eye I can't see why There's no reflection of me When I look in your heart Let it be the start Work your magic on me When I look in your eye I can't see why It's all a mystery to me"
  • Magic - Charlie Wilson
    "Good evening baby (oohhohh) And welcome to the Charlie Show Tonight I'm gonna be showing you things That you've never seen before (oohh ohh ohh yeah) So just sit back and relax Because tonight I'm going"
  • Magic - Electric Light Orchestra
    "Come take my hand, you should know me, I've always been in your mind You know I will be kind, I'll be guiding you Building your dream has to start now, there's no other road to take You won't make a mistake,"
  • Magic - Zididada
    "Release date: 1. November 2000 Album: Have a zididada day Come on come on let me hypnotize your mind I can guarantee you will live twice I can give you satisfaction If you will be my mainattraction (bridge) come"
  • No Limit - Magic
    "Say Magic, Snoop bro The whole world know we bout it, you know what im saying We millionaries, but uh, lets show everybody what No Limit is Where we from, you know what im saying (Chorus) I'm from the"
  • Don't Kill the Magic - MAGIC!
    "If you want space (you could have it) If you want change (you could have it) Sleep on your bed (you could have it) Pull it to my head (you could have it) If you want love! (you could have it) The way"
  • Manatsu No Magic - Lead
    "Manatsu no MAGIC shiokaze no STORY ano hi kara mune ni kizu iyasenai SHOCK da ne! mou ichido dakishimetai yo kimi dake! kono ude no naka yuube mita yume eiga de mita you na fuukei yatsu no ki ni SUNSET"
  • No Way - Kelly Price
    "Ain't No Way Mmm, ain't no way For me to love you If you don't let me (Oh no, no, no) And ain't no way For me to give you all you need If I can't give all of me I know the way ain't easy But I'm giving"
  • No Way - Burning Heads
    "No class, no job, i'm just a victim and society's a slob No ass, no head, rather go home jack off instead No mind, no kind, my brain is jelly and my memory is blind No way, no way, cannot live in this"
  • No Way - Dream Evil
    "It will outlive us all booth you and I No rules without exception this one can not die Regardless of genres expression shape and form It sometimes just catches it's breath before the storm It is only"
  • No Way - Great White
    "I get up in the morning, just to work all day. I never had no vacation, and what's a holiday? I'm tired of workin' 9 to 5. Sombody give me a break. Caught up in this rat race, I've got no time to waste. I"
  • No Way - Krokus
    "I, see you cryin' I, see you dyin' You, keep on tryin' To stay, in my life But there is no future In our dream A man on the run I'm ready to scream I'm dealin' with danger Don't believe what you read Try"
  • No Way - Fifth Harmony
    "I know you don't want me anymore by the look on your face They say when it rains it pours, you can tell by my face Oh and I know, and you know that we've been here before I think I know how it should"
  • No Way - 702
    "Everything you do is gonna hurt you (you should know that's) just how things are boy you can't have me (don't mistake me) for the average girl I don't come easy (you gotta work for it) can't be wasting"
  • No Way - David Gilmour
    "(Gilmour) There's no way I'm gonna let go There's no way Because it's my show I'm hangin' on For a little while I won't go down easy That's not my style I'm all tied up Tied up in a knot And I can't decide Just"
  • No Way - Korn
    "Lately things won't go my way. Lately everything is grey. It feels like something. It feels like.. nothing So I came too far. To end up this way. Feeling like I'm god. Feeling there's no way. So I came"
  • No Way - Agent 51
    "Back in the days when I burned out I wondered to myself just why I never got it figured out I'm a hero on a mission in a protoplasmic sphere In another couple minutes I'll up and disappear Naivete is the"
  • No Way - Me And My
    "You say you wanna stay No way, no way, no way Go, you better go your own way Hey, dont need you one more day 'Cause Ill be fine Without you Hey baby Did you really think that I Would take you back"

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