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magiczne in air

  • Air - Air
    "I am feeling very warm right nowPlease don't disappearI am spacing out with youYou are the most beautiful entity That I've ever dreamed of At night I will protect you in your dreamsI will be your angelYou"
  • Air - Talking Heads
    "Air...Air Hit me in the face I run faster Faster into the air (I say to myself) What is happening to my skin? Where is that protection that I needed? Air can hurt you too Air can hurt you too Some people"
  • Air - Frente!
    "you wanted to be weightless you didn't want to wait... we are the sad sad people those scared scared scared scared eyes insane unseen on island inside inside out minds unbeing dead isn't being alive what's"
  • Air - Ben Folds
    "Saw a silhouette across a fluorescent Floating overhead, undoing his helmet Through the murky beams and blue-green sea life I saw him spinnin' towards the moonlight I pull him in, he wasn't breathin' His"
  • Air - Hair
    "Welcome sulphur dioxide, Hello carbon monoxide The air, the air is everywhere Breathe deep, while you sleep, breathe deep Bless you alcohol bloodstream, Save me nicotine lungsteen Incense, incense is"
  • Air - Charon
    "Unspoken witness never reached the eyes of the day Yet the moon was the one to hear How she prayed forgiveness for each shattered little word she made to weep Why these woods still echo, how the whispering"
  • Air - Ben Folds Five
    "Saw a silhouette across a fluorescent Floating overhead, undoing his helmet Through the murky beams and blue-green sea life I saw him spinnin' towards the moonlight I pull him in, he wasn't breathin' His"
  • Air - Atheist
    "The air stirs up the galaxy! Be!!!......... The crosswinds of forever become me And place me on the porch of the breeze Without my sounds would be silent No gullible gusts through the trees Carrying seasons"
  • Air - Ephemera
    "try to leave behind all the pictures in your mind and rest your head on me we'll fight this you'll see what it means to feel free like a secret kept forever you are dying for some air take a deep"
  • Air - Unholy
    "Was it the wind or whispers of mind lnside me Rumble of thunder eating my soul In a distance Storms and earthquakes finally begin Closing fast Bolt of lightning lights up the sky Confused minds begging"
  • Air - Waxahatchee
    "It fogged up again My spotless exit So we walked two-by-two A tedious ascent When I am gone, at least I won't be thinking I left you out like a carton of milk You were quick to query me But I wanted you"
  • Air - Sparta
    "Apathy falls in the ocean at least we went down fighting at the bottom of the ocean this scenery can fail calm up till now been riding fine, yeah but the curving walls leave me behind, yeah do you remember"
  • Lost In The Air - Cave In
    "Radar, you lost me An impossible disguise Men all around are searching hard Nevermind, he's so long and gone Boy, he's really hard to find! And by design you know he won't be found Lifted away What a day"
  • In The Air - Fishbone
    "It's not the liars that can set your free It's not the riches that you can't foresee No, it's not the monkey or the LSD It's not the powers that be It's always in the air It's always in the air And it"
  • Soluble In Air - Mystery Jets
    "To be the hero of my story Forced are the events of my life You're young, oh twice but once Save my trouble You struggle You struggle Bathe me in water vapour Erase me to ashes with fire I grow"
  • In The Air - Nonpoint
    "I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord And I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord, oh Lord Well if you told me you were drowning, I would not lend a hand I've seen your face"
  • In The Air - Wiz Khalifa
    "You've been lost with them rookies Young Khalifa on this pro shit So sick of standin still I could get you in motion Trips out in the sand Rollin swishers by the ocean Toastin, private seats on the cloud"
  • In The Air - Tobymac
    "I had a dream last night about the other side And I must confess that it was quite the ride I had a dream last night and the fact that you weren't there Gave me quite the scare People were afloat all around"
  • In The Air - Buck-Tick
    "Sumikitte ita sora o kiritotte Woo still more Heart no kakera kabuseta scarecrow Woo c'est la vie Hikari ni yo nita my object suterarezu Woo still more Tsugi hagidarake mosaic de yume o oru Woo c'est la"
  • In The Air - Eleventeen
    "Everyone has their love stories to talk about so here is mine packaged real neatly and delivered I just cant get my head out of the clouds cause I floating around I just dreaming I just cant keep my feet"

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