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make alarm

  • Alarm - Ginuwine
    "Shes like my little fire engine Cause I know shes heating up When you hear that siren go by It means we making love He be going ooh like somebodys braking it But you ain't gotta call the police Because"
  • False alarm - King's X
    "Guess I'm finally giving up I have to let you go Guess you made it perfectly clear It's hard for me to know Guess it was a false alarm You came around and made me smile And wrote between the lines You"
  • False Alarm - The Weeknd
    "Bathroom stalls for the powder nose High heel shoes with the open toes She's got a good time wrapped in gold for you, for you All red dress with the devil eyes So obsessed with the camera lights You"
  • Alarm Clock - The Rumble Strips
    "My alarm clock he ain't working, But that don't really mind, 'cos he ain't no friend of mine, He kept waking me up, all the time, saying BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! Get on your feet, You've got to get a job, 'cos"
  • Alarm clock music - Dilated Peoples
    "Wake up! Ha ha.. Dilated, Dilated Y'all know what time it is, check the clock You hear that shit ringin You hear that shit buzzin Ring the alarm, shoot the flare, I'm here Lay right there, you catch"
  • Ring The Alarm - Fu-Schnickens
    "Ring the alarm, another sound is dying, whoa, aye (3x) Ring the alarm, I don't wanna stay calm cause I'm about to rip this psalm When the mic is gripped my lyrics do split up like Bombs from Vietnam Cause"
  • Cause For Alarm - Before Braille
    "CAUSE FOR ALARM Pull the plug from the machine You'd rather it be fatal than deformed Out of luck with surplus, they'll take the farm You'd rather eat your tongue before you starve Elected to Die When"
  • Ring the alarm - Naughty By Nature
    "Ring the alarm Jersey bring the bitch out the bastards Woah yeah We get cash in wit bass D.O.A. You'll find that higher Brick City D.O.A. It just ain't yo time yet, and you still claimin rhyme vet Criticise"
  • Ring The Alarm - Freeway
    "za-za za-za-za za-za I gotta snap on this one daddy!! Oh! Now clap for me mami... Just clap for me mami... I know a little bit I only know the dirty words... Holla at yo f**kin dog! No"
  • 4 Alarm blaze - M.O.P.
    "Seventy-fiveRaised on a strip called here brotha hillWhere guns pop and cops get killedThis is the place where paranoyaDestroyin' niggas cash cases mo' try to flash they lawyersWe're losin' itFour fives"

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