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make it bum

  • Bum Bum - Cam'ron
    "You tink all a bum bum Yuh know dis to all Jamaicans Yuh nuh live in Solomon fashion, ya know Tell me seh one ting Nancy can't understand A one ting Nancy can't understand Wha make dem a talk 'bout me"
  • Nashville Bum - Webb Wilder
    "'''Nashville Bum''' I've been chasin' the big wheels All over Nashville Waitin' on my big break to come Livin' on ketchup soup Homemade crackers and Kool-aid I'll be a star tomorrow but today I'm a Nashville"
  • Nashville Bum - Waylon Jennings
    "(Waylon Jennings - Ray Corbin - Miller) I've been chasin' the big wheels all over Nashville Waitin' for my big break to come Livin' on ketchup soup homemade crackers and coolaid I'll be a star tomorrow"
  • BUM BUM - Die Antwoord
    "Love me, Ninja Love me everywhere Even in my bum, even even in my bum Even in my bum, even even in my bum Even in my bum, even even in my bum Even in my bum, even even in my bum Mi vida es una locura (Tu"
  • One Bum Town - Del Reeves
    "*ONE BUM TOWN DEL REEVES The old census taker bans my name from this town's population Misfit ain't to the word I'd use to fit my situation My predicaments known to every bum for miles around It's my"
  • Bum Like You - Robyn
    "You're always up to no good Your fingers in my cookie jar You can have my checkbook, visa and my mastercard too Ain't no price to high for what you do You could be my dog I would push your bailbonds when"
  • Billy The Bum - John Prine
    "Billy the bum lived by the thumb And sang of the hobo's delight He'd prove he could run Twice as fast as the sun By losing his shadow at night Now he loved every girl In this curly headed world But no"
  • L.A. Beach Bum - Subb
    "I'm jumping on a plane and flying back to L.A. I wanna live on the beach, i wanna tan on demand I'm sick of this place, the weather makes me feel grey I'm wanna get on that plane and fly out of here"
  • Get Over It (Touch My Ugly Bum!) - Cheeky Girls
    "(To the tune of the cheeky song) Why do we sing cheeky cheeky? Cos we are rubbish We make fun of others We wear ugly hotpants Why are we u-g-l-y?(Ohhhhhh yeh) CHOURUS: We are the ugly girls We are the"
  • Yo! Bum Rush The Show - Public Enemy
    "I am taking no prisoners, taking no shorts Breakin' with the metal of a couple of forts While we're hearin' that boom supplement the mix We're gonna rush 'em like the Bears in the 46 Homeboys I don't know"
  • Shake ya bum bum - Lil Kim
    "Bum chicky, chicky bum Shake ya bum bum {*repeat 3X*} Bum chicky, chicky bum Bum chicky, chicky bum We 'bout to crush all competition Ain't no chance for ya'll Lil' Kim and Shanice, we 'bout to dance"
  • City bum - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "Its a cold night said the city bumWith a blanket on his shoulderSitting by the delawareAnd the damp air gets colderMorning is not even closeThats when the church doors openThe night is long lonely nightBut"
  • City Bum - G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE
    "Its a cold night said the city bum With a blanket on his shoulder Sitting by the Delaware And the damp air gets colder Morning is not even close Thats when the church doors open The night is long"
  • Carnival Bum - Joe Ely
    "The carnival is closed for the winter The gates are full of nails All my belongings in a camper truck In front of some Hell Hole Motel. The rides are wrapped in canvass There's a smell of snow in the"
  • Mardy Bum - Arctic Monkeys
    "Well now then Mardy Bum I've seen your frown And it's like looking down the barrel of a gun And it goes off And out come all these words Oh there's a very pleasant side to you A side I much prefer It's"
  • Bum-Rushed - Stemm
    "You want a piece of this You want a piece of this You want a piece of this You don't want none of this You want a piece of this You want a piece of this You want a piece of this You don't want none of"
  • Make It Pop - Make It Pop
    "Bright lights late nights ow out on tour Screaming fans hanging at the stage door Everyone who's anyone Is wearing my line Front seats fashion week for my designs Woo hoo one day woo hoo someday We'll"
  • I'm A Bum - Happy Campers
    "Sit around all day remote control glued to my hand Just waiting for a visit from Ed McMahon Oppourtunity is knockin but I can't open the door Cause I'm shit faced drunk passed out on the kitchen floor I'm"
  • Son Of Bum - Gourds
    "Expecting me to clean my house out Under my fridge I found the roach bug They were eating my potatoes They even got to raise a fambly It ain't no failing I just want 'em out I live in filth and now I"
  • Up Your Bum - Guttermouth
    "Worked all day go out get a pint tonight The mods show up on Camden gonna be a fight Oppression from society on my back Maggie you'll see Got no worries cause I got no quid In a neighborhood full of unfriendly"

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