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make it shine victoria justis

  • Victoria - One Man Army
    "Last Time In Victoria It Was Three Am Ain't No One Near It Was Me And You In The City Lights On The Outside Sharing Lines And Empty Bottles Of Good Time For The Last Time In Victoria Tonight"
  • Victoria - Ryan Kulla
    "Talking on the phone So we won't be alone Is the best thing we can do Your voice has a tone That puts me in the zone And reminds me how my feelings grew Will you be suprised When you look in my eyes And"
  • Make It Shine - Anders Holst
    "If I could only make it better I would If I could only make it stronger I would If I could only leave behind Those spoken words of mine And make it all shine! If I could only make it harder I would If"
  • Victoria - The Fall
    "It was bad, called obscene And the rich were so mean Stately homes for the Lords Golden lawns, village green Victoria was my queen Victoria, Victoria, Victoria I was born, lucky me In the land"
  • Victoria - Feeder
    "Turning over again Here for another day Still the thoughts of a dream Fragments you can't escape I won't let you down Won't let you down I won't let you down Victoria (Victoria) Let's take it from the"
  • Victoria - The Verve Pipe
    "victoria (vander ark) stripping flowers at pedal place twirling blur of legs, legs and lace victoria, she loves her name running flushed our faces red daring her to kiss, to kiss my head victoria, she"
  • Victoria - Saigon Kick
    "Victoria said she'd be better of dead than discovered She hid in her room from the razor sharp words of the others Where she'd gone wrong is she shot a good friend of her mother's As quick as it seemed"
  • Victoria - Electrosy
    "When I die, I don't want anyone to know that I fell in love with you I was nine and you were ten, it was true love way back then from the moment I set eyes on you Oh Victoria, where are you now If"
  • Victoria - Kashmir
    "I know that you love me you hunt me down and bug me I don't think you're lovely at all you're sixty, I'm twenty you've none and I've got plenty oh, lord tell me where I can hide take your time make up"
  • Victoria - Sonata Arctica
    "The Light escapes her room tonight, every little moment tells her, now its time Opening a new scar, closing the wounds with a knife, no more crying in the lanterns light... Leave with the first light,"
  • Shine - Luke Benward
    "When everything's getting dark around you So many clouds you just can't see thru Don't runaway, sun can make the sky break You're made for more you got what it takes to Shine With everything inside you Shine So"
  • Shine - Patty Smyth
    "Why'd you tell me that you won't see me no more I say baby, baby, baby do you wanna watch me crawl across the floor Cause anyone can learn to pull a trigger Anyone can break a heart in two It's so easy"
  • Shine - Everclear
    "Shine Shine Open up your life and shine your light Shine Open up and show the freak inside Words don't mean nothing His words don't mean nothing He has no shame He will say anything Just to get what"
  • Shine - American Minor
    "Well, that weight is heavy, you'll carry it to your dead 'Til you can't feel your fingers, 'til you can't fill your head 'Til you can't make decisions to save your own life 'Til you're spending your days"
  • Shine - Aly & AJ
    "When I've gone too far When I've had enough When I'm losin' ground Feelin' out of touch I don't run and hide I just look inside For a simple peace of mind Like a neighborhood On a city street I know the"
  • Shine - Zucchero
    "Just me and four walls It's cold outside Nothing to eat I got small talk and cigarettes Inside my head - inside my head I need you now Everything I want You know it means Nothing to me And I'm all out"
  • Shine - De Toppers
    "Shine, shine, shine There are so many wars right now in this world There are so many things not right There are too many people hurt in this world There are too many men that fight Time is now to make"
  • Shine - ALO
    "Shine like the sun into my life again I want you to shine like the sun into my life again Shine like the sun into my life again I want you to shine like the sun into my life again Come on baby, baby please Shine"
  • Shine - Jonah 33
    "How long's it been now Since I called You by name Since I felt Your presence In the midst of all my pain How long's it been now That I try it all my own way I need to be broken, so I look to You and say "
  • Shine - Aswad
    "Ooh aah ooh ooh ooh ooh aah Ooh aah ooh ooh ooh ooh aah (CHORUS:) Come on and shine (shine), shine like a star (ah-ha) Shining so bright (ah-ha) like the star that you are (ah-ha) Oh oh oh oh shine (shine)"

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